The date is 6th August 2008. It was the last day of school for the first semester during my First Year in Republic Polytechnic. It was a time where I still have no direction in life. Honestly, I wasn’t really happy to be thrown into this school because I have no other choices as I didn’t get to the Polytechnic that I want. Instead, I was donated to Republic Polytechnic, with a diploma in Design for Interactivity. DSC06954

So that day, we have to make a presentation. I can’t remember the topic of the presentation but I remember it was some kind of entrepreneurial module. So anyway, our Facilitator, his name is PJ, is a very fun and engaging teacher. That day, right after our first meeting, suddenly, PJ announces that he is giving out awards! Awards with funny categories! And guess what! I’ve won! But it was a weird award, it was for the Ultimate Slacker Award! DSC06963

I’m all smiles in the photo above but actually, I might be feeling dampened and embarrass maybe. Okay maybe not embarrass but sad that I got such a degrading award. But I know it was all fun and games! Actually, I think I kinda deserve that title. Okay, I am not really a slacker in class but that’s what the impression my classmates have of me I guess. For my defence, I am a chill person, not slacking. I manage to complete any task that was assigned and guess what, I have a GPA of 3.5 out of 4 for my first semester! I did even better than most of my classmate.DSC06974

W36J was my class and being our first year and this is our first batch of classmates we have, we were pretty close actually. Everyone knows how I can be goofy and such but I do get my work done. From this point, I still wasn’t sure what I want to do in life and have not yet discovered ART/DESIGN/MEDIA.DSC06972

While my other classmates get awards as well, their awards were more decent for example, most comical, most talkative, most irritating and etc. While I got the weird award of Ultimate Slacker Award, it kinda pushes me to be better actually. Sometimes in life, you have to put up a fake front to show people that you are interested in things. Sometimes, even though I am into something but I won’t show so much enthusiasm, because like I said, I am a chill guy. DSC06978 copy

So here’s a class photo with our loving Facilitator, Mr PJ!


  1. Jaysee

    I can so feel for you. I myself was put in a position where I was labelled something I felt that was misreading me and worse got bullied during my JC days because of it. The fact that I think I can relate to you is the lostness of what you are going to do, in addition to the labelling. I chose IM because no one was competing for it. But you know what, with that desire and burning motivation, I discovered what I wanted along the way. I can see you have for yourself, reflecting from where you came from. I still remember what Martin Reiser told me once when I was feeling lost. He said ” You need to be lost to be found” ; something that I have never forgotten, especially when Mr Gibbs from Pirates of the Caribbean says it while finding Jack Sparrow!

    1. Kamarule Post author

      Thank you bro. Yeah it was sad at first but i make the most out of life, like we all should! Wow, that’s a good quote actually! That’s why I feel when we are put in a difficult situation, we actually discover more about ourself, so that’s where we ‘found’ our inner strength.

  2. Randall Packer

    Yes, the chill guy, (definitely not slacker) that can be very deceptive to others trying to prove something. It reminds me of “No Drama Obama,” who has also been accused of being very low key, chill as it were, when in fact he has always been on fire. Your story develops very nicely and it seems to me, begs for a post-ADM chapter.

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