The One With The Balancing Act

The recess week is almost over and I still really have not really think of how my analog installation is going to take shape honestly. Despite the ideas that I shared last week in class, I still feel there is something missing in my work. Until today.

I was walking back to ADM from North Spine for lunch and 2 events I experienced struck me.

Firstly, these white helmets on the back of a bicycle. They were placed there randomly and they were almost balancing on the basket.IMG_8750

Secondly, when I was reaching ADM’s carpark, they were cleaners up climbing to wash the exterior of the building. They were wearing safety helmets incase anything happens.IMG_8751

Then suddenly, an idea struck me. I know I need to add another element to my yellow safety hat so this thought have always lingers in my mind. What if I could let the safety hat balance in motion? Below is an sketch that I did to visualise my idea. I would need a some sort of a stand that is able to take the centre of gravity of the helmet for it to balance.

I also thought about the layout of these balancing helmet. If I have nice helmets spaced out evenly, like option number 2, it would allow people to walk in between them to get a closer look of the installation.

sketch of helmet and layout options

sketch of helmet and layout options

In my opinion, I feel that this additional element in my analog installation would look good. I can imagine all 9 of them in balance and the tiny subtle movement of the hats would make the experience even special. I also feel that with the wind coming in from the side, it will shake the helmet and it will produce a very stunning visual moment in art history.

Furthermore, it speaks about how working in a construction place is actually a balancing act. Figuratively. One needs the right balance to ensure a right balance of work and also play. Working in high element in a construction place also requires a good balance as it is very dangerous and risky working in high places.

I feel the message is quite simple and subtle at the same time. I also thought of different places around ADM that I could install them to make the experience better. Below are the places that I consider. Taking in consideration that these frames that i took are the final frame that i would want to photograph them cinematically.


Option 1: Outside the lobby. Clean nice background


Option 2: Outdoor carpark. Spacious empty and windy


Option 3: Outdoor carpark. Nice background. Appropriate.


Option 3: Same place but different angle.


Option 4: Outdoor carpark. Different side of the carpark.

I’m all about the photograph and the final landscape that these helmets will play a part in the space. So i feel that the location is also equally important.



I was googling works of installation art that deals with a balancing act and I feel this is quite accurate to what I have in mind. I’m not too sure where and what this is about though.

I did a quick balance of my safety helmet that I have in class.

It seems i would need to make a small incise cut on to the helmet to make the balance more stable. Below is one example of a balancing toy.


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