Project 1: The Turmoil within a Vagabond – Concept Creation

“How could you ever feel comfortable if no matter where you went you felt like you belonged someplace else?”

Mark Peter Hughes, Lemonade Mouth


Here’s to tackling a topic that has been influencing me for a long time now.

Where is home? And I don’t necessarily mean to ask where one’s address is. What I mean is… When, where or with whom have we felt a sense of comfort and certitude that allows us to know that we are indeed at home?

To begin this project, I want to explore why it is that one suddenly starts to question one’s home. Perhaps, it’s because one doesn’t feel as though they belong. They feel unsettled. They long to find that sense of comfort. Perhaps, they’re nostalgic and long for a time that has now passed. Perhaps, they’re just constantly in transition that they can never really settle down. And with this, it feels as though they are on a never-ending search to find a place where they can belong.

Hence, the idea is to depict this feeling through my photographs, which can hopefully reach out to those who are or were on a quest to finding their home – where they belong.


Artist References:

Bernd Schaefers

Below are photographs from his Walking in Seoul and Walking in Hong Kong series. His photographs mainly capture a sense of urban isolation – the concept of being alone in the crowd or in the city. Schaefers focuses on humans and their relation to the space surrounding them. With this, he is able to use the surroundings and highlight space to indicate the sense of loneliness. Many of his other photos focus on people’s backs, indicating distance or hostility with the photographer. Being that his photos are in black and white, the audience is able to focus on his play with light and dark to create tension within the photograph.

© Bernd Schaefers

Remy Soubanere

Soubanere’s photographs highlight the idea of abandonment, due to the lack of human activity or presence in his photographs. The desaturation in his photographs also indicate the lack of life in the locations he is presenting, and with this, he is able to allow his audience to feel hollow, as though there is something missing. In contrast to Schaefers, Soubanere features locations or landscapes in his photographs, yet both artists are able to convey similar feelings.

© Remy Soubanere

Corrado Chiozzi

Chiozzi is quite minimalistic and simple in most of her photographs, featuring only a one or two humans in the photographs. Much movement is felt in his images, may it be through the blurring of certain parts that indicate transition or the slanted angle from which he took the photographs. There is also a stark contrast in lighting that gives life and drama in his photographs.

© Corrado Chiozzi


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