Rectilinear Volumes – Process

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about the various elements of an object, namely the dominant (D), subdominant (SD), and the subordinate (SO). The task was to create a geometric object using blue foam, which would emphasise the elements mentioned.

Sketch Model #01

IMG_0346 (1)

Sketch Model #02

IMG_0350 (1)

Sketch Model #03

IMG_0353 (1)

2D Sketch Analysis


While the SD can easily be spotted from the top, it is not entirely distinguishable from the front and especially the side. Even if I were to add length to the D, the width of the SD could still overpower the D. Also, the pieces seem to be leaning towards one side, as seen from the side view. The SO should be transferred in order for the object to have more flare.

The SD and SO, on the other hand, compete in Model 2, mainly from the side view. Being that it is a flatter piece, it will appear thin from the front, but wider from the side. If I were to increase the length of the SO, it will appear as the SD from the side, but still an SO from the front. Also, when seen from the top, the D is overshadowed by the SD. Much revision is hence needed for this model.


The cradling technique was experimented in this model. However, as the SO is being cradled, it is hence not visible from the back.


Also, most of my SD’s were longer than half of the D and hence all would require revision.

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