The One With The LEDs On IDome

I was inspired by James Turrell and his work of lights. I wanted to find out myself the experience visitors feel when they experience a James Turrell artwork. I also imagine that in my final piece, I would want a segment where only LED Lights will be on. I also want to push the boundaries of Dome artworks and I want to introduce the LED lights inside the dome.idome-1I make use of the half Dome, which is also known as the iDome, to experiment with the lights. I attached LED lights onto the edges of the dome, which in turn, create some kind of effect. Even though I only have 2 strips, I am able to visualise the effect it has.



It almost feel like a giant earth.idome-3 I feel having more lights around this half dome will improve the experience.idome-4

I tried juxaposing it with footages that is available in the computer to get a sense of scale and dynamic between the screen two mediums.


idome-5 idome-6 idome-7

The next step is for me to get more LED lights and make one whole round on the iDome.

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