Exhibition Design Ideas


As we are doing rubber tree in a chronological order, I was thinking of showing timeline of what happen through the years in Singapore on the rubber industry. Below are some exhibition design that does on the theme of chronological order.


It is not new and many exhibition shows timeline of events and actions that happen. Significant events are important to take note and how it affect the later dates._ExEnv_0062_BBC-Newcastle-reception-timeline

While it is not difficult to do, it may be time consuming to create a beautiful visual aesthetic timeline. 5a97c5e7ceaf1c701de2811b72f0b55a

Something simpler with black and white images might actually do the trick.570407

We might also have to think about the space and how we are able to print it and display it on the wall.9386703564_085e18762c_o

We need to discuss soon.

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