The installation is interactive and immersive. Users are brought into the underwater world. With feather fan blowing cool wind and tickling them as they pass by. Their eyes are entertained by the beautiful wobbling colourful feather robots that roam around and tickle their feet. Lastly the glowing cups could be pulled to release various scents. A soft water music will be playing in the backgrounf. All these made up for a visually entertaining, high sensory involvement installation.

The user experience could be exciting, unpredictable and beautiful.



They are impressed with our installation. Our classmates think our robots are cute. We also gifted Cheryl one of them too.¬†Valuable suggestions are given by Cheryl’s professional friends on how to further expand this project into a workable product beneficial to the society. The robot’s cute appealing features and ability to move away once when touched can be translated into a relationship educational toy. Parents could use this robots to teach their children on how humans behavior are. People who seem friendly could be dangerous and who appears to be friends may not be. It also teaches child in more western-education manner as this robot is more “open-minded” and roam around and explore the place. Another idea is the scents trails could be used to lead blind people in the event when fire or harsh snow condition occurs. ¬†As it will be hard for them to feel their way around in snow and when the environment is very chaotic. A very strong scent could lead them to the emergency stairs and save their life. Both features could be read further in our pdf.



I felt really proud for my team! We all played a part and do our best for our installation. I’m really happy with the way things turned out. laughing


Here’s our Grenas_pdf!