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MonthApril 2017

2DII : Final

Hi, this version is a bit different from what i had submitted. I have made some amendments to the numbers, some minor details and changed the paper quality. I will explain more below.




Beside this, i fixed the minor errors that i found out later when i reprint it. I changed my paper material too. I really like how this paper have slight texture and make my images have the slight shiny appearance that i wanted. I deeply feel the sentence, ” paper make a different”.


Here’s the video to my edited and reprinted zine.





This was a really tedious project and i really gave my all. Certainly, some images can be better. Nevertheless, im really proud of myself. I think my eye power for details leveled up a lot. I find myself always working to achieve the impossible for 2D. Like how i challenged myself in taking up illustrator to achieve a complex astronaut typeface and now with photo manipulation of many faces. I had the most steep learning curve in 2D because of the high difficulties medium i chose to work with despite my low technical skills haha!   It maybe tiring but i’m proud of my achievement. School is the best time to push yourself the hardest. The deep eye bags are my battle scars!



2DII : Zine process

Whatsup! I have decided to change my zine concept. You will find out more soon.

For those curious to know what my idea was previously, can click here –> Iris Pokemon Go




Well, doesn’t it look like my zine need lots of help?

After consulting Mimi, she told me that I didn’t have to follow the iris image. Thus I make this decision to change my whole iris concept to reduce the complexity. The core spirit of my zine still remains! Hell yes to exploration!


2DII : Infographic presentation

As you scroll through my presentation slide, you will find quirky images that have been photo-manipulated. Beside it, there’s a location marker with specific location signs. My zine concept is similar to pokemon go where it encourages user to explore the place. So, this is kinda of like a puzzle that the users have to solve by going there to find out how it actually look likes. I would manipulate my photos into the appearance of an iris following my mood board. With each photo looking so obscure yet unique, it peaks the audience’s curiosity and encourage them to go see for themselves. Thus, the iris represent the “puzzle” that they have to solve by going there and SEE for themselves the landscapes hidden inside within.



2DII :Discovering Bishan

Hi! I have been given Bishan for my zine location! Yayy!! Thanks so much! I have been wanting to explore Bishan since i saw the glorious sunset as i pass by on MRT.


As its my first time visiting there, i did some research beforehand and some exploration too.


Guang Ming Shan Temple




Dog run@ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park








Terracotta buildings




New building  with zero occupant


Interesting finds

4DII : Installation : Process + Final


Scraping off the previous idea of Existentialism, we have finalized our whole concept into a post apocalyptic bunker with narratives scattered throughout the room. Audiences get immersed into it as they explore the abandoned room gathering pieces of information of that happened in this bunker. With these information, they will form their story of what went in the bunker. (which you are going to figure out now~)



Plot & Character Development

With Ruyi’s advice, we worked on creating a plot within the bunker. Here’s the gist of it.



And that’s why our installation is called Bunker 143.

143 stands for “i love you” with the numbers of letters in each word. Out of love, sometimes the choices we make in turn contribute to our end. In Chinese, “爱死你” means i love you so strongly till the death of me. It can be seen in our narrative. The father went to took his child’s blanket despite the bird flu outside. He soon caught on the virus and died. The mother killed her child to free her pain and misery from the virus. She in the end committed suicide because of the grieve and guilt. So, its really “我爱你爱到我要死”.

I love you so much until i want to die.


Conceptualize idea into reality


  • Reference images

Image result for post apocalyptic gif

We are inspired by the “isolated from the world” feel when creating this bunker.


  • Memories

At the same time, we wanted to evoke memories from the audience and set the premise of a loving family in the bunker. Hence we dug out our old stuffs and found some precious items from our childhood. Another reason why we used old items was also to give a time stamps of the period when the family were trapped in the bunker. All these objects are carefully selected to convey the lifestyle and information of the characters. The drawings and toys to show the innocence of a fun-loving child even in a desperate situation. The father’s devotion to ensure the child was catered to even if the objects resulted in clutter and were useless in practicality. The mother’s pre-existing condition of anxiety and unstable mental state through her medication.


  • QR- Audio diary

The speech in each audio log was designed in such a way that the audience could start with any one and still be able to piece the story together. This was to help the audience as there was no feasible way to guide them in sequence without disrupting the interactivity and immersiveness of the set.

Audio Diary Log 1

Intro – “Febuary 28, it’s been 2 weeks since my family and I entered this bunker. Both of them are holding up well, they seem okay with this arrangement. Everything will be well soon… right?”

Audio Diary Log 2

“April 17, The room seems smaller than ever, there are too many things in this bunker. Why did my dumb husband bring so many things? Do we really need the old snow-globe? It reminds me of our honeymoon in Paris from way back. *Sigh…*”

Audio Diary Log 3

“May 30, she looks so happy, playing with her dolls. her toys are all over the place and it’s been getting in the way, but she’s happy so I’ll bear with it. She keeps asking for her blanket, but she still seems to be having fun playing board games with me and drawing. I’ve been cleaning up after her non stop but if it keeps her happy I’ll do it. I can’t wait for the day we can get out and she can live properly again.

Audio Diary Log 4

“August 26, We have enough food for another 6 months, if the virus doesn’t clear up by then then what will we do. I tried telling him but he kept saying it was fine, that we would be ok. But what if we aren’t? Why can’t he see that we’re in trouble, why does he never, ever understand. If he cares so much for the child why can’t be understand that having enough food is better for her than having all these toys. I don’t know how to do this anymore, he isn’t taking this seriously. ”

Audio Diary Log 5

“Oh no oh no. . . .he went back to get her blanket. She wouldnt stop crying… He said that it will be okay and that nothing bad will happen. FOR GOD”S SAKE THERE IS AN EPIDEMIC OUT THERE and he. isn’t. back…its been 3 hours… oh no oh no… if something happens…. He is back he is back!!!”

Audio Diary Log 6

“…He died today.” *long pause* “How could he leave us just like that? Just for that stupid blanket. I-I can’t take this. I need to lie down.”

Audio Diary Log 7

She keeps sneezing recently, and she looks so pale and skinny. back before he died she kept going near him, I’m sure she’s caught it. she looks sicker every day, I can’t watch this again

Audio Diary Log 8

*sighs, soft crying, then thumps onto the floor*




  • CCTV

Surveillance footages were taken by each of us at different locations to cover more ground. We simulated the way how surveillance camera locate and shoot. Thus the videos mostly show panning shoot recording empty spaces that lack of humanity to create the post-apocalyptic situation the family faced previously. The CCTV footages pans on empty areas, and it gives a feeling as though something is going to pop out at you.


Multiple screens were playing on a several laptops in different parts of the room, with one master projection against the wall.

The main projection is tested out with different cellophane colour over it. The red was too harsh like horror movie while the blue gave the desired cold, distant atmosphere that we were striking for.

  • Sounds

The sound is constantly on loop. With the dominate sound being the cricket sound overlaying the whirring noise from the fan. The mix of unsettling mechanical noises and the sounds that you can hear at night when you are alone walking on the street adds to the sense of isolation in this bunker.

  • Glow paint

It is to emulate the presence of blood. Allows the audience to ponder what exactly happened on that area. Especially when Audio Diary Log 8’s QR code is situated there.





Most of the story are pieced together. Some form their own version of story from all the information like some thought the mother was uncaring and self-centered and some had different ending to our plot. All sort of interpretations are welcome! It shows the audiences are engaged in our set. What im really happy about is that the nostalgic objects in the room did trigger memories and their association to it. They were mostly the drawings and five-stones. Huimin enjoyed the room a lot as it resembled the 60s game that she played.




It was very interesting to find out how each audience interpreted the set and perceived each part of the room differently. It was amazing how we could find that room that work so well with the vibe that we are going for. Although the blood could be more realistic if there wasn’t logistic issues. Nevertheless, our team did a great job and we worked well to put off this installation with various elements.



Every ending of an installation

At the very end, u can see our awkward thumbs up shot wink


Holiday Movie Analysis

Silence of the lamb

When Ruyi first showed us this clip, I was deeply entranced by the great acting skill of Hannibal and the dynamic interaction between both characters

So, Yi Ling, Clara and me watched the whole movie together! Yeah!

This is my analysis on the film.


Themes of the Silence of the Lamb
You have to courteous to others in order to gain courtesy

Agent starling has treated Hannibal like a normal human with respect and courteous. Hence Hannibal has done so back to him, constantly helping her unlike what he did to the psychiatrist and the lady government person.


Gender prejudice
Agent starling works in a male dominated environment. When they found the body, her boss originally wanted to exclude her from the conversation thinking she can’t handle it. The police officers also were reluctant to accept her order to leave the room only when she asked nicely then they left.


Human rights
Just because we are seen “normal” compared to those who have mental illness, does it give us more rights than them? The doctor treat Hannibal as an experiment and not a person. He wired into their conversation and confiscated his treasured things.


This film is loaded with manipulative scenes like in the start from how Starling’s boss manipulated her to take on the mission. The doctor strike a deal with Hannibal and Hannibal manipulated the guy that shoot white liquid on Starling to kill himself.


Overarching theme: Dun judge a book by its cover.

Hannibal doesn’t seem like what he seem in the start. In the start, he was portrayed as a very terrifying person kept at the edge of the cell with special windows to keep him out of harm. However, at the end, he seem like a nice person as he help starling. Bill was also another one. Even his partner didn’t know the truth about him before he died. Starling’s boss may seem like a nice person but is he really like that? Him manipulating Starling and some clues hinted that he may not be what he seem to be.


Cinematic prop

Lamb is seen in Starling’s nightmare with association to people who commit crime.

Her dad died in the burglars’ hand. Afterward when she couldn’t save the lambs in her uncle’s farm from being slaughtered, she started dreaming of them. Subconsciously, i feel that the lamb represent her dad so she had strong determination to save them. But she wasn’t capable at that time. Thus if she solve the crimes, her nightmare will stop.

Butterfly = change. Its a symbol for bill desire to become a woman. As he got rejected to become transsexual, he seek other methods to become a woman. Butterfly go through metamorphosis to become a better self. Bill desire to become women so now he’s in a cocoon state but once he gather enough women skin and wear the “women suit”, he would become a beautiful butterfly.

Another example is the butterfly chime spins with two butterfly image originally then it became one after buffalo bill got killed. This is to show one “butterfly” is down.



Blade runner



Themes of Blade Runner



I feel that the term skinjob, used to refer to robot with human skin, sounds so racist. They are given emotions so to call them such superficial term i find it very degrading. It is a common quote name used by the police to classify these group of people.


Identity Crisis

Rachel is faced with the truth that her memory are fake and that she is a replicant.


Over-arching theme: who is the human and who is the replicants.
Human are coldhearted and has no empathy as compared to the replicants. When Derek killed the replicant on the street, the humans weren’t even shock. Robots repetitively demonstrated kindness and compassion in the film. Hence the line between human and robots are hard to distinguish apart from their body structure.


Cinematic prop

Boiling eggs represent the manufacturers of the replicant. It shows that they are in deep water. There are 3 eggs. One egg was dropped in Sebastian ‘s kitchen after the eyes maker died. The remaining two represent Sebastian and the boss.



Train to Busan

Although this wasn’t recommended by Ruyi, i happened to watch this film so i’m going talk about it.

This film talks about family ties and explore the humanity behavior when they are at their worst situation.
These are the 4 type of people that i observed.
1.selfless- help people out in trouble even though they are in precarious situation eg. The burly man.
2. Selfish- try their best to survive at all means even to the extend of sacrificing other people live eg. the antagonist
3. Leecher-follow the most powerful/informative person and survive through the help of people eg. the beggar man
4.blind followers- blindly follow the order of other people because they are in fear and in need of someone to lead them eg. passengers on the same train


Themes of Train to Busan 


Self-sacrifices for a greater good 

The beggar man and the burly man sacrifice themselves to save the women and child.


Value the importance of spending family quality time before you regret.

What’s the point of being so busy when you will regret spending so little time with your family. That’s why Gong Yoo cried as he regretted not being with his child, watching her grow up before he committed suicide.



Selfishness will get you to nowhere. Everyone would die if they didn’t help each other.


Over-arching theme: Moral values and kindness must be upheld at all times.


Cinematic prop


The train of morality (dissected in various cabinet)
The protagonist undergo change from a selfish person who only care for his and his daughter benefits into a selfless man. This is seen especially when he said sorry to the burly man when he had no other choice but to leave him to save the man’s wife and his child.

The friends’ cabinet. When they reach his baseball friends’ cabinet, the baseball dude faced a tough situation. It is to hit his friends and save his and his current comrades’ life or not and die. If the train didn’t enter the tunnel, I have a feeling that the baseball dude will choose to die judging from his later action when he choose to become infected like his girlfriend.

The selfish crews. Not only did they lock the survives out but they also chase them away when they came into the cabinet 15. Its funny how they decided to secure the doors to prevent the survivors from entering instead of  locking the opposite door and keep themselves safe from the zombies. That’s why they died.

The evil man takes the longest time to convert into zombie. Zombie has the meaning of losing one will and only has the instinct to eat regardless of what happen to u or the people around u. Thus i feel that he’s already half zombie. He only has the raw instinct to survive like zombie, no heart and soul for people around him.






Installations Fieldtrip

Yess!!! We went to artscience musuem for our fieldtrip! This is the coolest fieldtrip as i really enjoyed here and *cough the tickets are expensive cough cough*.


I’m armed with my camera and head to the first pit.


NASA- A human adventure

I’m crazy for space exploration so you can tell how excited i’m right now.

When i first stepped into the exhibitions, i was greeted by portraits of famous figures like Leonardo Da Vinci. Honestly, i can’t really tell their significant in the role of space exploration. I know a bit of Leonardo Da Vinci dreamed of flying and so his diary had illustrations of flying mechanism. So, i went to do deeper research, The portraits actually belong to famous writers and artists that dreamed about going into space. Indeed, without the “foolish dream”, all these won’t become a reality.

And of course, this exhibition is filled with lots of spaceship components like engines and more. The sets are pretty huge.




They split the rocket and displayed it in pieces. Here’s a reason why they can’t display the real thing.


An interesting article on the first creature that went to space. Apparently they sent rats up too. I was quite shocked to know this. They were sent to their doom. There were debates about animal cruelty going on behind this article. It certainly contributed a lot to space history. At the same time, I kinda want to volunteer for this mission when i’m old and can’t afford a ticket to sit on spaceship. Just sent people like me up and there won’t be this issue.



I always had this bad impression that astronauts had a horrible palate. That’s the only thing i worry if i get to fly up on space. I can’t eat pasta, ramen, fish. Goodbyes to hot food and rice. But, I WAS WRONG! Their menu list is long!! They also catered to different countries’ preferences. Good job there! The visual maybe lacking but damn i want to try their food. One serving over here, please~ :3


The big boy is here now! Those game for a space experience can hop on this ride. That’s what Yi Ling and me did!

Warning: No visual here. Only response to the thrilling experience. The response are really loud, so please NEVER put on your earpieces. The response are mostly given by Yi Ling. I find it quite funny so i putting it up here. HEHE!

I dropped my phone in the middle of the ride so please play the clip in the background VERY softly as you read my post 🙂

(There’s some scenes from 1:00 onwards)


For a $6 ride to experience the short thrill of leaving earth accompanied with sounds of american voice narrating, i think it was okay. The only down side is the visual. The video is so near my face and its so pixelated. My mind would be so gone if i were to stare at the video throughout the whole ride. I think i would come out puking.


My favorite piece of all. The interactive revolving globe. As it spin, you can control which planet you want to see up here as well as its speed.


The Nasa exhibition is mostly about the history of space; how it came to reality and what went into building the equipments. I feel that its a very informative enriching journey. However, it lacks the “wow” factor. I think i would be seeing more about the space discovery rather than the history behind it. Nevertheless, its interesting to know about the history of space travel.


Future World

It is about the future park that the artist envisioned.

The first time i stepped in and this is what i see.

SO BRIGHT! SO COLOURFUL! All of us are instantly hyped up.



The installation is so interactive and immersive. The sound is so dreamy, playful and inviting. The song “lalang lalang” is so catchy and easy to sing too haha! So, here my photo take. The third photo looks like a yellow turtle hehe.



My coloured jellyfish “escaped” to the HD underwater world.

This installation is so inspiring and fun. After going for both, i realized that a successful installation really let the audience forget their existence and be immerse in the environment that they are in now. That’s the charm of installation to communicate to the public in a new world. One important factor that really engage audiences is the interactivity which is why the future world exhibition appealed to me more. Apart from it connects to my love for colours, the innocent and fun factor really feel like a paradise for kids and beyond. I mean who can not have fun here?


Last pit stop of the day: Jendela.


This installation is pretty cool. The video is projected on the floor in a circle, so you have to go near and look down like you are examining it. It started with the focus on human then slowly panning out to the city, earth surface, planets and ending with the cosmic universe. This work suggest that the Buddhist cosmology is a fitting framework in order to understand the different segments of contemporary Thai society and the cyclical nature of its politics. I think the medium is quite fitting to portray the artist idea. Buddhism holds an important role in the Thailand culture. It prevail in people’s daily life, so the circle, which represent infinite, also show how Buddhism being perceived by them too. so The slow panning of the whole video create a timeless illusion as it moves from people to universe.


Finally, i would like to thank Ruyi for choosing such an awesome place for our field trip. I really enjoyed everything.



3D II: Installation : Presentation Day





The installation is interactive and immersive. Users are brought into the underwater world. With feather fan blowing cool wind and tickling them as they pass by. Their eyes are entertained by the beautiful wobbling colourful feather robots that roam around and tickle their feet. Lastly the glowing cups could be pulled to release various scents. A soft water music will be playing in the backgrounf. All these made up for a visually entertaining, high sensory involvement installation.

The user experience could be exciting, unpredictable and beautiful.



They are impressed with our installation. Our classmates think our robots are cute. We also gifted Cheryl one of them too. Valuable suggestions are given by Cheryl’s professional friends on how to further expand this project into a workable product beneficial to the society. The robot’s cute appealing features and ability to move away once when touched can be translated into a relationship educational toy. Parents could use this robots to teach their children on how humans behavior are. People who seem friendly could be dangerous and who appears to be friends may not be. It also teaches child in more western-education manner as this robot is more “open-minded” and roam around and explore the place. Another idea is the scents trails could be used to lead blind people in the event when fire or harsh snow condition occurs.  As it will be hard for them to feel their way around in snow and when the environment is very chaotic. A very strong scent could lead them to the emergency stairs and save their life. Both features could be read further in our pdf.



I felt really proud for my team! We all played a part and do our best for our installation. I’m really happy with the way things turned out. laughing


Here’s our Grenas_pdf!


3D II : Installation: WIP 02

Installation theme

Our installation will be held in the dark. The overall theme is mostly white with a speck of colours to give off a light playful feel underwater.




Robots Experiments


First, The motor is stuck to the foam base and wired up to the battery and switch. All these are covered by a cup. A white led protruded into the balloon and everything is taped together before testing out.


It quite therapeutic for me to stare at this spinning continuously. Its like a solo waltz.


This is how it moves without the cup and foam. Its a lot lighter so it wiggly randomly like a sea anemone.




After figuring out the way to make it move like a sea anemone, we moved on to package it prettily by covering exposed wires with white tape and batteries with paper. We used a party stem to tie the balloon to it and inserted it between the batteries. Natasya thought of a way to connect the white led to the bottom of the battery. She extended the battery wire by connecting it with longer wire then she tied the balloon’s end with rubber band. The whole thing is inserted the conical stem. It worked well.





We also tried using a smaller conical bowl n see how the robot moved. Its very unpredictable. It rotated on the spot, sometimes wobbles away. It achieved our main goal of making the robot move away when touches just like how sea anemone escape from starfish. I added the feather elements on the robot as we are inspired by feather starfish. It tickles people feet as they pass by hehe. The tail at the end is fibre optic. We realised that it give a dimmer light, which is more suitable than the harsh white light. Hence we replaced the white light. The dimmer light produce beautiful sparkles in the dark and it look like the tiny robots are dancing underwater.




We planned to make 5 robots with varying balloons size and feathers for each robot. As we tested out the more weight the robot has, the less it move. Hence having variation create interesting interaction like some active, one drunk and one lazily spinning on the spot. We even planned to name the robots we make as they are really cute and act differently hahaha!


One big family~


Scents cups

For the scents, we joined everything together in this manner. This is a draft version.

This is how our final looks like. I painted the cups in glow in the dark orange paint in spots to make it look like nemo. I tried charging it in the sun for days but it didn’t work. Hence we decided to use black light and shine on it. It glows instantly! Black light is so magically <3


These luminous cups represent the light-detecting eyes which glows as the environment become darker. It also serves as an attraction to trick preys into thinking our avatar as a fish. There’s a tiny stinging bub at the end to stimulate how anemone sting and stun prey to capture them.


Our avatar’s chemoreceptors are able to detect the faintest scent from prey. The sea contains various scents that pass by our avatar. Only the most distinct scent from its prey will attract it among the other creatures in the sea that appear to have a fainter smell.

Our SO is the middle lemony citrus smell. Amelia made this by combining scent oil with corn starch powder to create the powder. The D smell is the baby powder and the SD is cinnamon.


Feather walls


Natasya came up with the feather wall idea. Motor, batteries and more feathers are used in this. Amelia cut the wood and drilled hole  for the feathers to be slot in. As we used one thin and thick wood, we explored which one we should give more power. In the end we decided to have the thicker stick have 4 batteries to make it move faster like the thin stick.


It feels good being tickled by this :3

We installed the feather fan in different heights so the sensory feel contact different part of the user’s body.


A sneak peek into our installation~


3D II : Installation: WIP 01

Hi! It has finally boiled down to our final assignment which will be an installation involving senses of our fused animal called Grenas. It is a combinations of different elements from starfish, nemo and sea anemone.

3D_003_Avatar: Grenas (Amelia, Natasya, Yit Ling)

Done by Natasya.


I researched on possible experiments that expressed the mechanism of starfish like how its tube feets repelled water to propelled and move the limbs.


I tested it out and the process is quite slow. I thought the ice cube sink down and won’t come up. However after a while it goes back up. I thought this is like an automated short-lived Cartesian diver.


The next experiment i tried is the first experiment in this video. The mechanism is quite like how the starfish’s tube feet operate. When i showed Cheryl my experiments, she mentioned that it moved just like how the anemone blooping about trying to escape from the starfish. I feel so too. Hence i find this experiment has more potential to advance.


Initially i used a bottle cap like how the tutorial video does but the whole thing barely moved. Hence i used a smaller and lighter cap and blowed up the balloon to a very large size then it moved for a long time. This is the longest the balloon lasted.




Next i explored with an even lighter base: paper. It was released in the midair so it could fly!




Base is gone for this. U could see how crazy it moved around my house.


I tried a different approach and result is quite similar to the previous experiment.


We showed the experiments to Cheryl.

U can see our teacher, Cheryl, inside. The most passionate teacher i ever seen. She is always filming our class experiments that she always run out of memory in her phone haha!


We tried out with different surfaces and it still doesn’t move as lively as my house experiments.



I searched for other alternatives to make our balloon last longer and encountered this wobble robot. Hence i thought why not use this as the way its wobble is very anemone-like.


In the meantime, Amelia explored the smell sense for our installation. She thought of making the scent fly out like party popper. She modified a bit and make it like this.

With this, it can be reused a lot of time.