The One With The Imperfect Pitch Part 2

Conceptualising ideas quickly usually has its drawback, they are quick, lazy and lack substance. But I am going to try one anyway.


  1. To create an interactive sound scape installation that explores the issue of construction. This installation will made up of objects related to construction, that will produce abstract sound, based on data related to figures and numbers on the topic of construction.
    Gant Chart of the First Project

    Gant Chart of the First Project

  2.  To renovate and refurbish the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and turn it into a museum of contemporary art. Keeping the exterior and interior design intact, modern renovation will make this place one of the top art museum in the region.TheTrip1
  3. To produce, write and direct a short art film related to the issue of birth and death. This experimental art film will take place inside a human body. Working with resources from the school will only require us to spend money on props.

The application is not really user friendly i guess. I given up as it is really complicated to use this software to come up with a work task. I probably do it much faster on a piece of paper. But I can understand how hard for project managers to plan schedule for a project.

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  1. permagnus

    You are right that ‘quick work’ lacks depth. The strategy we are following aims for ‘breadth first, depth later’. In the coming weeks we narrow down to fewer, deeper, and certainly (!) better project ideas. It’s boosting the creative juices to produce, and it’s boosting our judgement skills by throwing things away. Trashbin is near at hand.

    I notice you had a GanttProject chart! i’m pleased that you’re trying this tool out. Check out task dependencies – it’s the 2nd tab in the task pop-up window. You can also click-drag to connect tasks (by default you get a ‘strong start-finish’ dependency)

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