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The One With The LEDs On IDome

I was inspired by James Turrell and his work of lights. I wanted to find out myself the experience visitors feel when they experience a James Turrell artwork. I also imagine that in my final piece, I would want a segment where only LED Lights will be on. I also want to push the boundaries of Dome artworks and I want to introduce the LED lights inside the dome.idome-1I make use of the half Dome, which is also known as the iDome, to experiment with the lights. I attached LED lights onto the edges of the dome, which in turn, create some kind of effect. Even though I only have 2 strips, I am able to visualise the effect it has.



It almost feel like a giant earth.idome-3 I feel having more lights around this half dome will improve the experience.idome-4

I tried juxaposing it with footages that is available in the computer to get a sense of scale and dynamic between the screen two mediums.


idome-5 idome-6 idome-7

The next step is for me to get more LED lights and make one whole round on the iDome.

The One With The Final Year Project Pilot

Dear Kamarul,

Last semester I proposed a dome installation for my final year project, portraying heaven & hell inside the dome. Back then, I know that I wanted to work with the dome as I feel it is an interesting medium to explore. Heaven & Hell was just something that I came up with in an instant. About 2 weeks ago, I had my first meeting with my supervisor and he asked me an important question, do I want to work with the dome or on the topic of heaven & hell? I couldn’t give a straight answer but it got me thinking. Today, it is still something that lingers in my mind but I feel like I have an answer already. Yes, I do want to work with the dome! This brings me to the first step, searching what is the dome and the history behind it. Let’s look at some of the uses of dome throughout history.

This is the Treasury of Atreus located in Mycenae, Greece, constructed during the Bronze Age around 1250BCE. It is a beehive dome and basically is was a tomb.


It was built underground.Schatzhaus_des_Atreus,_Querschnitt

Next, we have the world famous Pantheon in Rome. It was built to house the Gods and this is another uses of the dome.


There is the oculus in the middle of the dome to let light shine through and light up the space.


Another famous dome is of course the Dome Of The Rock. The Dome shape has also become the architectural symbol of Islam as well as most mosque has the dome as an identification.


Another famous dome would be the Brunelleschi’s Dome over at the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.


It is a very grand scale project and during the time, the construction of the dome was considered as an architectural genius by the Brunelleschi. Florence-Duomo-Nov07-RAW4827AR900

Igloo, the snow house, can be considered as a dome as well. igloo-against-blue-sky

Another famous monument is the Taj Mahal. Built by Shah Jahan for his wife, the main architecture stands out is of douse the dome located at the top of the building. The Taj Mahal is of course an mausoleum.


Another dome like structure would be the Stupas. Below, the great Stupa at Sanchi was built to honour and shelter the relics of the buddha.


Now let’s take a look at some of the modern domes. These 2 below are Geodesic dome.

geodesic dome is a hemisphericalthin-shell structure (lattice-shell) based on a network of geodesics (great circles) on the surface of a sphere or a hemisphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements, which have local, triangular rigidity, and so distribute the structural stress throughout the geodesic sphere.

This is the Biosphere, located in Montreal. It is a museum dedicated to the environment. I guess it make sense as a dome can seen as a sustainable design and it fits with the theme of the museum, of taking care of the environment.800px-Mtl._Biosphere_in_Sept._2004

Below is called the Eden Project, located in Cornwall, England.

The complex is dominated by two huge enclosures consisting of adjoining domes that house thousands of plant species,and each enclosure emulates a natural biome. The biomes consist of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal, inflated, plastic cells supported by steel frames. The largest of the two biomes simulates a Rainforest environment and the second, a Mediterranean environment. The attraction also has an outside botanical garden which is home to many plants and wildlife native to Cornwall and the UK in general; it also has many plants that provide an important and interesting backstory, for example, those with a prehistoric heritage.


It is such an interesting sight to see such massive structure. Even though the design of the dome is not organic, it takes some time to get used to seeing it in the landscape.

I started out researching on the history of the dome and I am surprise with all the informations that I got. I never really realise that the dome design have been used through out history. I feel that this part of knowing the history is important as I feel that the symbolism of the usage of dome can be important in my work as well. So far we have seen that the shape of the dome has been used as place for worship, sheltering, honouring, a place for mourning and also a place of research. The usage dome have evolved through out time and different cultures and religions has its own way of defining the dome.

For my own final year project, I wish to inject some history of the dome design into my project. I see the dome as my medium and not just a place for someone to enter and see a 360 film. I want the dome to be more than just a space for people to watch some video. They must leave the dome feeling different.


The One With The Field Trip To Sonoport

Having the opportunity to go to Sonoport’s office is an eye opener! I am confuse whether to call it a studio or an office. It could be a studio as that is where they make their ‘sound’ happen, but it is also an office as it has a very formal arrangement.

Before the trip, I remember I was imagining how the office will look like. I picture a very modern and creative office as they are a creative company that works with sound. However, it turns out to be an disappointment. The office looks really boring and the walls are really plain. The table arrangement were pretty predictable and I just did sense any creative vibe at all when I was there the whole time actually. But its all good homie, as long as you guys do a good job and everyone’s happy, then that’s all that matters.


It was an insightful talk and introduction by the founder of Sonoport, Mr. Fredrik Brostrom.  It is not easy to set up a business and approaching people to believe in you actually. Furthermore it is harder if no one wants to try the services that you provided, in this case, sound on an interaction web application. However, getting the capital is not that hard in Singapore as it turns out. We all know that Singapore wants to attract foreign investors  to set up an office here. So spending millions on giving out grants to new established start ups is the only way. But anyway, Sonoport sounds and look interesting but sadly they don’t have a wide range of clients and portfolios, YET. So i am excited to see the future of web application since companies like Sonoport is trying to make that difference. Maybe Sonoport could be the next Facebook in terms of sound application in the near Future. IMG_7951

As Permagnus wants us to come up with questions, I have came up with 2 in my previous post. But right after I leave the office and on my way home, I have more questions about Sonoport that I wished I have asked them. The questions changed before and after the trip actually.

1. What is the future of sound in web application? Say about 10 years, will sound make an impact on the internet as much as visuals do.?

2. Is Sonoport a multiple design studio? They have another office in the UK as they mentioned.

3. Why does Sonoport restrict their business to just web base kind of audio? In my head, I was thinking there are brands out there that has a signature sound effect for example yahoo has that signature music that shouts ‘YAHOOOOOOO’. Why didn’t sonoport create sound for different companies and brands?

4. It makes me question if Sound really matters in an interaction? How percentage is the sound plays an important role than the main touch interaction itself?IMG_7953 copy

On our way back to the bus, I saw 2 black cats roaming the carpark, creating attention and craving a pat or two by the larger human being. It makes me wonder if Sonoport should adopt this 2 cats or not.

The One With More Construction Ideas

Dear OSS, I am here again to share my latest ideas on the first installation that I am going to embark. I am excited as much as nervous to tell you the truth. There are so many great ideas out there but unfortunately, I have to restrict myself to think even harder as I have to consider these few things. Firstly, budget. This will be a self funded project but I remember Prof. LPD mention something about ‘a little bit of money for the class’. Budget will determine if I want to go big or I need to buy any specific materials to make the idea a reality. Secondly, availability. I am not sure how available are certain materials is, for example, a big block of steel. Or any materials for that matter, if I can’t get the right materials or equipments, then my idea is a far fetch one.

But anyway, as I have mentioned on previous posts, I have decided to go on the theme of construction this semester. So my ideas have more or less the theme of construction. For my first inspiration, here is a sound installation by the one and only Zul Mahmood, a local Singaporean. I believed he teaches Sound Art in ADM before back then. Here’s one of the works he showed in the Singapore Art Museum. The composition is based on the National Anthem, Majulah Singapore.

Here’s more photographs of the installation. I managed to see it the other day when I went there. It was quite amazing actually!


Sound installation commissioned by Singapore Art Museum. The sound composition is based on the national anthem, Majulah Singapura. It consists of 52 solenoids, 12 electromagnets, 2 micro controllers, computer, copper pipes, bass and guitar strings and 12 speakers.


Sound installation commissioned by Singapore Art Museum. The sound composition is based on the national anthem, Majulah Singapura. It consists of 52 solenoids, 12 electromagnets, 2 micro controllers, computer, copper pipes, bass and guitar strings and 12 speakers.


Sound installation commissioned by Singapore Art Museum. The sound composition is based on the national anthem, Majulah Singapura. It consists of 52 solenoids, 12 electromagnets, 2 micro controllers, computer, copper pipes, bass and guitar strings and 12 speakers.

So how is this going to be included in my idea? Stay tune to the next post to find out!

The One With The Yellow Helmet

So here it is, I’ve completed the construction of my helmet and I will titled this piece ‘The Head’. Actually I haven’t made up my mind yet.


As I get my material which is the helmet, i tried to get the shape together by trying out different combination. Taping it together by masking tape, I tried to get the shape to stay and it kinda work but this combination is not really covers the side of the head. helmet2-3As you can see below, this combination does not cover the side and it is redundant as it won’t allow full protection. So I explore more different shapes and decided to get one more helmet into the mix. 3F2A6792 copy

After getting one more helmet, I took the design of my first sketch actually. Visually it looks pleasing as well!


I also realise when I was wearing it, it has an echo as the helmet is shape as such. It adds another element to it i guess.


The helmet is joined by making a simple drill and tighten it by bolt and nut.


Finding the right place to join was quite a challenge as well cause I would need to find the right spot.helmet-4

Here’s a look from the inside.helmet-5

Will share with you readers especially su hui, with the documentation photograph next!

The One With The Interactive Space Analog Idea

I started thinking about the analog interactive space installation as soon as the assignment was told to us during class. This was my first initial idea. Using Multi plug as the main object, I want to multiply them to lay out to form a pattern or a shape. Take a look at my sketchbook below for my reasoning and concept.


Yeah, as you can see, it is very simple and I was inspired by William Forsythe’s work, especially the work titled Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2. It is very minimal, clean but at the same time, capture your attention.





I envision the multi plug to be in a very geometric patterns and visitors are able to interact with them by actually changing the patterns and making their own.

I also managed to read up on Gernot Bohme’s article titled ‘The art of the stage set as paradigm for an aesthetics of atmospheres’. Basically an article exploring the definition of Atmosphere and how it is important in a stage work and I find it is also relevant in interactive installation or any artwork for that matter.

As I read the article, I took down some points to make summarise the article in my own way. It is quite insightful as atmosphere is important to allow the visitors/audience to want to interact with the surroundings. 4

As my analog idea is still in the early stage, I feel there could be some development however, I really like how this idea feels so simple and strong, at least to me. The interaction to my work could be open and I want that for this idea. But we shall see. The professor has suggest that I add some element of electricity in it to make like a sound work. Googled Christina Kubisch and her work on the idea of an Electricity Walks is pretty interesting. I shall make another post on her works next.



The One With The Construction

So the anticipating trailer for my first assignment for Interactive Spaces is here. Not finally here but it’s here.

Again just to share about my project.  The perception of a safety helmet is to project your head while one is working on a construction place. Now, I made a helmet which does not allow one to see but I would argue that you be totally safe as it protects your whole head instead of just the top of your head.

I look forward for tomorrow’s class.

Week 5: Labour

How have artists made us think and feel about labor? Well, artists knows that they are labour themselves and their works is a reflection of that. Ok Kidding.

Labor is a very broad term and one of its synonyms is Employment. However, when we use the word Labor, I feel there is a very negative connotation attached to the word ‘labor’. Don’t make me even start with Hard Labor!

But anyway, labor is one of the favourite topics artist likes to tackle actually because of its relevancy to the current time and it reflect how the economy is doing. For example, I have one local artist on the top of my head when the topic about Labor came in. Jing Quek.  He is a commercial photographer by practice and he also have this series of labourers/workers posing in a very interesting manner below.


As you can see through this series of his, it seems that Jing Quek is actually glorifying these mens and their jobs. Yes, it seems that all these people are holding blue collar jobs and for the lack of terms, hard labor. These jobs require a lot physical strength and also they come from foreigners especially from India or China. They can be seen posing in their working environment, holding their tools of trade. I really like the above photo featuring the grass cutter. The composition is really nice and the contrast colour of green and their red uniforms really make the photography pops out. SGI19

This photo however, might not be talking about glorifying the role of a maid though. I feel this photo tells the sad reality of a maid actually. They can be seen doing many things for example, taking care of a baby, ironing clothes, vacuuming and the list goes on. Even though you can say that it is glorifying the job, it is not necessary in a good way and this photo has a really good layer in terms of its message and visual.SGI37

This photo is also interesting in terms of featuring the locals trishaw drivers. Again, all the subjects in the photos are pose to make them look important and matter in life. The artist have actually brought up the topic of labor by making the subjects behave in a very unlikely manner. The message pertaining labor is brought up through the juxtaposition of its subjects and content. Being in Singapore, these people is a very aplenty in our everyday lives but we always ignore them and the topic of being invisible is relevant here. So Jing Quek is bringing them into the limelight and let us viewers see that they too are humans and hold beautiful colours in our lives.

Another artist that pops up in my head that speaks about labor is none other than the great Banksy.

In this introduction video to the Simpsons, Bansky speaks about Labour in it. From using child labour to animal abuse to even killing animal for the sake of mass making products. This video I feel might reflect the accuracy of the mass market right now. We all know that child labour is being used in those poor developing countries to make goods. And that is why unicorns no longer exists in this planet. Plus, I feel this medium of using animation and video can easily reach to the masses and the message Banksy is trying to tell can be watched by millions of people who are watching The Simpsons.

Another work by Banksy is this mural at a wall located at Wood Green, London. It depicts a child labour sewing the union jack flags in masses. The work was a protest against the use of sweatshops to manufacture Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics memorabilia in 2012. Afterwards, the wall was actually removed and it was sold for $1.1 Million dollars at an auction house. It was a very controversial topic because Banksy made the mural for the public but yet it was removed and sold. Being that controversial story that it is, I feel that the controversial took over the message of the artwork actually. Nonetheless, you can get the sense of labour being depict here in a form of a boy and the sewing machine.

Slave Labour (2012) - Banksy, Wood Green, London

Slave Labour (2012) – Banksy, Wood Green, London

Slave Labour (2012) - Banksy, Wood Green, London

Slave Labour (2012) – Banksy, Wood Green, London

Labor is essential to the economy and nation building. There are 15 definition of labor in an online dictionary. I cannot imagine number 11.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 3.02.21 am