Project 1: My Line is Emo Pt. 3 – Final Designs

Geometric vs. Organic Lines

Often, people mention that the world is black and white, and similarly, emotions through lines could have two derivatives, straight or organic. However, just like how that grey areas exist as well, the simple two derivative lines could be manipulated to create various patterns that explore the human condition. Through this project, I largely explored the differing effects and possibilities of straight and organic lines to convey emotions.

  1. Restricted

Straight lines, to me, symbolise rigidity and offer a sense of confinement. The lack of organic lines makes the image seem unnatural and lifeless, which allows me to feel uneasy and disturbed. I get the feeling as though spontaneity cannot exist here and is hence hostile to life’s twists and turns.


Influenced by Mondrian’s De Stijl paintings

2. Petrified

The short lines that enhances the form of the swirly squiggles are placed closely together that they appear to be spikes, allowing the viewer to feel much discomfort that contrasts the supposed calmness that swirls usually offer. The combination of both leaves us paralysed in trying to distinguish whether we should feel calm or be affected by the overpowering horror that the short lines create.


Swirly inspiration from Piet Mondrian’s early tree paintings

3. Resentful

The contrast in tone allows for the presence of a background and a foreground. It enables me to fill certain voids, yet still create a distinction for the tangled wave-like web that dominates in the foreground. It imparts the sense as though the dark web is actually coming towards the viewer. Through this, I was aiming to portray how the darkness overpowers the lighter areas, thus disabling the viewer to feel calm or have positive thoughts.


Mondrian lines with Chua Ek Kay’s influence

4. Depressed

The thick and heavy lines in Kline’s paintings made me feel as though I was indirectly punched due to its boldness and strong black colour. However, the rigidity does not present a natural emotion to me, and hence I tried to apply his technique using a wavy lines. The wavy lines display a flow-like image, and when combined with Kline’s thick lines, one can feel trapped in a whirlwind. The dominating presence of the thick lines allow darker emotions to be overwhelm the viewer.


Wave-like lines with Franz Kline’s influence of thick and heavy strokes

5. Longing

Chua Ek Kay’s Street Scenes paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia through his fleeting strokes. I wanted to portray this feeling through simple and subtle wavy lines so that there is not much turmoil in the strip, being that the sense of nostalgia is not very hectic.10_Longing

Wave-like lines with Chua Ek Kay’s influence

6. Devastated

Turmoil created again through contrast in tone and the heaviness produced by the composition.11_Devastated

7. Hysteria

Uneasiness is created through the heavy and dark swirls that is outlined by the white borders. This was made by inverting the colours of the print.4_Hysteria

8. Pensive

Thin wavy lines create light and dreamy feeling – one that lacks discomfort and edges.


9. Pressured

Going back to geometric lines, I attempted to create zig-zag lines – lines that are wave-like but very much controlled and full of edges.14_Pressured

10. Bewildered

The repetition of straight lines do not offer comfort yet the overwhelming presence of the white background crushes the dark emotions, but the unpredictable shapes still allows the feeling of restlessness.6_Bewildered

11. Indifferent

The dominating presence of the grey lines show the in-between of the dark and light emotions.


Influenced by Chua Ek Kay chinese ink strokes

12. Exhilerated

Giving geometric lines an organic feel. Lesser controlled lines are used, and not all are straight. The strokes create an all-over effect and allow a sense of life throughout the composition but not in a dominating kind of way.



13. Energetic

All-over and uncontrolled lines created by splashes of paint. The variation in size and length displays vitality throughout the composition.


Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s all-over and drip paintings, though with lesser layers.

14. Hopeful


Mixture of Chua Ek Kay’s fleeting style and Pollock’s layers and all-over style.

15. Alarmed

Straight and spiky lines usually provoke intensity and a sense of harm.2_Alarmed

16. Lust

Closely knitted lines display a sense of intimacy, yet the disrupted lines invoke an arousing feeling.



17. Skeptical

The play between subtle straight and curvy lines and the contrast between light and dark tones make the viewer confused and suspicious.7_Skeptical

18. Alienated

The use of thumbprints symbolically represent one’s identity. The overlapping of thumbprints and the lack of order and stability presents a strange feeling.9_Alienated



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