Finalise Idea & Concept of Team 1

Last week it was still rough and hazy in our ideation but after a meeting last friday, we decided on the idea and concept of the exhibition proposal. As our topic is on Singapore Botanic Garden, we decide to just look at Rubber Tree and expand the exhibition from there. Below is a rough fun poster and the description of our intended exhibition proposal. We want to tell the story of how the journey of the rubber tree come from Brazil and how it make its way here.

Rubber Tree

Exhibition Layout
We also have plan out a rough layout of how we are going to structure our project which in turn, is the layout of our exhibition proposal. We plan the exhibition to be a one direction way to allow our guests to learn about the rubber tree. Take a look at the layout below. The concept of the layout of the exhibition is inspired by the rubber tree bark, as if people are entering the rubber tree itself.

Format Exhibition

For the final exhibition, we would like to show an interactive gallery mimicking the concept of our layout. There are 2 methods we are going to explore, firstly using the augmented reality app, Junaio. Using their mobile devices, users are able to interact with 2D posters and turn it into a video. Below is a video of how the app work.

Second interactive aspect of our exhibition will make us of motion sensor. When a visitor is standing at the designated spot, a video will be played accordingly. This will capture their attention and at the same time, they are able to learn through the videos.


We will be using scholarly articles to show the narrative in the journey of the rubber tree. We will be updating the bibliography with new materials as we go through the project.

  1. The Singapore Botanic Gardens and Rubber in Malaya, P.R. Wycherley. Article here.


Wall Text

If Joseph Hooker would have not commissioned Mr. H.A. Wickham to collect rubber seeds from Brazil, the rubber tree will not see the light in Malaya. Even there are stories stating these seeds were smuggled out of Brazil, these seeds and other exports were made with the goodwill and co-operation of the Brazilian government.

Moving these seeds is not an easy feat. Considering the long journey the seeds took from Brazil to the Kew Garden in England, special arrangements have to be made for the journey. Wardian cases were used to store these seeds to ensure they arrive in good condition.

In 1876, 50 of these seeds were shipped to Singapore but they arrived in poor condition, so in the following year, 22 plants were sent from Kew to Singapore again but this time they were successfully established by Mr J. H. Murton, the Superintendent of the Gardens. He established Hevea brasiliensis at the Singapore Botanic Gardens while Murton’s successor, Mr. N. Cantley & Mr. W. Fox found the Heava collection a home in the newly acquired Economic Garden in 1879.

2 thoughts on “Finalise Idea & Concept of Team 1

  1. Sujatha Meegama

    I love the poster! Can we do some editing and print it for next Tuesday?

    What a lovely idea to design the layout of the exhibition as if it is like entering a rubber tree! So, what will they see above themselves? The sky? Branches? A cavern-like space?

    The interactive aspects seem fun, although I don’t know how the augmented reality actually works–will you be able to have this ready in time? I don’t care for the motion sensor video–the ACM has it and it drives me cuckoo…

    Good wall text but the first two paragraphs need dates. The wall text needs to state what the exhibition is about. The poster does it, but it needs to be in the wall text too.

    Good job!

  2. Kamarule Post author

    Will definitely print this.

    My idea was to combine the timeline idea with the motion sensor actually. So the timeline text will be projected instead of the normal printing on the wall kind and user are able to interact with it.

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