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Another Scale of Architecture – Junya Ishigami

Artificial versus natural. Shelter against versus shelter within the natural environment. Giant in the manufacturing world versus tiny amidst the vast nature. Ishigami is clearly aiming to rethink the definition of architecture through the consideration of scale. As an anthill may be small in the face of mankind, our grandest of buildings are still incomparable to the great structures and… Read more →


As I was reading through the article, the concept of phenomenology popped into my head. Products, in the world of design, have largely been associated with form and function, which gives a direction for the designer to follow, yet would also allow the consideration of the user to escape from the designer’s thought process. The article mentions a user’s inherit… Read more →

Takram – Prototyping

Prototyping may be seen by some as a method to prove that their concepts or ideas work and could be manifested into the physical realm. With this thought, one may deem it necessary to perfect the conceptualisation process through research, discussion, simple sketches and ideation before delving into the physical labour of making the actual prototype. Perhaps this may be… Read more →

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