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Project 1: The Turmoil within a Vagabond (or Flaneur) – Progress

  Drawing inspiration from a few photographers – mainly focusing on street photography, I ventured out to the south of Singapore to take photographs, hoping that I’d find quiet, empty spaces and crowded areas as well.   I came up with three possible reasons why we question where we truly belong, and linked these into possible scenarios.   Crowded, Semi-crowded,… Read more →

Project 1: The Turmoil within a Vagabond – Concept Creation

“How could you ever feel comfortable if no matter where you went you felt like you belonged someplace else?” ― Mark Peter Hughes, Lemonade Mouth   Here’s to tackling a topic that has been influencing me for a long time now. Where is home? And I don’t necessarily mean to ask where one’s address is. What I mean is… When,… Read more →

Project 1: My Line is Emo Pt. 3 – Final Designs

Geometric vs. Organic Lines Often, people mention that the world is black and white, and similarly, emotions through lines could have two derivatives, straight or organic. However, just like how that grey areas exist as well, the simple two derivative lines could be manipulated to create various patterns that explore the human condition. Through this project, I largely explored the… Read more →

Project 1: My Line is Emo Pt. 2 – Handmade Marks

Below are drawings of lines using a traditional medium, a pen. The rigidity that is found in Mondrian’s De Stijl paintings is intriguing, being that rigidity, for me, symbolises suppression – a trigger for fear or uneasiness. I also played with the tones of the boxes created by lines through thinner or darker lines. Another method of showing such emotion… Read more →

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