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Sandrome Says Goodbye


As the semester comes to a close, we look back at the times when we discuss ideas, generate our ideas and finally our handwork became a reality.  Team Sandrome would like to thank everybody in our journey to the West.

It has been a journey worth remembering from the inception of Sandrome since this semester started. It was simply awesome and eventful specifically in Arizona.

I had a great time working with Ryan and seeing our performance became a reality.  Phoenix was amazing and I learnt a lot of life lesson that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t take this journey. It has been a pleasure and do keep in touch!



Await for Sandrome 2, coming very soon in NTU and the nearest theatres near YOU!!!! 🙂

Final Emulation – iPod Commercial

Greetings to the good people of Interactive 1,

Our reference for our Emulation was the classic iPod commercial where there are different people dancing while listening to their iPod through their earpiece. It is a very simple and effect commercial for Apple, showing only their silhouettes and the iPod.

For our emulation project, we aim to achieve the same effect and to make things more fun, we decided to add another element into it. The music will only play if we are dancing, and it will stop when we are not making any move. This makes it more interactive than just silhouette.

Here’s the video of our documentation. I hope you enjoy it and you guys can try playing it tomorrow!

By Kamarulzaman & Josephine