Right after Art In The Age of Colonialism class with Prof. Sujatha, I head to Canteen 4 for my lunch. My friends were already there as they head there first as they finish class earlier. It was my first time to canteen 4 as there was a new western foodstall called ‘dams’ ┬áthat just opened recently. Moreover, it’s Halal, so I need to check this out! This video will show me walking towards the canteen, to looking at the menu.

Guess what did I order.

3 thoughts on “dams

  1. Randall Packer

    Interesting how you find something to focus on. What do you think they means by “Dams?” How do people react to the camera’s intrusion into the space? Also, you broadcasted without any commentary, just allowing the situation to be what it is. Let’s talk about the idea of capturing “pure” reality, without critique, without commentary, without bias.

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