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MonthMarch 2017

Discussion on Nicolas Bourriaud’s Idea

Describe a future form of post production art that does not exist today but that you can imagine twenty years from now. 


I think that the content of post production will be the same just like in this video.

The borrowing of ideas from what we are exposed to and either expand on the idea or use the same idea and produce it out with new technology/ method. The future is unpredictable and full of rooms to explore. I once had the idea of a unconventional plastic surgery method. As plastic surgery is trying to obtain a desirable portrait on how we hope to look like, i hope it would be more within our control rather than on our people’s hand. To think of it in another way, it is like getting a photo from internet and print it out to get the physical form of the photo. Hence i thought of what happen if we could have a machine like sunscreen spray where instead of changing our skin colour, we could change our facial features. So basically we get the face we hope to achieve from internet then send it to the “printer” and we put our face in the machine and when its done, it will be like a layer on our face so we don’t need bandage all around our face like mummy and we could go out straight. It’s a weird idea that i thought of.

However as i type i once again confirm the idea of NICOLAS BOURRIAUD that “no idea is an original idea.” As everything we exposed to are a source of inspiration for us. This make me think that inventors like Albert Einstein are really amazing. They produce original things that is missing in life but are really beneficial to the world. From then on are just borrowing of ideas. However i do not undermine this point. As Ruyi showed us films using the deconstruction of existing films to convey a strong message. I felt the films were consciously edited and use appropriate footages to express the idea. Using footages that we are familiar has a message by itself, so editing it build on the message and give new perspective. As well as allow for critiquing on the source. The beauty of remix is also stated in Nicolas Bourriaud’s thesis. Using films that we are familiar with. there’s a direct immediacy as the audiences don’t have to be reintroduce to the work again.

Even though Ruyi suggested us to post our works on CreativesCommons, i still find it uncomfortable to do so… Im happy if my work could inspire people, but you never know how people would interpret your works in a different intention from how you hoped.


As a summary,


But, this is my pov of CreativeCommon. Unless CreativeCommon lets artists set rules on their own works so that people who use their works does not distort the artist’s intention,




Artist Inspiration on Expanded Cinema

Today we are taught on the aspects of expanded cinema.  Expanded cinema is a development film beyond seating so its more interactive and let audience be more engaged and active in it.


5 elements to note:

  • sound
  • media of film- how the film is projected and medium involved
  • space, site
  • audience
  • screen



Below are the artists that i found their works very inspiring.


Doug Aitken

He has created a body of work that explores the evolving ways people experience memory and narrative and relate to fast-paced urban environments.


This art piece is projected around the museum and only start playing at night. The song in the film is called “I only have eyes for you”. It’s a very old and popular song. This song evoke a nostalgic sense to people who passby there.


This song is about a guy(Dick Powell) fell in love with the girl(Ruby Keeler) from the movie, “Dames”.

There’s lot of repetition of the woman’s face in the music video. It give a slight comedy and creepy vibe that the girl is only all the guy can see.

By using multiple screen repetition to project the film in a 360 degrees view, so that audiences can see it from any angle, it really suit the song meaning of “I only have eyes for you.” As this piece play at night and bring about familiar emotions to the passerby, i feel that it could also comfort the people walking alone in the night that you are not alone in the big city.


Avant Garde films

An experimental way of making film by going beyond the limitation of resources and cameras from the 1920s.


Stan Brakhage

I really love this. The visual is so beauty and the method is like mark making. He used film strip as a canvas and pasted materials on it. This expanded the traditional method of film.  It really blow my mind and make me question the boundary we set by ourselves with things we familiarize with.

Image result for Stan Brakhage


Peter Campus

Another experimental video that i like a lot. This is just creepily beautiful.


Multiple screens experiment

With the use of multiple screens, audience is immersed and bathed in your work in that space; or even overwhelmed by the information provided given if that is the artists intention. When there’s more information, audience can also curate the source more effectively.


Shirin Neshat

The effective use of two screen with contrasting images convey a strong message of status and emotions of females in the Middle east. The female is singing emotionally without any words and there’s no audience in front of her. Her voice is also overwhelmed by the male singing. The male on the other hand, sings with ease and had an audience when he doesn’t face them. It show that males naturally have an outlet source to express their emotions. While the female look hidden in the background with her back often shown in the dark stage display the idea of how women is not supposed to perform live and have audience to listen to her feelings from where she comes from.


4D II: Curry Murder Process & Outcomes

Reality (Presentation Day)



Expectation (Post-Presentation Day)



I was initially very excited for this project on the possibilities of creating my own sounds as Ruyi showed us a video on how to create folley sounds. I was very enthusiastic and went around with zoombox recording various sounds. However i ended up didn’t use any of it. It turned out to be my most stressful project as i tend to overthink everything and felt very lost for what to do for the sound. After Yi Ling, my teammate, presented her video. I realised that i should start small and hence a new version with folley sounds film is created!!

Although its too late for submission, i had fun creating my own sounds and this film is close to how i envision the end product to be so here is it!

I will talk a bit about my original film as i missed out some points on the presentation day before talking about my new film.


First of all this is a class activity which has been blown into a full-scale project. Surprise, surprise! We grouped up into fours. My team consist of Yi Ling, Hui Min and Yu Qing. We were inspired by the well-used of non-chronological narrative from Memento.


Then we were going on the line of having a psychological horror film and all agreed on the curry murder idea. We proceed to shoot!


The panning of the house was actually the toughest. We tried out different method before reaching this method which give the most stabilized panning due to lack of budget haha!


Hui Min as the stabilizer to secure the camera so it will be steady and give less “seasick” panning.


Solo Action

After sieving out the good and bad takes and shared among each other, we are all on solo mode now. Editing and creating sound are the main components for assignment 2.



The plot revolves around a couple’s argument that went wrong.That drove the husband crazy and killed the wife. Then the husband decided to COOK her bodies and serve her as curry “chicken”.



I decided to add my own take on this and give more reasons for why the husband killed her. In my story, the wife is more sophisticated and more educated as compared to the husband. She cheated on him yet acted so mighty and attacked on his weak point. He had an inferior complex on his lack of education so he really lost it when she cheated and called him “stupid”.



Character Profiling

To separate between educated and less educated, i decided to give them different voice. I wanted an accent for the English speaking wife but i can’t find anyone who could do that so i decided to have a go at it and failed. Hence i differentiate them by one speaking in English and the husband speak in Chinese and Hokkien. I visualised the wife as a superwoman who is capable outside and inside. That’s why the husband is so clumsy at house chores like cooking and the first meal he cooked is his wife. So ironic.

I was inspired by Last Year at Marienbad where there’s lot of repetition in the narrative. Hence in my film, I focused on giving the husband more power and having his stream of conscious repeating things that matters to him which are family and his education. I made the word “stupid” the loudest and have a constant audio gain because this word is what really trigger him so it’s “nearer”, more personal and constantly ring at the back of his head. Hence his thoughts are louder than what he said in real life.




  1. tension of husband -> boiling water
  2. trigger point of husband -> snipping off the tip of the plastic bag that contain carrot
  3. feeling the breath of death wife -> tasting the curry with finger

There are many more so watch my film and have a guess wink


These are the additional portions i added into my new film.

For the speech, i wanted to play with the irony of this whole situation with the values of the husband. He’s the one who care about his family yet he commit this act. Hence i placed the dialogue like “how could you do this” on the wife murdered face. The phrase “you have a family” slowly evolve into eat family. The chinese word “Jia” for family can also mean eat in Hokkien.


BGM: Jigglypuff by PPOMO ASMR

She’s my favourite Asmr artist so if you like asmr be sure to check her out!!

I wanted some echoy music to express the flow of thoughts. Then i encountered this music and thought why not this? It a familiar song that can evoke people who watched pokemon to be amused and have a nostalgic feel. Yet when play against this, it distort their childhood song into a whole new meaning. Jigglypuff sings to put people to sleep like how the husband put his wife to “sleep” too.


Folley sounds

Here to the most exciting part in my new film- the folley sounds!

  • Wife narration– my voice. It was really fun to roleplay and i even did her suffocated sound.
  • Husband narration– my dad voice. My dad is a peaceful guy so it was hard to make him angry. I tried to record my own voice and change the pitch but it sounded unnatural. Hence i stayed with his narration.

The rest of the sound i did it in 2D lab. It was a spontaneous thing when i recorded all these sounds with my phone. The brackets are the starting time of the sounds.

  • Feet kicking(0:57) made with beating my wallet on a table.
  • Stab wife (1:28) used the tofu skin im eating and stabing it with my food. I overlay the juiciness sound with the metallic sound from the spatula gliding on cloth.

  • Chop wife (1:32) done using the brush that was long coated with paint so it produced the squishy sound and matched it with the spatula rubbing against a wet cloth.

  • Chop chicken (1:37) used the brush and move against the glass window. It surprising create a very realistic sound even with bone cracking effect too.

  • Chop potato (1:03& 1:43) used the brush again and played with the sides and frequency.


Final orderly editing sequence for better viewing



I’m done with this assignment yeah!!!

I shall leave with grace off to the final assignment!



Yiruto PDF

Good morning! I have finally finished up the pdf of Yiruto!

My video and sound files are all here.

Sound Texturizer : YIRUTO



Sound Texturizer : YIRUTO

This assignment we are tasked to make a product that produce 3 sound qualities.

I just knew this is my chance to explore magnets. I don’t know how i’m gonna make sound with it but magnets will be my main medium.


This is my initial draft sketch before exploring online.

Upon researching, i found this really cool video and that’s where my source of inspiration come about.


I tried making it but failed. I couldn’t make the CD spin continuously and have that “free energy” flowing through it. Mine is like a spoiled old car that spin only a bit then pause. Spin, pause, spin pause. Even when i increased the amount of magnets, it still the same. Probably spin just a bit more only haha.


I explored a lighter material using plastic container lid and bottom. Using the middle one in the photo give a better result. As the container bottom is lighter and has a smooth protruded center, it aids in the spinning, making it turn longer. Although there is still pauses in between, this is the best i could go for.




I had various ideas to make use of the spinning motion. I could make it like a swing ride, have something attached to the base, so when they collide, they would produce sound in a way like wind chime. I also thought of adding bristles along the side of the rotating disc, the bristles will brush along the edge of the container and produce sound. Basically there will be layers of different sounds.



When i went to art friend, i saw this interesting globe ball that can be separated into half. I thought it would be fun to test it out like a roly poly toy. With this new toy, i thought of various ideas like having a slide circulating the globe. Thus, when the rotating disc hit at certain point, there will be a mechanism that release a ball and it would slide down the slide, producing an echo and Doppler effect. However i feel that this is too time-consuming when i had other assignments to do too. Hence i decided to create different layers of sound instead.


I explored with different materials and textures to see which give the result i wanted.


I wanted sounds that goes well with each other and create a sci-fi music like at 6:48-7:00.



This is my first prototype which i presented in class.


Lots of layers inside.


Now let’s hear the sound individually in each layers.


First up is the capsule that contains a bead and a decorative piece.


Secondly is the capsule rolling around on very crumpled aluminium foil.

I made the shadow of “Ben” Grimm’s face! So cool!



Thirdly is a smoother surface of aluminium foil.



Lastly, is the beads circulating in the slightly rubbery lid.



This is what the capsule sound like without any foils.



Comments from Mrs Cherly: The sounds are very delicate. Maybe can try to extrude out the lid using wire mesh, so the sounds can project out.


Personally, i like soft low pitch sounds. However i feel that my sounds doesn’t have a clear distinct separation with each other because they are all trapped under the thick cardboard lid, a poor conductor of sound. After seeing the class presentation, i realized i should make my sounds louder. Hence off to the next prototype.



Following Mrs Cherly’s advice, i changed the material of lid to a thinner cardboard and extrude it out. I feel that changing into a thinner layer of material has the same effect as protruding out the lid. Hence i decided to go with a thinner layer instead. Ultimately, i choose a pvc sheet so that the inner layers could be seen as well.


Besides playing around with different textures of foil, i also tried experimenting with different beads.

They look so pretty together! It look like i’m doing jewelry photography. 



With this i created a new planet, Yiruto! The tiniest, noisiest planet the mankind ever discover on this universe!


Rolling the bell on foil.


Rolling the bell on foil in bowl container.


Beads and decorative “stars” on top of a rubber lid in a bowl container. Occasionally the metallic beads will bounce up and come in contact with the container and circulate on top of the lid. The friction between the container with the bead produce a unique vibrating high pitch sound.




Witness Yiruto’s Revolving Moments!




After a final consultation with Mrs Cherly, She advised me to lift up the foil a bit so there’s room for the bead to circulate.





How a metallic bead sound make a difference.



Upgrade Version of Yiruto in Action






Special video!


When testing out different bells, i realized some bells are conductor of magnets. This is the strongest among all the bells i tested. There’s a whole new approach of making sound in this video.



Personally, i like the sound of the first version of Yiruto. The chiming bell sound is louder and create a beautiful sound with some occasionally vibrating beads. Then again, the second version fit my sci-fi theme better. Although i feel that the echoy sound could be better improve to fit my theme.




Kinaesthetic Workshop

Yesterday we did kinaesthetic workshop in the dance room. The class performed movements like how our research animals would move. I came late so i missed out on it. So, this is me acting like a sea star in my room.


Since sea star move very slowly and there’s no food nearby, i will just suntan in my room.


The brown slightly wiggly line is how starfish moves. With their eyes and touch receptors, they can sense if a prey is nearby. In this case, it’s a sea anemone. They will get closer by “crawling” using their tube feet. As they move really slow, i drew short wiggly lines to express the small movement they make.



This is my sea star paper sculpture. There’s a little narrative going on in this piece. Firstly, there’s one limb on the starfish that is the most prominent. Its the limb with the eye. I made it very pointy so its like the eye directing the starfish, saying “I found sea anemone over there! Hurry, move closer and eat it up!” There’s how the rest of the legs are made to move in the direction of the eye. My starfish has lost a limb. Can you tell which leg is it? wink






Im really excited for this project when i learned that we have to get our inspiration from animals. We drew lots and i got teamed up with Natasya and Amelia. Each of us had to research on an animal within the classified relationship of symbiosis, mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, etc. Our team decided to work on Sea Anemone and Nemo. Since this is a mutualism relationship, i decided to add some spice by introducing a new relationship. This is what i researched upon.


Eeeeekkkk! When the sea anemone wiggling away to escape, i was so grossed out. That aside, i never knew sea anemone and starfish could move. Hence, the animal i’m researching will be Patrick! The big boss in a predator-prey relationship. I realized parasitism doesn’t quite explain their relationship well because for it to be parasitism the organisms would have
to live in, on, or near each other while one creature benefits and one is harmed.




This video explains everything we have to know about starfish’s anatomy, movement, etc. My job here is done.

Hahaha! Just kidding.

I will explain a bit more on the structure, movement, hunting and senses of starfish.



Sea star or more familiarly known as star fish is an echinoderm, which is an invertebrate that has a proportional radial body. They lack brains and have absolutely no blood. They live by pumping seawater through their bodies to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and other essential fluids. But even without actual red blood, the starfish still has a circulatory system with a heart that constantly beats at a rate of 6 times in one minute. They have tough leathery skin, which protects them from most predators, and many wear striking colors that camouflage them or scare off potential attackers.


Sea stars are like zombies. They can rip off their limbs and in some cases, entire bodies, with the purpose of either escaping from predator or reproducing asexually. They can regenerate their limbs by housing most or all of their vital organs in their arms. Some require the central body to be intact to regenerate, but a few species can grow an entirely new sea star just from a portion of a severed limb.


I wish corn also have regeneration ability so i can eat non-stop. Why only creatures have this ability and not crops? Like that farmers don’t have to work so hard under the harsh sun.


Skeletal Structure


The ring in the center is the Ring Canal. It’s in the central part of the starfish. A Radial Canal runs down the length of each ray, with a row of ampullae and tube feet on each side of it. The ampullae prevents water from flowing back to the radial canal. Also coming off the Ring Canal is the madreporite. The madreporite is like a sieve or strainer, and filters out particles in the water. It allows the water to enter the water vascular system from outside the starfish.




Starfishes are slow-moving creatures, some can actually just cover a distance of less than 10 inches in a single minute. Beneath it, there are numerous rows of small tubes which serves as the feet of the starfish. The vascular system of the starfishes regulates the pressure of the water that exits the legs. As water goes out, the legs are lifted upwards while some of the legs create suction to adhere on their next small steps. At the tip of each tube foot is a suction cup which is only used when walking up sheer surfaces. In a way, their legs actually do the walking motion but they release water and latch on to the surface of the ocean to create traction.





You can see the stark difference in speed between starfish and nemo. And i think the starfish just pooed…


Cool fact: Starfish can make glue

Their feet can form a glue that will bond indefinitely with a rock or prey item, with an adjacent tube releasing a solvent to undo the bond once the star is ready to move on.




  • Sight

Most starfish have eyes on the tips of their arms. It’s a tiny red nub, barely half a millimetre wide. It’s usually exposed, but the starfish can retract it into the arm if danger threatens.



These eyespots are not as complex as other animal’s eyes because they are only contains light-collecting units called ommatidia and lack of any lenses to focus light onto the underlying cells. Each eye has a fairly large visual field that extends over 210 degrees horizontally and 170 degrees vertically. Since the starfish has five of these eyes at the end of its flexible arms, it can probably see in every direction at once. However, its vision is rather poor. It’s colour-blind, and sees the world only in shades of light and dark. Its light-detecting cells work very slowly, so fast-moving objects are invisible to it. Starfish doesn’t need to see colours, details, or speedy objects, because it mostly uses its eyes to detect coral reefs.


  • Touch

On each limb, there may be 10000 over tube feet attached underneath. These tube feet are very sensitive to touch and sensation. These touch receptors can sense pressure, temperature and pain much and also help in determining the temperature of the water so that they can move away from the temperatures that are not suitable for them.


  • Smell

The spines on their backs are also equipped with chemoreceptors, which give them the extremely well-developed sense of smell they use to hunt prey and avoid predators. They can even determine the direction from which it is coming. The starfish then sets off to catch its prey, slowly and deliberately, following the direction of one arm.


Hunting Techniques

Starfishes begin hunting their prey through their keen senses. They can actually detect the presence of a prey’s odor. So when their senses detect prey, the legs begin to act and move to that direction.They are usually slow predators that take advantage of other animals that are slower than them or stationary. If the prey is larger than the size of their mouths such as clams, they use their tiny, suction-cupped tube feet to pry open them. Using pressure exerted by the water vascular system, the cardiac stomach can be pushed outside of the sea star’s body and inserted inside a shellfish. The stomach then envelops the prey to digest it, and finally withdraws back into the body.


In conclusion, sea stars are cute creepily creatures.

And they don’t run like that.

Image result for gif of starfish moving





For more informations, check out these links.’







Dialogue in the Dark

We went to Dialogue in the Dark for our class outing. It was my first time going there. I thought it was dine in the dark concept, so i was really looking forward to eating but turned out it was different from what i expected. Haha! Still it was a fun experience.


First off, we begin our journey by getting our walking stick and being briefed upon. We feel our way in the dark, touching the wall as we go. It got dark pretty soon until i can’t even see what’s in front of me. I got a bit scared and feeling my way through the many edges of the long corridor wasn’t helpful at all. Then i began to hear birds singing and water flowing sound. It slowly calm me down. However i wished the audio is better and the birds sound more real. Moving on, i stepped on some rocky path with small pebbles and touched the pandan leaves. It smelled quite good. Then we all sat on the bench listening to the tour guide talking. It was quite squeezed at that time. Then one of my favourite part is the bridge because it swayed randomly. I’m suspecting my teammate for shaking the bridge but that’s all add to the fun bits.

We came across Sir Stamford Raffles which im sorry to say it’s the most unmemorable part in the whole trip that i forgotten to add it in my sculpture. We have to feel the protruded letters on the wall and pieced them up and it formed “Sir Stamford” i think. Now it’s the popular destination: the boat ride! We all got packed in the boat and it starts to move. I can feel the strong wind blowing and water splashes as we passed by many different spots like the Clark Quay, under tunnel, etc. The tour guide narration was helpful for us to visualized better as the soundscape changes.

Leaving the boat, here comes my favourite spot; crossing the traffic junction. I stood nearest to the post so i get to pressed the button. Somehow its felt so strange. Something i been doing all my life yet i felt excited like a little kid when i had a chance to press the button in the dark. We waited for the traffic light to turn red and heard all the cars stopped then we felt the tactile floor and crossed from one to another. That’s was my most exciting moment; without the tour guide telling us what to do and i get to roam free and explore on my own. Then we tried to feel our way around bicycle and car. I got trapped near the bicycle for a while before freeing myself.

Moving on, we touched cold metal shuttle and i felt a telephone and played with the buttons. We came into the market and there’s carts of fruits and spices so i felt the texture and smelled it. However i couldn’t smell anything. Well well, at least i got most of the fruit and spices correct. Hehe. Before stepping into the cafe, there’s bells ring as if signalling our arrival. It brought me to Paris with that bell chimes. It felt like some “atas” cafe. It has some peppery, spicy smell wafting in the air.The space got so big in to cafe as compared to the previous locations. I ordered and paid for my green tea. It took me a while to find and poke the straw into the hole of my packet drink. Then we sat at the sofa and chitchatted with the tour guide. As we leave, the light from the outside seem to pierced my eyes as it got adjusted to the dark.




We are told to construct a sculpture based on the spaces at different areas we experienced.



I curled the entrance because we are briefed in an enclosed area. As we passed through the narrow alley, with lots of turns and edges, i felt a bit trapped because i still have not gotten used to the dark. For the park, i decided to focus on the bridge and pandan leaves, so there are overhanging curls for the leaves. The bridge is a bit swaying sometimes so i made irregular crease to show the swaying motion coming from the sides of the bridge and the straight narrow path is the bridge itself. On the boat ride we all sat close to each other, i used the strips and crumpled it a bit here and there. We passed through different soundscapes on the boat, so there are different space like it felt smaller as we pass through the tunnel and bigger in Clark Quay. The holes represent the wind blowing. For the road, i used small slits to show me trapped in the bicycle. For the market, i crumpled that line because whenever i go to market, it will always be crowded and all my senses are focused on figuring out the fruits. As i got to the cafe, i realized there’s not much space to show the spaciousness in it. If i had more paper, i would still leave it untouched to show huge void of space i felt in the room. I felt small as i leave so i cut jaggedly to show the light piercing into my eyes, making me want to hide.




That’s all for now!