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The One With The Bracket & Solenoid

Yesterday I bought some brackets to try to fix it with the solenoid.
Today I managed to complete the task.


I tried 2 different spot on the helmet to secure my solenoid to, at the top and at the back.sol-3

The top one is fine but it is difficult to mount the bracket as there is not even surface as shown. Hence it was hard to get it straight and thus I failed to make it straight.
However, placing it at the back was so much easier and it actually is better because I plan to hang the helmet anyway. I also decided to drill a hole in order to let the wire run inside of the helmet.


I fastened the solenoid to the bracket with 2 small black cable ties. It worked really well actually.


As you can see on the inside of the helmet, the wires are inside and this will make the installation look cleaner. sol-5

9 Helmets to go!sol-6

The One With The Constructland

For now, I do not have any title for this work just yet. But enjoy the photographs. Will be doing a behind the scene video as well! Stay tune!


The idea behind this installation is to create a conversation on the topic of construction. These hard hats could represent a foreign worker or it could represent a balance between the right amount of nature and architecture in terms of buildings. analog-2

In a summary, this installation speaks about the concept of construction which is relevant in more developing countries and also developed countries as well.  These safety hats are balanced on an acrylic rod which stands on its centre of gravity. This act of balancing represent the challenge government bodies faced on the issue of preserving the nature but at the same time, building infrastructure for the progress for the nation. analog-5

Simple materials were used in this installation. There are only 3 items in fact. Helmets, nails and acrylic rods. The use of nails protruding the top of the helmet symbolises the life of these construction workers where they are nailed down to this choice of employment due to the lack of education.analog-7

This installation is interactive in a way that the helmets will sway left and right where there are winds, hence this installation is site specific.analog-8




analog-13 analog-15






Thank you to Vivian and Cindy for helping me out with the set up! Appreciate it!

The One With The Balancing Act

The recess week is almost over and I still really have not really think of how my analog installation is going to take shape honestly. Despite the ideas that I shared last week in class, I still feel there is something missing in my work. Until today.

I was walking back to ADM from North Spine for lunch and 2 events I experienced struck me.

Firstly, these white helmets on the back of a bicycle. They were placed there randomly and they were almost balancing on the basket.IMG_8750

Secondly, when I was reaching ADM’s carpark, they were cleaners up climbing to wash the exterior of the building. They were wearing safety helmets incase anything happens.IMG_8751

Then suddenly, an idea struck me. I know I need to add another element to my yellow safety hat so this thought have always lingers in my mind. What if I could let the safety hat balance in motion? Below is an sketch that I did to visualise my idea. I would need a some sort of a stand that is able to take the centre of gravity of the helmet for it to balance.

I also thought about the layout of these balancing helmet. If I have nice helmets spaced out evenly, like option number 2, it would allow people to walk in between them to get a closer look of the installation.

sketch of helmet and layout options

sketch of helmet and layout options

In my opinion, I feel that this additional element in my analog installation would look good. I can imagine all 9 of them in balance and the tiny subtle movement of the hats would make the experience even special. I also feel that with the wind coming in from the side, it will shake the helmet and it will produce a very stunning visual moment in art history.

Furthermore, it speaks about how working in a construction place is actually a balancing act. Figuratively. One needs the right balance to ensure a right balance of work and also play. Working in high element in a construction place also requires a good balance as it is very dangerous and risky working in high places.

I feel the message is quite simple and subtle at the same time. I also thought of different places around ADM that I could install them to make the experience better. Below are the places that I consider. Taking in consideration that these frames that i took are the final frame that i would want to photograph them cinematically.


Option 1: Outside the lobby. Clean nice background


Option 2: Outdoor carpark. Spacious empty and windy


Option 3: Outdoor carpark. Nice background. Appropriate.


Option 3: Same place but different angle.


Option 4: Outdoor carpark. Different side of the carpark.

I’m all about the photograph and the final landscape that these helmets will play a part in the space. So i feel that the location is also equally important.



I was googling works of installation art that deals with a balancing act and I feel this is quite accurate to what I have in mind. I’m not too sure where and what this is about though.

I did a quick balance of my safety helmet that I have in class.

It seems i would need to make a small incise cut on to the helmet to make the balance more stable. Below is one example of a balancing toy.


The One With The Time

minolta-39Time is a beautiful thing. Time is invisible but yet we make it tangible, on a analog clock, or digitally.

Time is weird, time is useless. We do not need to be told what time it is now. Time is inside us, time is man-made.

Time is a representation, time is irrelevant. Me doing some time on the internet is a waste of time.