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The One With The Full Circle

Gathered more LED Strips and got almost a full circle for the half dome. Given the shape of the iDome, it was interesting to see how the lights bounce onto the plain of the dome. more-1
I tried with different colours and each colours have a different mood to it. more-2 more-3 I tried putting a glitch image on the background but I think it does not help in making the work better.more-4


That was until I choose a plain colour background for the projector and I was really pleased with the results. By choosing a coloured background, the projector almost become a primary source of coloured light. With the blue LED strips, the combination of blue and green was quite pleasing and interesting to see.more-5Red and blue is also another beautiful combination. The 2 colours seems to blend into each other but at the same time, you can still see the blue and red separately. more-7 more-9 more-10

The One With The LEDs On IDome

I was inspired by James Turrell and his work of lights. I wanted to find out myself the experience visitors feel when they experience a James Turrell artwork. I also imagine that in my final piece, I would want a segment where only LED Lights will be on. I also want to push the boundaries of Dome artworks and I want to introduce the LED lights inside the dome.idome-1I make use of the half Dome, which is also known as the iDome, to experiment with the lights. I attached LED lights onto the edges of the dome, which in turn, create some kind of effect. Even though I only have 2 strips, I am able to visualise the effect it has.



It almost feel like a giant earth.idome-3 I feel having more lights around this half dome will improve the experience.idome-4

I tried juxaposing it with footages that is available in the computer to get a sense of scale and dynamic between the screen two mediums.


idome-5 idome-6 idome-7

The next step is for me to get more LED lights and make one whole round on the iDome.

The One With The Idea

After the first presentation of my Final Year Project, I realised the semester is not that long after all. Up to that point, I wasn’t sure of what my directions are but thanks to my supervisor Prof. LP, I stick to my main idea which is to use the Dome. With the help of Prof. LP as well in giving inputs, I am going to built a structure inside the dome to raise the eye level of the visitor. While the idea of raising the eye level is not clearly define yet at the moment, but what is clear is that there will be a device that will facilitate the movement of the visitor to help the visitor to experience a more immersive experience inside the dome. I will be sharing works of immersive installation that inspiring and useful in my ideation stage.

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