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MonthJanuary 2017

Pink Turmoils


Sorry for the really bad lighting and quality of the film.


The overarching theme of Pink Turmoils is social taboo on sexuality.

Other theme is adolescent into adulthood and struggles between prejudice and morals.


Based on the Character Profiling on Yuno and Katniss, i have created Emily and Alexey for my story.

Emily is based on Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki and Katniss is of course Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games.


Emily suffered abuses from her mother and became a psychopath. After her family died, she was very lonely. Alexey is kind to her and is her only pillar of support so she fell in love with her. Although she is very understanding, sweet and feminine to Alexey, she  can get pushy and impatient sometimes when she fail to gain her love. She is also very protective of her to the extend that she will resort to brutal violent if someone harm Alexey or badmouth her.


Alexey is a fearless, strong-headed, hot-tempered women who let her emotions rule over her. However she is slow at detecting other people’s feelings because she is busy earning money to support her family that she didn’t have much interaction with people. She is kind to people who helped her. She want to live a peaceful happy life with her family but will come out to fight if needed.


Both of my characters generally possess the characteristics of the original characters they were based of but with a change in sexuality. I decided to cast that way because i can relate better. I had went through that phase before but ultimately i still like guys!


Many thanks for my cast Yi Ling and Queenie as this was a really hard film to act out. (*^3^*)












Character Profiling

5 characters from literature or film

  • Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games
  • Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki
  • Yuri from Yuri on Ice
  • Nana from Nana to Kaoru
  • Cha Hong Do from Heart to Heart

5 public figures

  • Song Ji Hyo
  • Jota
  • Sleepy
  • Jessi
  • Kim Ye Won
  • Solar

5 people from my life

  • Me
  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Brother


Yuno Gasai




  • Her violent personality stemmed from being abused by her mother and ignored by her father. She was caged by her mother and abused.
  •  After her parent’s death, she was very lonely and talk to their dead bodies.
  • Yukiteru become her only pillar of support when he said he would marry her when they grow up.
  • She sees anyone who is close to Yukiteru even his friends as a threat and would harm anyone who pose a threat to steal him away from her.



  • Love and support, a meaning in life after her parents’ death.

Action is character


  • Resourceful; able to set traps and use different weapons.
  • Cunning and intelligence; able to formulate plans and analysis enemy’s weakness quickly.

Personal (Social)

  • Popular and has good grades
  • Obsessive of Yukiteru
  • Her whole life revolve around him and she like him to see her as the center of the world too.
  • Sweet, feminine and understanding to Yukiteru.
  • Will be ruthless and stab people she knows to protect Yukiteru.


  • She stalks Yukiteru
  • Talk to her parents’ dead bodies.





  • Lacked of family love because her mother is always busy.
  • Worked hard to reach her mother’s expectation so she can receive praise and see her mother happy.
  • Overwhelm with having to meet everyone’s expectations in school and life.
  • Bdsm let her feel being taken care of and let her take a break from having to meet expectations and be “bad”.
  • Confused about her feelings towards Kaoru.
  • Stubborn and does not show her feelings in a direct manner.



  • A way to relieve her stress and be taken care of.

Action is Character


  • Friendly, popular and helpful Vice President in school and admired by many students.
  • Studious, athletic and an overall achiever.


  • Helpful to students who need help
  • Has a dark secret only Kaoru knows.
  • Argue and nag at Kaoru because she doesn’t know how to express her love in a direct manner.


  • Study


Katniss Everdeen



  • breadwinner for her family after her father died.
  • She will endure any hardship and work hard to save her family and herself.
  • Compassionate for the weak
  • Values family and justice



  • The well being of her loved ones

Action is Character


  • Skillful- good hunter and trapper
  • Possess strong leadership, charismatic and had the power to make people look up to her.
  • Adept at analyzing her opponents moves.


  • Kind to her loved ones and people who helped her
  • Slow at understanding people’s feelings
  • Fearless and willingly to sacrifice herself for her family and a greater cause.
  • Hot-tempered; sometimes let her emotions rule over her.


  • Hunting for her family


I have decided to go with Katniss Everdeen and Yuno Gasai because its would be fun to work with the dynamics between two strong-headed characters.

Once Upon a Scent

Darkness, space…. then an aroma strike you and bring you on a journey——->Scents

Chocolate Analysis + Research


Who would expect we get to eat in our first lesson of class? It was an awesome way to start the class! The chocolates I had satisfied my hungry stomach lifting my mood for an early morning. Our task is to use our senses to taste and smell the chocolate we were given and link it to our memory. Before the mini class activity start, the lights were off so our senses will be more acute since our eyesight were blinded. After each chocolate tasting, we were given a small piece of bread to eliminate the remaining chocolate taste before we begin a new piece of chocolate.

Here’s my analysis on the three chocolates I had tasted. I had slight sore throat and blocked nose. I hope my analysis won’t be that far off from the rest. ]


Chocolate A

Feel: Smooth. This seemed like a typical chocolate that can be found in supermarket.

Smell: Slightly bitter and smelled like dark chocolate.

Taste: Hard and slowly break down. Bitter to slightly spicy. The more chocolate I bit, the spicier the finishing taste was. I guessed the spicy come from cayenne pepper.

Memory: As the taste reminded me of cayenne pepper, I remembered my horrible cooking in the past. I added too much of this into my noodle soup and the whole bowl tasted so spicy and not even savory. I had to finish the whole thing because wasting food is bad. This just made my nose leaked the whole time.


Chocolate B

Feel: Textured surface in round shape. It felt like a luxurious chocolate.

Smell: Slightly bitter like dark chocolate.

Taste: The taste was smoother than the previous chocolate. There’s a sour taste. It seemed like alcohol is added in. Unlike the spicy flavor that slowly kicked in and lingered in chocolate A, this sour taste came strong in the beginning and faded quick. At the end after eating, I felt disgusted somehow, my heart had the sicky feeling, not sure why.

Memory: I recalled myself drinking low alcohol percent of red wine. Pretty meh.



Chocolate C (The crowned winner!)

Feel: There are small humps and rougher texture on one side.

Smell: Slight salty savory smell.

Taste: Crunchy. It tasted like hollow air biscuit. The biscuit is light and airy so it gets crushed easily when bite. Initially there wasn’t much of a taste at the start then the sweet and savory slowly appear at the end.

Memory: I was horrified when I touched the chocolate because the humps reminded me of fake spider legs. I was on the verge of throwing the chocolate on the floor. My logical side stopped and calmed me down by telling me, “The last one can’t be some weird shit. It felt like it… but nope it can’t be. She won’t feed us spider chocolate.” Pinning my hope on it as Ms. Cheryl can’t be a psycho. The smell made a 180⁰ change on my perspective. The slight salty savory smell reminded me of a Malay snacks served in a cone paper during my primary school days. My school held some Malay festival so there are booths that sell Malay snacks. I had a lot of fun with my friend trying out things we usually don’t get in our canteen. This made me curious, wanting to taste it because it’s so rare to have my feelings changed so fast from nightmare to first love.





This diagram show different parts of our tongue is responsible for different basic taste. To be honest, when I was tasting the chocolates I feel that every part of my tongue seems to taste the various tastes. Hence, I researched and discovered the tongue map is a myth. The research of Edwin Boring and Virginia Collings revealed that all tastes can be detected anywhere there are taste receptors which is all around our tongue. Only that the degree of sensitivity varies at some areas of our tongues leading scientists to assumed areas with low sensitivity were areas of no sensitivity.

Tongue Myth Debunked

Does our nose works the same way as the tongue?

Air travels pass the millions of olfactory receptors on the roof of nasal cavity. Odor molecules stimulate the receptors that sent signal through the olfactory nerve to the bulb. Signal from the bulb spark memory in the brain. 80% of the flavors we tasted come from what we smell. That’s a lot from our nose.

Fun fact: Humans can recognize 10000 different odors but no two people sense the same things.

Nose Anatomy


21 Smells 90’s Girls Will Never Forget

I saw this article on BuzzFeed. This seem to be an interesting topic to work with in Singapore Context like toys we play at Mama shop when we were young. That will be so nostalgic and fun to go back to those days.



A unique tear drop exhibition on smell and memory but i think its hard to pull off. Each person has their individual interpretation on a same object like wood smell can be interpreted as burnt wood, wood after a raining day, etc. I think they probably get the most distinct smell that everyone can recognize to evoke the memory of the place or object.

Tear Drop Exhibition



A creative installation that explore Singapore through scent. I wonder how Yishun smell like? Will there even be a distinct smell that make me recognize it?

Scent Map Singapore


Make your own Smell memory amulet! It records smell like camera. So advanced and simple to create. I want a floral light refreshing scent to calm my nerves at all times.

Smell Amulet Kit


As I was researching, I reminded of the Poke-Senses box game I created for my portfolio to enter ADM. The rules are simple. There are nine holes containing different things to feel. Some are nasty and some feel good. Basically, poke your finger into the hole at the start line and try to navigate your way out. At the end, there will be two path; one good and another will chopped off your finger just kidding but it will hurt.

Alien Lamp

The task for our final project is to combine the modular structure with your classmate to create a lamp.


Clara and i decided to work together. Her modular structure is based on the scales of a butterfly wing. The characteristics of her SEM structure are organic and irregular. She created it using string woven together to form a mesh of the SEM model. My modular structure is based on Spumullarian. Some of its main characteristics are uniform conical pores and double spherical layers. I created it using jumping clay.

You can view my work process here: Radiolarian



Clara’s SEM structure                                                                      My SEM structure


We brainstormed on how to combine the unique characteristics of them.  The design we eventually decided upon is to incorporate the double spherical layers from my structure. With the outer layer in an uniform conical pattern and the inner layer is made up of irregular pattern. There will be multiple of such spheres joining together creating like a cluster of tadpole eggs as Clara said. Basically the top portion will be more defined and spherical and gradually melt downwards to an organic form. This is how we combine out SEM structure from a uniform shape melt down to irregularity.





My SEM model was created using jumping clay. However it would not work for this large lamp that we are creating. I was searching through the internet for some inspiration and chanced upon this artist.



Tara Donovan’s installation artwork used plastic cups to form blob like shapes. It looked pretty similar to the image we plan to create for our lamp. Thus i decided to use plastic cups instead for our project. For Clara’s inner sphere, we decided to adopt the same m ethology of using string to woven into a sphere shape. This time we decided to use coloured rafia string to create contrast with the transparent plastic cups.




  • Outer layer

Initially we planned to stick the plastic cups together with hot glue gun but it was too hot and the cups melted. I tried using super glue but the cup ended up looking dirty as the dried superglue caused a slight milky translucent on it. It was too time-consuming to just stick a few pieces so this definitely won’t work for our large lamp. Staples are the only way to go. I thought i would be easy to do it but getting the result we wanted was a lot more work to do. I had to cut off the base of each plastic cup so that light can project through giving a clearer shadow image. I probably cut around 300 over cups with the foam cutter.




Simply stapling the cups would give you a very tight round form, which meant trouble for the more flowing parts of the structure. Clara discovered that by cutting parallel strips in the cups at the point of stapling, the tension is released and we can create a fairly malleable and flat layer of cups to form into the shape we wanted. We made the spherical units separately, following the drawing, and then connecting the pieces together somehow.



  • Inner layer

Clara was in charge of making the inner sphere ball. She made it by tying paper string around a balloon, going round and weaving the form until it look okay. Then she dampened the strings and covered them in white glue, and let them dry overnight.




When we tested both forms together with the light, we realized that the interior shadow was indistinguishable from the exterior. I suggested to use cellophane to cover the units on the string spheres to create a stained glass effect and to allow the interior spheres to contribute to the shadow of the lamp.



After the whole structure of the lamp is up, the final stage is the construction of lighting. we estimated the length of each cable in each sphere. I cut out the length and wired everything up.



A difficult part is to thread all the lights and wiring into the spheres, and trying not to break something, or bust a finger through a stained glass panel (cellophane). Also lots of rearranging of the outer sphere so that it would be just right. I had to ripped out portions of the cups and re-stapling them over and over just so the outer form will look good.




Presentation Day


Peter suggested that instead of letting the lamp hang on the wall, it could hang from the ceiling like a bunch of grapes.That way it could sways and turns slowly the shadows would also change. The wiring could also have been better hidden.





Overall, it came pretty close to what we envisioned our lamp to be. It would be even better if there’s dramatic shards of blue lighting but we still did a pretty good job.