The Infra-Ordinary

The article, Infra-Ordinary, allows one to reflect on and question the matters we usually place emphasis on. What usually attracts our attention? Why do we tend to gravitate towards the more magnificent matters, neglecting the things that make the big matters big – the infra-ordinary.


We are accustomed to highlighting the magnificent, the successes, the spectacular. However, by doing so, we miss out on appreciating and observing the norms. Oftentimes, when we do question or think about the so-called “average” or “normal” things in life, people would state that we are overthinking and that we are placing unnecessary worries. Although being accustomed to certain matters, traditions or practices would be good, as it enables one to work with a routine and could arguably be more efficient and focus on the “bigger problems”. On the contrary, I would say that that is indeed the concern. It could be counter-effective to neglect the smaller problems as they may be the reason why the more pressing urgencies exist in the first place. All the more, accustomisation or the emphasis on the larger-scale matters may hinder progress, as it discourages curiosity. Accepting things as they are – not questioning why certain things are the way they are or how have come to be – prevents us from exploring and understanding the society and places we surround ourselves in.


The Infraordinary by Georges Perec

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