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The One With The Real Justin

It was really interesting and in fact very shocking to hear that a game needs that much of money to develop and to put it out in the market. The gaming world is no fun and games after all. Get it?


As much as Justin wanted to leave on time, he was very open to his knowledge and did not mind going over time answering real questions from us. ss-2

But justin before you go, I got a final question to ask you. Do you even game bro?

The One With The Justin Bieber I Mean Cubetractor

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.51.28 pm

Cubetractor looks like an interesting and addictive game! That is why I didn’t start playing!

Anyway, I have a couple of questions for Justin.

  1. Which is more important? Art & Design aspect or the Programming aspect? Or how much percentage of each makes up an 100%?
  2. How would you defend gaming in general when gaming has such a bad influence on people? For example, destroying their own television on a burst of anger. Killing people because they think real life is like playing Grand Theft Auto.
  3. There are so many games archetype right now. Cubetractor follows the concept of tower defence. So how to ensure that one creates a game that is really unique and keeping the players to keep on playing?

I see you later guys.

The One With The Assignment 2

The extension of a case studies is actually a good way to take someone else’s ideas and push it even further. I find it hard to find a good one because honestly, not all the case studies is that interesting actually. With that being said, right now I am going to use Vladimir’s documentary, Karst. The reason I chose this case studies as it is one of the projects that I can relate to and it is something that I would do.

As Karst is a documentary that revolves around an architect and a family of stonemasons as they build a house for a diplomat, I would extend the film into an exhibition. This is because I feel that the essence of the documentary is about how traditional craftsmanship is still being used and it is a dying trade. Hence, my proposal would be an exhibition that people can learn more about the stonemasons and their ability, on top of the film.


If you look at the top view of the house that was erected, the layout is pretty interesting and I would like to use this same layout as the layout for this exhibition. Furthermore, it make perfect sense as visitors would get to know the house a little bit better in terms of its spatial design and space. In the exhibition, there will be a showcase of the machinery being used, more information about the stone and also the documentation process on how the house was being built.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

I know there are many exhibition/installation that is based on a tv show or a movie. For example, there is a Game of Thrones exhibition that is going on now somewhere which I have no idea but I see it pictures. These exhibitions usually tend to promote the film and also to invite people to interact with the objects or props that was being used in the films. There is also some interactive game/installation where people is able to participate.


The One With The Processing Plant

Since this week’s reading is about budget control, i think my questions for Professor Louis-Philippe Demers couldn’t be more relevant.

Does budget ever a problem for you to design and execute your robotics sculptures/artworks?

As I imagined they are very expensive to build as they need very special parts and mechanism, is there a work where you changed some aspect of it to fit in the budget that you have?

Furthermore, do you think budget should ever be a problem for us students? Do working with budget constraints only push our creativity to the maximum?

I would also like to argue that working with budget constraints is a very important issue as we will not be able to make our idea a vision if we have no money to buy materials. So when this happens, our ideas shift towards a different direction to cater to our budget instead. How do we deal with this problems as a student?


If there is a specific work I have to ask question for, it would be the recent Inferno. How does working alone and working with a partner different? Does a clash of ideas always happen and how did you and bill manage to finalise on an idea?

The One With Candice Ng

I always see Candice around in school and wherever we see each other, she will always be the first one to smile, so I smile back. Even though I have never took her class, she seem very nice.

Anyway, when I was looking through Candice’s website, I found Playing The Archive, part of Studio Lab from Penn State. To be honest, I spent more time watching the performance from Playing The Archive than on Candice’s website but that doesn’t mean I did not read all of her works! Cause she only has 5 works on her website.

In a summary, Playing The Archive is literally what it means. They believe that musicians, visual artist and data analysts should work together to perform and display the archive in multiple format and media. The archives here refers to artefacts and documents which are worth to be archive and it is also a process where a hard object becomes digital in a form of archiving.  But anyway this is not the topic here. But however, Studio Lab’s mission is almost parallel to what Candice is doing I feel. That is not a surprise as Candice is a part of the team.

Sleeping In The Power Socket was her MPA solo thesis show. As she presents her artists project by saying that perhaps it is important to start understanding man’s relationship to objects, I agree with her on this actually. Likewise, I always have a fascination on why certain objects means so much to one person but it does not mean anything at all for another person. I think the act of possessing it also plays a part.

What we choose to identify ourselves with and the act of leaving behind paraphernalia – of means to leave a mark; that of passing values, wills (both monetary and ethical), the need of a second self – is crucial to study.

-Candice Ng.

This statement actually reminds me Voldermort in Harry Potter. Voldermort actually split his soul into 8 parts and each part is embedded on an object. Voldermort wanted immortality. This came up to me when Candice mention the above statement. I guess the point i am making is that what we do on earth is a testament to what we will leave behind when we die, and this can take in a form of Artworks or a beautiful crafted poem about Love.

Candice also uses everyday objects that has a special meaning for her in her works. For example, a chocolate bar and a chinese incense paper. In her work titled Alternative Rituals of Remembering, it is a personal work where she talks about remembering her late dad. These objects has a special relationship with her and this is one way she make sense of the world I feel.


Going back to the questions you posted, Candice’s works talks about identity by asking what are the elements of identity especially in SEA where traditions are particularly very important. One’s identity could take form in a literature or a form of a folklore for example and by knowing what is our identity, she is trying to imagine what happen in the near future where all this identity is being archived in a digital form. Yes it is also relevant in NTU’s 5 peaks of excellence, one of them being New Media. Candice explores the future of this medium which is the New Media through the use of RFID which has more potential I feel. Working with data also means that a physical tangible object could no longer be part of the equation and going online is the NEW MEDIA. This is also a scary thought as pointed out by Candice, ‘Does the creation of digital content loose meaning just because it has no ‘tangible’ physical properties? How can data be sacred?.

I look forward for Candice’s introduction to her works in more details in class!

The One With The Field Trip To Sonoport

Having the opportunity to go to Sonoport’s office is an eye opener! I am confuse whether to call it a studio or an office. It could be a studio as that is where they make their ‘sound’ happen, but it is also an office as it has a very formal arrangement.

Before the trip, I remember I was imagining how the office will look like. I picture a very modern and creative office as they are a creative company that works with sound. However, it turns out to be an disappointment. The office looks really boring and the walls are really plain. The table arrangement were pretty predictable and I just did sense any creative vibe at all when I was there the whole time actually. But its all good homie, as long as you guys do a good job and everyone’s happy, then that’s all that matters.


It was an insightful talk and introduction by the founder of Sonoport, Mr. Fredrik Brostrom.  It is not easy to set up a business and approaching people to believe in you actually. Furthermore it is harder if no one wants to try the services that you provided, in this case, sound on an interaction web application. However, getting the capital is not that hard in Singapore as it turns out. We all know that Singapore wants to attract foreign investors  to set up an office here. So spending millions on giving out grants to new established start ups is the only way. But anyway, Sonoport sounds and look interesting but sadly they don’t have a wide range of clients and portfolios, YET. So i am excited to see the future of web application since companies like Sonoport is trying to make that difference. Maybe Sonoport could be the next Facebook in terms of sound application in the near Future. IMG_7951

As Permagnus wants us to come up with questions, I have came up with 2 in my previous post. But right after I leave the office and on my way home, I have more questions about Sonoport that I wished I have asked them. The questions changed before and after the trip actually.

1. What is the future of sound in web application? Say about 10 years, will sound make an impact on the internet as much as visuals do.?

2. Is Sonoport a multiple design studio? They have another office in the UK as they mentioned.

3. Why does Sonoport restrict their business to just web base kind of audio? In my head, I was thinking there are brands out there that has a signature sound effect for example yahoo has that signature music that shouts ‘YAHOOOOOOO’. Why didn’t sonoport create sound for different companies and brands?

4. It makes me question if Sound really matters in an interaction? How percentage is the sound plays an important role than the main touch interaction itself?IMG_7953 copy

On our way back to the bus, I saw 2 black cats roaming the carpark, creating attention and craving a pat or two by the larger human being. It makes me wonder if Sonoport should adopt this 2 cats or not.

The One With The Art Stage

ArtStage Singapore is an inaugural art fair in Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre. A lot of art galleries from around the world come together under one roof to showcase their collection. This major art fair has been one of the important Art fair in South East Asia. It’ll be interesting to see the planning in this project.

The One With The Kaws


KAWS is known for his painting but he creates bigger than life sculptures. Definitely he work with a construction company to create the sculpture. From sketching the first draft to going to the factory to inspect the quality of the craftsmanship of the work.