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The One With The Full Circle

Gathered more LED Strips and got almost a full circle for the half dome. Given the shape of the iDome, it was interesting to see how the lights bounce onto the plain of the dome. more-1
I tried with different colours and each colours have a different mood to it. more-2 more-3 I tried putting a glitch image on the background but I think it does not help in making the work better.more-4


That was until I choose a plain colour background for the projector and I was really pleased with the results. By choosing a coloured background, the projector almost become a primary source of coloured light. With the blue LED strips, the combination of blue and green was quite pleasing and interesting to see.more-5Red and blue is also another beautiful combination. The 2 colours seems to blend into each other but at the same time, you can still see the blue and red separately. more-7 more-9 more-10