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The One With The Yellow Hat

My second idea was a little more realistic. I decided to think simple, compared to my previous idea. I choose a yellow Construction helmet. Below is my sketch and my reasoning behind it.


As the construction helmet is to actually protect our head from any falling objects in construction site, I still feel that it can still kill you.

So I see the head as the main concept here, which we use everyday. We see with our eyes which is on our head, we use our brain which is located inside our head and in a way, it is our temple, where we keep our insanity and where we make sense of everything.

I wanted to challenged that notion with making a construction helmet which covers the whole head instead of just the top of our head. In terms of our assignment in twisting our perception, I think it relates because when one is wearing this helmet, not only they can’t see, they are practically super safe, because  the helmet is covering the whole face! You do not have to worry about poking yourself in the eye while you walk!

This was the idea that I am trying to play with.

I also make some sketches that I imagine the helmet will look like.


I bought the helmets and start to assemble them with tape to just see how it will look like. I even wear it to see if it fits.

3F2A6792 copy


For now, it is still ongoing as we speak.

The One With The Perception

My first initial idea was to actually imitate Daredevil!

Even though he lost his sense of sight, he was still able to ‘see’ with his other senses. When it was raining, he was able to ‘see’ as he is able to make images with his hearing!

I did a little bit of research on that and it is called Human Echolocation. What it does is basically using your voice as a sound wave and when it hit an item or obstruction in front, the sound wave bounce back and it will tell the distance. Yeah surreal. Take a look at the video below.

Below is another way how it works which I sketch.


So how I imagine my device would be is something that is wearable like a goggle. Inside the goggle is a monitor but it doesn’t display anything until you make some noise to illustrate the sound wave. Then it will show what is infront of you which is capture by a camera attached in front.

I tried to break this possible project into 3 parts if I were to do it in Max/msp.

  1. The camera. Which will capture the video and display it to the goggle.
  2. The sensor. I was not sure which sensor will allow me to achieve my idea though.
  3. Patching the sensor’s result with the camera’s display.

At the end of the day, I decided to abort this mission as in terms of manpower and time, I cannot afford it. However, I could try something similar if I have a semester.

I found some similar project by Kyle Duffield.

Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation) is an interactive installation that creates an immersive sonar environment for the viewer, allowing them to spatially explore and engage with aural/kinetic events of their own creation. This audio/visual installation exaggerates fundamental acoustic principles, causing spatial perceptions through the observation of sound in a quadraphonic, panoramic setup. Using the experience and perception of a bat as a foundation, the installation examines how different species share the same physical laws, but utilize them in different ways – in this scenario, the sense of hearing. Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation) is not meant to be a direct simulation, but rather a stylized, abstracted representation that works to translate the dominant perceptual system of a bat (hearing) into the dominant perceptual system of most humans (sight).


The One With The Art Stage

ArtStage Singapore is an inaugural art fair in Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre. A lot of art galleries from around the world come together under one roof to showcase their collection. This major art fair has been one of the important Art fair in South East Asia. It’ll be interesting to see the planning in this project.

The One With The Tension

A little exercise we did with a plastic cling wrap to explore the idea of tension.

As the plastic has the properties and characteristic of being able to stretch and pull, I feel it is okay to use the material however, being soft, it tends to tear up easily.

Wrapping my classmates is not really that fun actually. By going around them wrapping them, I was creating tension among them by forcing them to be tight and to move closer to each other. Tension can also be viewed as a mental and emotional state as well, other than physical tension.

I think this is a good exploration to look at, being mentally tension, which could lead to an interaction with the audience and the artwork.


The One With The Kaws


KAWS is known for his painting but he creates bigger than life sculptures. Definitely he work with a construction company to create the sculpture. From sketching the first draft to going to the factory to inspect the quality of the craftsmanship of the work.


The One With The Execute

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.21.42 pm

During the ideation and conceptual process, executing it is part of my thinking process as well.

As a realist, I keep these few things in consideration, is the idea feasible in term of execution, do I have the skills set to execute this successfully and is the financial status allows it.

Sometimes this is bad because it means that I am always in my comfort zone but that’s another post for us to talk about.

The One With The Piece Of Wood

Yi Ting & I were given a piece of wood to interact with each other with.


Our selected wood was long and have some text to it which is important to identify its characteristic before proceeding to the interaction part. Knowing this, we can make use of the wood’s length and breadth to make an action towards it.

Each interaction in the video was improvised on the spot and even though there’s not much 2 way interaction happening between each other, I think this piece of wood has more potential to be used by 2 of us.

The One With The Time

minolta-39Time is a beautiful thing. Time is invisible but yet we make it tangible, on a analog clock, or digitally.

Time is weird, time is useless. We do not need to be told what time it is now. Time is inside us, time is man-made.

Time is a representation, time is irrelevant. Me doing some time on the internet is a waste of time.