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Project 3: Man Gives

Towards Zero Waste As the projects centres itself around the concept of sustainability, I delved on the meaning of being sustainable. After a bit of research, here’s my understanding of the concept: Sustainability focuses on finding the balance between lifestyles and the preservation of nature. Highlighting on the idea of a zero-waste nation, maximizing the full use and purpose of… Read more →

Rectilinear Volumes – Process (Updated)

Here is an update of my process, presented in a more graphic manner. OSS_Justinne_Rectilinear Through this project, I was able to gain an appropriate understanding of the differing elements that make an object more interesting. These elements could be seen in many objects, which the public is often ignorant of. I was informed of guidelines which could help to enhance… Read more →

Rectilinear Volumes – Process

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about the various elements of an object, namely the dominant (D), subdominant (SD), and the subordinate (SO). The task was to create a geometric object using blue foam, which would emphasise the elements mentioned. Sketch Model #01 Sketch Model #02 Sketch Model #03 2D Sketch Analysis While the SD can easily… Read more →

Dominant, Sub-Dominant, Subordinate

The object that I found interest in is my dreamcatcher. Despite it being a flat object, one can still observe the dominant, sub-dominant and subordinate parts of the dreamcatcher. The dominant part of this object would be the ring from which the feathers and beads hang from. The void within the ring captures the viewer’s attention. Furthermore, the firmness of… Read more →

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