Rectilinear Volumes – Process (Updated)

Here is an update of my process, presented in a more graphic manner.


Through this project, I was able to gain an appropriate understanding of the differing elements that make an object more interesting. These elements could be seen in many objects, which the public is often ignorant of.

I was informed of guidelines which could help to enhance the elements of an object, such as emphasising on the dominant object by decreasing the size of the subdominant object. I also learnt how sensitive one must be in cutting the foams so as to achieve the desired size of the foam.

Having tried to integrate texture into my design, I realised that interesting objects usually begin as abstract forms, which could then be applied to an appropriate object or product. This further emphasises how the different elements of an object are possibly seen in our everyday lives, but are just often ignored by many people.

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PDF of final model: Final Rectilinear Model, Analysis and Texture Application

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