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MonthFebruary 2017

Que Sara


Fashion Designer


I wanted to create my own typography for this job. However i wasn’t confident with creating my own font so i decided to adapt the font i found online and change a bit to fit the typeface i wanted. I choose a script font to go with my handmade design.


This is Sweet Sensations font. I feel its too short to be the body of fashion model. Hence i add more length to the straight line of “Y”. Afterwards, i lengthen my initials to make them longer.


I really like this result but this is a lot of work so i probably won’t do it again.

Japanese haute couture is my source of inspiration. I choose bright red because it’s the colour of Japan, the rising sun. I was quite obsessed with the silver for this job. I once dreamed of myself looking in awe at a gorgeous silver dress towering over me. At that time i was drawing dresses for fun and that dream really motivate me to be serious and work towards this goal of becoming a fashion designer. Little did i know my obsession would create a hell of work for me. Spraying these thin light pencil shavings make a big mess in my toilet. I lay them out after taking a long time sharping the pencil and making sure the shavings are clean without any residue from the lead. When i spray it, they fly around. I have to pick them all up and put them in a container and spray it. After that i have to quickly take them out before they stick to the container and let it dry before a second round of spraying to fully coat them.


Sticking them wasn’t easy too. I used a lot of my brain and eyes power to find the perfect piece to match well with my dress design and integrate well with the movement of the letter. I spend a lots of days contemplating which piece should go where so they won’t affect my name’s legibility before sticking them up.


Mimi’s comments: 

  • Red does not go well with silver.

She showed silver haute couture and their dress usually match up will a light pastel colour.

  • The font has to be thinner and longer like fashion magazine typeface.
  • There are too many pieces of pencil shavings and it distract away from text.




This is my final piece. An improvisation from Mimi’s suggestions. For this typography, I incorporated the thin side and serif top that can be found in fashion magazines like vogue and bazaar for a classic and chic. I follow the model body proportion make my lower part of the font long like the model’s legs. The other side of font is inspired by the movement of clothes so it is more f lowly and wavy. As I create clothes with my imagination, I make that font in script style and thought the best medium would be to use the remains of my pencil shaving to create my dress. As my inspiration is from haute couture, their clothes always look elaborate and intricate. I focus on creating texture on some parts of the text so it won’t steal the attention from the main focus which is my name.


Suggestions from presentation day:

  • Pencil rendering of the text would be better to match the pencil shavings to make it as one whole.
  • The head of the fashion models is redundant.
  • The idea of pencil shavings is good.
  • The blue colour is beautiful and suit well. It look “atas”.



3D Installation Artist


When i think of the exhibitions that i visited, there would be white display stand, glass casing and nylon strings to suspend the sculptures.  I researched more on exhibitions piece and this piece really catch my eyes. This artwork is done by Jeongmoon Choi.




It remind me of my first 3D assignment; string art project. When i think back of my first 3D assignment, i also thought of my first 2D ” the dot that went for a walk” assignment. Why not combine both together? Hence i came up with the idea of using nylon string and paint my name on the strings to create an illusion that my name is floating in the mid air.





I created an exhibition space for my name with a box and sewed on it. I used bold sans serif to show my confidence in 3D and took a photo in front view as a draft to show Mimi.


Mimi’s comment:

  • Play with lighting and take more photos to make the my name look more 3D.


That’s exactly what i did.


img_2975 img_2977      img_2943



Viewing from the top angle create depth because of the shadow contrast, making my name look 3D yet miniature. Hence i decided to go with this because i really like the shadow cast of the box emphasizing my letter “Y” and the nylon strings looked really obvious. The colour i painted is reddish orange to convey my energetic and playful mindset for 3D. However when i painted it on, it layered up and become thicker and turned into red. This isn’t what i wanted. I worried that people would think i got killed and hanged up.





My final piece. Tadass~~ The red changed into blue looked much better and pleasing on eyes. I used shades of blue to achieve hierarchy so my name will be read properly with the “Y” being emphasized in darker shade against light background.







For this job, I created the look of street photography with a layer of camera framing at the people who form my name with the movement of their body. I was lucky to find humans to form my name so clearly. I choose people doing parkour to represent me because they reflect my personality when taking photo; casual, playful and experimental. The landscape i took is Singapore famous Rocher Block that has been demolished. The vivid colours of the building attract my eyes and the negative space in the middle is perfect for my name to stand out.


Before Editing


Images taken from google






As my background is colourful, i changed the clothes’ colour into complimentary colour to make my name pop out from the buildings. My name together form an analogous warm (purple, red, reddish orange) to show my passion for photography; always burning red. The contrast of bright world through the POV of camera against the dull real world show my feelings for photography. Looking through the small rectangular frame make my life more entertaining.  I spend a lot of time dodge and burn to make my name blend into the image to make it look realistic as if i shoot them. I once contemplated should i add more things like aperture, iso to make it more obvious. However i feel that the bright overlay and the viewfinder should be enough to communicate the idea of photographer.

Suggestions from presentation day:

  • Make the viewfinder more obvious
  • Add aperture, iso and more clues to let people know its camera

After the feedbacks, i realised this is afterall visual communication. Its important to let people know in one glance that this is a photographer job.






As astronaut is my wildest dream as a child.  I want to portray it in the eyes of a kid that create his imaginary world of outer space with paper, except i will create this look digitally. Eika Ojala’s style of work is my source of inspiration for this. I was very inspired by the realistic paper cut style and want to challenge myself to achieve this.




I really like japanese style of kiddish cute illustration of using cute emoji faces and short figure with big head. I research on it a lot before recreate this world. Every single objects in my world is thought out carefully. It was actually pretty difficult. I struggled a lot in choosing the right colour to match and creating my own version of object to suit the style I wanted. For a few objects, I did several reiteration to get the look I wanted.






I noticed in Eika Ojala’s work, he used depth to create layers. I achieved it by adding shadow to every object, using different shades of clouds to create forth ground and background and the rocket protruding out from the paper. Texture is added to the object as well to create more paper-like touch to it.



I used both illustrator and Photoshop to create this. Its actually my first time using illustrator. I struggled a lot with the different interface between PS and illustrator. This whole process took me two weeks to finally achieve my image. Looking at this make myself becoming a zombie all worth it. I am so proud of myself that i almost cried. The typeface i created was sans serif and made it broad to resemble the space in the sky.


Suggestions from presentation day:

  • The space between the speed lines should be uniform.
  • It’s better to round the ends of the speed lines.





It does look much better. Thanks for the suggestions, Benjamin!



Research on Various Techniques for Typography


Unconventional Techniques

  • Cassette Tapes


Erika iri5 is an artist best known for her works created using cassette tapes.

The reflective element from the cassette tapes create a shiny, sleek and modern look to the art. Other reflective things i could use for my art can be cd and sweet wrappers.


  • Pencil Shavings


Meghan Maconochie created impressive artworks using pencil shavings.

I love the texture of the pencil shavings! It reminded me of chocolate shavings on a cake and make me feel like eating it. I would probably keep touching this art piece if i get a chance. It give a spiky wild look to the words. I think this material can be explore for my fashion designer job.


Another work by Meghan Maconochie.


  • Staples


Baptiste Debombourg is a French artist who uses a very common office supply item to create some of his works of art: staples.

I never expect staples to be used in such a creative manner. I normally associate staples as organized, orderly and rigid but this art prove that staple can be versatile too.


  • Food


Hong Yi is known for using unconventional materials to create wonderful art. Some of her most famous pieces include a portrait of Adele made from 1500 melted tea lights and a hanging structure of Jackie Chan using chopsticks. She is also known for her adorable food creations.

Food has its own striking colours. Using food to create a story through arrangement and colours is just like Japanese character bento! The visual aesthetics brighten up my mood and make me feel like eating more even if the ingredient is something i dislike.


  • Petals


A petal series done by Hong Yi. The smooth texture of the petals are suitable to create elegant, whimsical fonts.





These 3D illusion typography are done by Lex Wilson.  I love his “love hate” typography. As the flip side of love is hate. The love side is bold and smooth while hate has many flights of stairs very jagged and full of up and downs. Having a negative emotions is always emotionally exhausting to ourselves like the flights of stairs we have to go through, making our life very unstable.




Eiko ojala has a distinct style of creating a digital paper cut effect for all his works. Im going to try out this technique for my astronaut job to create a different world outlook and yet have a childlike touch to it. As astronaut is my first job that i ever dream to become.



Another typography suitable for my astronaut job. I like the black background giving it a mysterious vibe. There are many different fonts making everything look so chaotic. Something i want to avoid in my composition. One thing i notice is the big bubbly “PHD” is placed beside the pink balloon with the sans serif font. The juxtaposition of formal traditional font with the big confident cheerful font make it look amusing. However i dislike swirly font below. Till now i can’t figure out what it say. Imgial seje?


cgi-logos-type-design-3D-typography-of-the-word-space-Nico Castr

The metal wires held the words so they can protrude from the wall giving it depth and space. They are important factor to consider for my 3D installation job. Wires are tools often seen in installation to suspend art.



I like the wooden typeface. It look very cute like giftbox containing different present in it.  Another way of emphasize my installation job is to include a corner of the room so audience will know the setting.





This font is so elegant and sophisticated. The petals of the flower resemble the frilly skirt. It is very suitable typeface for fashion designer as it look trendy, exotic and unique. This really blew my mind away. If this is a dress, i will definitely buy it. Well suited for my fashion designer typography.



By placing a bright rectangle in the middle, it “levitate” the middle section creating depth. Our attention is naturally drawn to the middle section because of the contrast.  This can be an idea for my photographer job.



Stéphane Massa-Bida alias Retrofuturs reveals with his series “space relationship” and “elements” his talent for mixing old photographs with typographical inlays which look great. The result is just beautiful and it plunges the viewer into a retro-futuristic world.

Another idea for the photographer job. Using double exposure for the typeface and having a photograph as the background further emphasize my job. As im quite an experimental photographer and like to combine my photos together to create a very unique perspective, this approach will express my experimental side. For the font i will choose one which express playful and quirky.



I am inspire to do this layering effect for my photographer job. The act of looking through the camera to take a photo is just like having a layer of filter between the landscape and me. I had the idea of getting two different colour photo  and each will only be visible under a colour filter just like the below image. However the result i imagined is different from the actual thing. If i were to do that to my photo, the landscape through the filter will look dark and ominous, not the world i envision through my camera.

Hence i decided to stick to simple layering of transparency like the above to get the cheerful, unique look i wanted.





Research on Jobs Typography

The 4 jobs that i feel close to my heart are astronaut, photographer, fashion designer and 3D installation artist.  These are my research for those jobs to better understand this task.




97eb67ad50075df43025b5c274017c33 b659f67f1c0501d2aef29504aae83394 d9beda7f0f488f0c4237ebdcd9fba393 nasalogo-570x450


As the space is vast with different objects, there is different approach to express the this job typeface. The first one is unique with letters looking angular and link up at some point. This remind me of how stars like up together to form a constellation. The second typography has a slightly wide kerning to show the gap in space. I realized the typography for astronaut is either broad or narrow and long. For the narrow and long typeface, it relate back to the shape of the slim long rocket. It usually accompanied with an straight line that extend out from the letter to give the impression of the speed line of the rocket as seen in the third image.




8d7a58664b7433563389636ce57b4408 typography-meets-retro-photography13images


Double exposure is quite common in photography typeface to integrate text and image together. Using bold Sans Serif and let the image fill up the space in the font. Another approach is to let the nature do the talking which is to take picture of the tree and construct it to fit my name. However i feel that this would be confusing as people would think that the subject matter in the image is your job like i would think its about botanist from the first image above. Combining different font type related to camera and forming the camera itself seem like a cool idea.


Fashion Designer


b083fe9562de17509df203 bazaar-covernr2154_smagazine_07 zrcvm3okqfsdpe


I notice how fashion magazines have one side of the typography very thin and the other side bold. They are usually long too. It resemble the body shape of the model with their figure very thin and then they wore clothes so the other side of the font is wide. Most fashion magazine use serifs font. This give a respectable chic look. As i want to be fashion designer, i feel that my typography should be handwritten and express my creativity. Hence i look up on some script font and feel that the wavy portion of the typeface could resemble the movement of clothes in the wind.



3D Installation Artist



c088e91b176a0aa36d8278348fbc686d d860b53afbbeae725ac79faaeec894d5 download-2 typography-rafael-merino-feature


With the additional of wall in the background, it add depth, shadow and space, making the typography more 3D. Its often in bold sans serif to capture people attention even from far.




Typography Research

The finishing touch to a good design is the art of typography. Beautiful magazine design capture people’s attention but what truly make them stay is an interesting content supported with brilliantly executed typography. That’s what i think, so im really interested in learning more about this.



There are some guidelines on creating effective typography.


  • Learn the Basics

The anatomy of a typeface involves very specific jargon, precise measurements and general standards that must be known and respected. As with many forms of design, you can only get away with breaking a rule if you know it well and are doing it intentionally to make a statement.



I am always confused about san-serifs and serifs. Now its the time to familiarize myself with them.





That’s pretty much sum up everything on them. Even though i like serif font more, sans serif give a neat tidy look and is easy to read on the internet. I think that’s the reason why our oss font use sans-serif too.

Serif Vs. Sans: the Final Battle


  • Watch Your Kerning




Tracking is the apply of universal spacing setting between each character.

Kerning allows you to manually adjust the space between two characters.

Inappropriate use of kerning can lead to dangerous misleading of the original intention.


#What’s broken??surprised




For more laughter, go


Leading is the space between the lines of texts.

Every document will require different treatment, but here are some useful generalizations:

  • Long lines of text may require extra leading.
  • Bold face or sans serif type requires more leading.
  • Type set at very small sizes, say 8 point or below, may require extra leading.

Leading affects the density of your page, so if your page seems a bit dark, try adding more leading.

Headlines may require negative leading, where type actually (or almost) overlaps.


  • Be Aware of Font Communication

There is an inherent psychology associated with certain types of fonts. Just like the mini class exercise we did in the first lesson when we had to create typography on our name. I felt like my personality have been exposed and scrutinized by my new classmate. It was quite a scary experience for an introvert me.




  • Alignment


Alignment is an extremely important concept in typography.



Left aligned type is the most common form (note how even this text is aligned to the left) and for a good reason. It’s the most easily legible and gives a nice, neat left edge to the text. When in doubt, left align.


Centered text definitely has a wide variety of uses. Posters, invitations, branding etc. Centered text makes it easy to balance out a bit of type and make for an aesthetically pleasing type arrangement. However, it’s not recommended for larger bodies of type as the lack of a neatly aligned edge makes it tricky for the eye to move from one line to the next.


Just be sure to constantly ask yourself how important readability is vs. the particular aesthetic you might be trying to achieve.No matter which alignment you choose, try to be consistent throughout your design.


  • Size Matters




Trick is to emphasize the keywords, so they will read the important parts as soon as they see the headline, almost as if by accident. When the headline piqued their interest, they are far more likely to take the time to see what this message is all about.


  • Use Typography as Art

Typefaces are meticulously designed and therefore possess an aesthetic that can be a valuable asset to your design arsenal. Never feel as if you’re confined by the structure of existing fonts. Expand on the font shapes to suit your needs. Try adding swirls, texture, blotches, spats, and anything else you can think of to spice up the look of the type.




For more information:


Research: Sound Texturizor Keywords

Sound Conductors

Sound waves travel faster through denser medium. That’s why sound travel faster in water than air. But even more influential than a conducting medium’s density is its elasticity. Elasticity refers to how well a medium can return to its initial form after being disturbed by a force. Steel has high elasticity. It bounces right back to its original shape after an applied force is removed. At the particle level, the molecules in elastic materials transfer energy more efficiently, so sound waves travel faster through steel than through water or air.

I found this video pretty cool. We can play different instruments through air.




She is the daughters of Mnemosyne and is called the “Giver of delight”. In late Classical times she was named muse of lyric poetry and depicted holding a flute.


Destructive Interference


When the crests or troughs of two interfering waves meet, their amplitudes add together. This principle is known as constructive interference. When the opposite happens, and it’s called destructive interference. When the crest and trough of two interfering waves meet, one amplitude subtracts from the other.


This is how a tuning fork works.The piano tuner strikes the tuning fork, and at the same time strikes the appropriate key on the piano. If their frequencies are perfectly aligned, so is the sound of both; but, more likely, there will be interference, both constructive and destructive. In the case of constructive interference, their combined sound will become louder than the individual sounds of either; and when the interference is destructive, the sound of both together will be softer than that produced by either the fork or the key.


Anechoic Chamber


It is the most quietest room in the world designed to completely absorb reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves. They are also insulated from exterior sources of noise. I wish i can go inside to hear my blood flowing and what sound my body make.


White noise

It is random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies, giving it a constant power spectral density.





Refraction is the bending of waves when they enter a medium where their speed is different. The different of temperature in water also cause refraction. This seem interesting to work with.





Research: Sense of Hearing

How do we hear?




The human ear is divided into 3 parts such as the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The outer ear is comprised of the auricle and the ear canal. They channel sound waves toward the eardrum. The eardrum passes along the sound vibrations to the ‘ossicles’, the three smallest bones in the human body, then divert it to the fluid-filled, ‘labyrinth’-like structure in the inner ear called the ‘cochlea’, where the true hearing organs reside. The sensory organ for hearing is the “Organ of Corti” containing about 15,000-20,000 specialized sensory cells, each with a tiny hair capable of picking up minute vibrations in the cochlear fluid.  Various hairs are specialized to detect sounds at various frequencies, and turn them into nerve signals to be sent to the brain.


It interesting to see how our ears operate like various instruments put together to produce music in our brain. With the ear drum taking on the drum role, the ossicles on the tuning fork and the hairs inside the cochlea is the shaker. Its lacking a ukulele to make a chill hipster band.


Ear Pressure

Sometimes our ears are blocked when we are ascending up in the sky on the airplane or diving underwater. It is caused by the change of barometer pressure in the Eustachian Tube. The Eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the back of the nose. This tube opens and closes while we swallow or yawn. This movement helps equalize the pressure between the middle ear and the outside environment. If it does not work properly, negative pressure develops in the middle ear leading to ear problems  like a blocked ear. When this happen, we can try to yawn to open the tube.




Cheryl post this question to us and im quite amazed at my findings with this cute little creature.


  • Same Organs

Both frogs and humans have many of the same organs. Frogs and humans have lungs, stomachs, a heart, a brain and livers.



  • Similar Skeleton Construction

Just like in a person’s arms, in a frog’s front legs are bones called the humerus, the radius and the ulna. They have 5 fingers and toes like us too.

2256763_orig frog-5


  • Hearing Mechanism

They do have eardrums and an inner ear like us. The frog ear is called a tympanum and the size of the tympanum and the distance between them are relative to the frequency and wavelength of the species male call. Their eardrum works like a regular eardrum with one very special adaptation…it is actually connected to their lungs. The lungs vibrate and are almost as sensitive to hearing as the eardrum. This allows frogs to make really loud sounds without hurting their own eardrums!


Bizarre Facts

  • In the early 20th century biologists discovered that African clawed frogs were unusually sensitive to human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone produced by pregnant women. Doctors would inject a frog with a woman’s urine, and if she was pregnant, the frog would ovulate and produce eggs in 8 to 10 hours.


  • Frogs use their eyeballs to swallow. Frogs eat their prey whole and their eyeballs actually sink down into their mouth and push the food down into their throat.

Yucks! I can’t look at them in the eye now.

Soundscapes + Video







slide4 slide5




slide8 slide9


slide6 slide7






Research: Sense of Touch

Skin is the largest organ in our body so i’m really interested to find out more about it.


How does the anatomy of skin works? 


Skin is made up of several layers. The top layer of epidermis is made of dead skin cells and serves as a waterproof layer to protect our body. It contains melanin which gives human different shades of skin colour.




An interesting yet so disheartening melanin map. What is the issue with skin colour when we are from the same world…


The Dermis layer is where our sense of touch works. The dermis contains hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous (oil) glands, blood vessels, nerve endings, and a variety of touch receptors. Our sense of touch is controlled by a huge network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin known as the somatosensory system. The touch receptors best sense vibrations occurring  on or within the skin. It then transmit a signal to the nerve system for it to sent the message to the brain and back to the hand for further action. However the receptors are slow at responding to a change in stimulus, so we don’t know when exactly the stimulus start or end.


The bottom layer is the subcutaneous tissue which is composed of fat and connective tissue. The layer of fat helps regulate body temperature and acts as a cushion to protect underlying tissue from damage when you bump into things.


After reading about our touch receptors, i’m curious if i can train my senses to be more acute like ninja!

Apparently we could sharpen our brain and develop mad sensory skills with diligent and conscientious effort!

Superpower obtainable: Echolocation

I can be the whale in Finding Dory detecting where the sound source come from. Haha!



Touch is important for child development.

“If you don’t get touch right after you’re born, all kinds of terrible things happen, and not just cognitive and emotional,” said Linden. “Your immune system doesn’t develop properly, your digestive system tends to have problem — there’s a whole rack of health problems that can develop if you don’t receive touch in early life.”

In the 1950s, parenting manuals advised parents not to touch their children too much — recommending, instead of hugs and kisses, giving kids a “pat on the head.” But Linden warns that touch deprivation denies children a chance to become socially integrated with the people around them.

“A parent’s touch is very crucial for a child’s development,” said Linden. “It’s not optional.”

Touch = love, humans are animal born needing affection. No wonder guys like to pat the head of the girl they like haha!


Last Year at Marienbad (1961) Narrative Analysis

For this class assignment, i partner with Yi Ling to watch this film!



Chronological order of the movie: Very inconsistent and irregular.


Q: Do you think the way this film is told works best for your story? How would you retell the story?

Yit Ling –  Flashbacks of the relationship between Emily and Alexy can be incorporated. Whereby Emily constantly shows affection to Alexy, would help in the story line of my film to build the history between them, so that the viewers can be more engaged in their relationship.

Yi Ling –  Flashbacks of the relationship between my grandmother and I can be added into the film as we reminisce about my childhood. I think the characters in my film in this case ought to be realistic with the age when it comes to flashback. Like when the flashback scene comes on, a child version of me and a younger version of my grandmother ought to be there.


Q: What makes this narrative (Last Year at Marienbad) work?

– The story centrals around Frank’s point of view about the female protagonist. Hence, it entwines the past, present and future of their relationship together.

– Metaphorical interpretations of their hallucinations/ potential conscience brings about depth of the characters and their inner struggles.


Q: Does this non-linear narrative work for other films

-Sci-fi, Fantasy and Thriller films would go very well with this form of narrative, such as The Time Traveller’s wife,





and Alice in Wonderland



What we like about this film?

– The cinematography is amazing. Everything seems aligned perfectly.



 Line of symmetry


-We liked how they connect one of the hallucination/past memory with the present scene with the same dialogue, but different scenario. For instance when Frank was counting in the room with the female protagonist as he try to incur memory out from her in the past, the scene changed into the ball room scene where the female protagonist’s husband was counting the cards.

-Flashing of the 1 second scene whereby the female protagonist is holding her shoe, when she is in fact in the bar tells us that she might have remembered something about the past she cant recall.

– The multiple reflections of the female protagonist in the mirror can be interpreted as her different selves in the past, present and future.



– The triangle arrangement of her own reflection can symbolize loss and confusion of her current situation, as well as the past she don’t recall.



Doubts about this film:

– We do not understand the purpose of having the freeze moments, whereby only one person moves. The movements are focus and exaggerated.

– We do not understand why they kept repeating the dialogue over and over again in different scenes.

– Frank always used past tense to talk to the female protagonist, so we had this illusion that Frank can travel through time. However , if it is really the truth, why would Frank lose to the female protagonist’s husband in the gambling game? Is he a psychopath who is trying to enforce certain ideas onto the female protagonist, or is he trying to mold her into the memory he believes in??

Thoughts Process on Pink Turmoils

Script Drafts

  • First

Yuno is shown as Y and X as Yuno’s love interest.

Yuno is in a happy mood after coming back from school
> Mummi , I back home from school
She Put down bag
> I got a huge news!
> Today x announced to everyone that I’m his girlfriend!

She blush deeply
> I’m so embarrassed!!
>now I’m officially dating x le.
She dance about.
> Mummi u r happy for me? Hahaha! Yeah, I have finally got the dream man I always wanted.
( hold Mummi skull and dance around with her and smiling)
> that bitch k better leave my x alone. This time I let her off because x told me to. The next time she go close to x again, I’m gonna kill her.

Draft 1 is aborted as Ruyi said need two characters. 


  • Second

Katniss is represented with K.

Make x be a quiet guy and k is the one talking to him.

Y> Stop talking to x.
K> why should I listen to u?
Y> (expression change to hostile) x is mine. Only I can be with him.
K> thats why u been stalking him like a creeper?
Y> i know x from a long time back. He’s the only one I see even though he doesn’t remember me. I won’t let anyone be close to him only me! U stay away from him!
K> I have no reason to do so. Classmates and friends can talk to each other.
Y> that’s how love begin… I won’t let anyone steal him from me! X can only love me!
( pick up a penknife)

Theme: Insecurity issues among teenage girls

I felt that the second plot is too straight forward and it just wasn’t interesting enough.


  • Third and Ultimate Plot

Gangster came chasing after them and they hide in a place. (Show they run away from gangster)
K> r u okay?
Y> thank you. U save me (blushing)

Y> I love you.
K thinks Y is joking.
K> (widesmile) that’s too much for a thanks.
Y>I was really happy when u said to the gangsters. she is mine. no one can touch her. My heart skipped a beat!
K> I said that because we are friends. (K pat y shoulder)
Y> its okay, k. I know how u feel deep down. I will always be by ur side. When u r ready to come out, no one will judge us.

(Y stroke k hair and k push her hand away and step back into the “world”)
Y>I won’t let anyone badmouth u. If they do. I will make them suffer pain. (ominous face)
VO of Y> I will stab them multiple times.
K> *serious face* Y, we talked about this. I don’t want u to hurt anyone because of me. We are friends. This isn’t right. U can’t feel that way.
Y> (sweet smile at k and look at the poster) Its alright. I will wait for u.


Yup i have changed both characters into lesbians. 

This was my final script and developed into this film: Pink Turmoils


Movie References


Silence of the Lambs

I was inspired to make the conversation reveal something about the person like how Hannibal reveal the past of Agent Starling.

Hence i used it in my film like how Katniss told the gangsters ” she is mine. no one can touch her” even though she rejected the advances of Yuno. There is this saying on how a person true personality is reveal in times of danger. Thats what happen to Katniss. She does not know how she feel strongly about Yuno yet because she have not look deep within herself and has also been educated that a relationship has to involve a guy and a girl. Beyond that is wrong.


Blue is the Warmest Colour


Blue is the warmest colour explore lesbian sexuality and coming of age.

It plays with the intensity of blue and the appearance of it. For example when Adele saw Emma, Emma is covered with blue; blue clothes and hair. When their passion is gone, the blue is gone from Emma’s hair. Blue can mean melancholy and freedom as their love is bound to suffer a lot. Despite the pain, they would still be free and in love.

I have adopted the use of colour signifier in the movie reference for my film.

Yellow can stand for happy cheerful and can also represent decay, sick and caution.For Emily, I create a brighter yellow when she is confessing and darker when she had horrible thoughts on stabbing people.


While for Alexey, her bright yellow always come from the door to the world and darker at Emily.She feel happier being out on the outside world, away from prejudices. She is very cautious about Emily feelings to her as she wasn’t sure of her feelings and struggles with morals.

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Scouting for Location

I went to every single emergency stairs in ADM even the most remote ones. ADM is really a good place to film horror scenes is the conclusion i had after my scouting. With the narrow long alley that no one ever goes and it lead to the emergency stairs that made pipe echoing sounds. I literally as fast as i could out from that place.

p_20170121_141843 p_20170121_143404 p_20170121_143843

These are the 3 spots that i found. I like the first emergency stairs because i want to show the distinct separation from dark and light. The love they had are not allowed and was to be kept in the dark away from the sight of the world.

However on the day of the shoot, the emergency stairs was locked. Hence i had no choice but to go with the third one. It turn out to be the better choice because i didn’t know it would be this dark on film causing so much noise.



We had to work on a tight schedules because my actresses can only make it within that period of time only. This is what i planned out in my storyboard. I also did test shoot on myself and acted out the actions my actresses had to do and where they stand so they can better understand what they are supposed to do as im bad at explaining things. On that day, i brought a door stopper to hold the door and framed the whole scenes nicely on myself but i forgot my actresses are taller than me. My head was running everywhere at that time so i could not frame them nicely. I felt sorry about because they spent time for me but i didn’t do a proper job.  If you look at my storyboard, there are symbols of an eye and triangle in blue. That represent the usage of tripod for triangle and eye for same eye level. I had thought of applying the same eye level editing technique so i used tripod but the outcome didn’t turn out as i wanted. I think i need to watch up on more films to get an idea on how to use it.






























Emily (Yuno) is dressed up in a very sweet and feminine style to appeal Alexey.

Alexey (Katniss) is dressed in all black with shirt and jeans to show her tough exterior.




Fighting fish symbolize their perseverance to fight against the outside world and come out with their sexuality. The pink fish is Emily the lesbian fish and the white fish is Alexey. Hence Emily is waiting for Alexey to turn “pink” and come out to the outside world with her.



Camera Angles

  • Canted Angles used to exaggerate the emotions scenes of Emily (Yuno) when she confessing her love and thinking of murderous thoughts.
  • Handheld is done for the gangster scene to create tension. It is also used to show the pov of Emily as Alexey is leaving to create the impression that her eyes will always linger on Alexey.


Editing Process

It was very time-consuming. I had a really hard time working on this because i had never used Adobe Premiere Pro before. I spend one whole day dedicated to this when i could be enjoying my CNY *sobs*. My hardwork didn’t reflect on the video because i had bad clips to work with *more sobs and beating myself up*. Okay must write finish this post.


  • Noise/Grain due to bad lighting

I think i had said it a lot throughout this post of my bad lighting. Hence i been searching for a way to reduce it and sharpen my footage. However Premiere Pro does provide this function and After Effects made my clip become choppy. I had no way to go about it. I learned a hard lesson that good lighting is the essence of film. Of course the plot and dialogue are important but the visual elements are important as well. Hence for the next film, im planning to shoot in the daylight to save myself from all these troubles.


  • Same head level technique

I applied the same eye level technique in editing to match Katniss’s head from the door of the emergency stairs to the door of the outside world. It is to fast pace her leaving from one door to the next.


  • Replace the voice over of Yuno

The part when she have horrible thoughts of ” I will stab them multiple times.” sound very funny like the advertisement for mobile phone game. If i add it in, it will create an opposite effect of what i wanted. Hence i change it into the sound of a person being stabbed multiple times with the blood splash gory sound to make Yuno look like a psychopath.


  • Katniss voiceover

I forgotten to take her voiceover so i asked Queenie to send over her audio through whatsapp. Somehow i can’t import it directly to Premiere Pro as audio file. I tried playing her voice through computer and record it down but she sound so robotic. Then i tried playing her voice on loop and blow my empty bottle to create a very echoy background as i record the audio down . Her voice still sound robotic but much better than previous. However i still want it to sound more real. I researched and found adobe audition n it turn out i can stimulate an environment for the sound. Hence i edit her “Are you okay?” which i heard over 60 times with reverb to get it out.


Although i had a really tough time using it, i learnt a lot and feel that im better at editing video le!



The feedback i received from the class is that the they can’t see the struggles between prejudices and love from Katniss and they suggest that Katniss should push Yuno away.  However i felt that my dialogue and actions in the film expressed the idea, the downside is the lighting in the shooting is too weak to be able to cast my actresses well to see their actions. Yuno understand Katniss’s fear that she want to live peacefully and away from social prejudices. Hence she said,” its okay, k. I know how u feel deep down. I will always be by ur side. When u r ready to come out, no one will judge us.” As for Katniss rejecting Yuno’s feelings, it was in the video from 00:36-00:42. I do agree with Ruyi’s suggestion of filming them midshot. My characters’ actions are not obvious because they are in a squeezed frame and in bad lighting so their actions were not obvious.


My classmate suggested two films that show LGBT relationship.

I can’t understand what are they talking about in the beginning so i was confused why would the short hair girl be nice to her even though her eyes are injured because of her. However i like how their relationship develop from the short hair girl help her to aim well. “If you aim for my head, you can’t miss.” Then she continuously wack her board head with the ball. Lol! In the back of my mind, i was thinking, ” ohh yeah, U keep hitting on her.” Maybe that what it mean haha! I like the plot twist of the decapitated body of her board was actually the tennis player decided to keep it close with her.


I think this is a very good reference. I could use a lot of different clips shoot to show the history, chemistry and relationship between Katniss and Yuno so audiences can connect deeper into the plot.


Yaayy!! This is the end!