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Double Vision Trip?


Did i obtain a double vision from this trip or was i actually knocked out and seeing double visions?


To be honest, this trip was too experimental for me to understand most of the films.

The first film i watch was “Where’s Francis?” 2 men are buried under the ground, showing only the head conversing with each other. It reminded me of this ridiculously funny scene in Shanghai noon.


I can see in this film that the the two men are actors still waiting for the director to yell cut after thirty years. The whole concept was so absurd and ridiculously entertaining. After reading the brochure, i realised Francis is the man that directed Apocalypse Now (set in Vietnam but shot in Philippines). This film is to tell us how war victims are often forgotten. I find the concept brilliantly executed. I like how everything look so lighthearted like a comedy but it reveal a deeper intention and tell the situation that war victims faced.

The variety of shots used is pretty limited. Wipe pan is used when they are conversing. Close up and medium shots were used to show one or both of them talking. I learn that with a strong content and dialogues, the audience can also feel the emotions in the film.



The next film that i watched was “Nailed”. In the beginning, my classmates were making a bunch of noise when they were watching this film and when i looked over i saw a religious scene of a lady having her feet stabbed by nail. Ruyi was telling my classmates who were horrified the reason behind it. Apparently the Catholic devotees is nailed as a re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday. I was appalled. At the same time i was intrigued by the scenes so i decided to watch it from the start.

The narration were muffled and i didn’t manage to stay through. However i do noticed the artists like to juxtaposes human with animal. There are two shots: the pig is being tortured to death is juxtaposed with a baby. I thought of the pig is like a baby because it can only scream and cry and you have no idea what it is saying, but it is suffering. Reincarnation was also brought to my mind. As there is this phrase, ” a life for a life”. Hence i thought the pig being slaughtered for religious purpose gained a new life as a baby because it died for a good course. It is very far-fetched but yeah that’s what i thought. Another shots being juxtaposed are the ox (or was it water buffalo) working hard stamping on the field and a man waking up from the soil and stamp the ground. As this is a film about religious, maybe the artist’s intention is to convey that humans are no different from animals until they experienced the pain that Jesus felt. It is shown at the later part where devotees got crucified which i didn’t stay through to watch.


I went to research about the crucifixion in Philippines and found that the highest record of a person being crucified is around 27 times and he was given the role of Christ. undecided




Yi(t) Ling Movie Trailer

Our group or as known as Ling Teh Kam-pany (Derived from our names), consists of Kam Yit Ling, Clara Teh Ke Wei and myself, Seng Yi Ling. And here, we present to you our very own movie trailer for our final 4D assignment of Year 1 Semester 1…



Movie Title: Yi(t) Ling
Genre: Fantasy + Psychological Horror


3 Act Structure


Beginning (Act 1)

Yi Ling is a shy and quiet person. Once focused on a task, she is far from being distracted. Sadly, she is ostracized by her classmates as she seemed rude and had a stuck up attitude. Her classmates disliked and gave her a hard time. Until one day, her new classmate Queenie decided to befriend her.

Rising action

To her dismay, Queenie sold Yi Ling out to fit in as she got ostracized by their classmates when she was seen hanging out with Yi Ling. She ganged up with her classmates and forced Yi ling into room rumored to be haunted for fun’s sake. When Yi Ling managed to open the door after much struggling, she was transported to another dimension where there were doors which led her to places as a ghost tailed her.

Middle (Act 2)

Encounters with the ghost tells Yi Ling that the ghost wants her to stay in this dimension and never go back. The spirit was motivated by loneliness which both characters shared and was enraged when Yi Ling refused to stay.

Ending (Act 3)

The ghost is in actual fact a manifestation as her alter ego. The other dimension filled with doors was a symbolism of change Yi Ling faced in her life. And the only way Yi Ling can get back to her world is by killing a part of her: Her Alter Ego.





We watched many horror movie trailers as a form of research and shared our experiences and views on past movies we’ve watched that could be of assistance to our movie trailer! 🙂

Crimson Peak (The Ghost was constantly present, but not shown blatantly.)

Black Swan (Killing of her Alter Ego)

The Babadook (Ghost was a manifestation of main character’s fears.)

The Boy ( Placement of background music.)

Placement of background music was very on point here – it had us 3 covering our ears and half shutting our eyes in fear to watch the trailer. The initial beginning of the trailer has a soft mellow piano tune when the female lead approaches the mansion, and the drastic change of music when they revealed The Boy to her sent shivers down our spine. The sudden change of music instantly let the viewers know what atmosphere the trailer aims to set: Simple life of the girl -> Horror of her lifetime.

Blair Witch Project (Handheld camera shots to show desperation and fear.)

Coraline (Travelling into another dimension, and use of different colour for different world)

In Coraline, the saturation of her world is low and colours are dull like the reality she lives in. In the other dimension, she enters a door where saturation is high and colours are vibrant and lively like the life she yearns to live in.





Blackout shots – Blackout transition shots are a recurring motif. It is used as a representation of time lapse. When used in our trailer, the following scene will be of another place and another time. In addition, length of transition creates suspense and indicate a tonal shift in the scene.

Color  – Adjusting of color to establish different dimensions were used. In the real world, colors are more saturated and was brighter; whereas in the other dimension, saturation was kept to a minimum and brightness was decreased to emphasize on the stark differences in both worlds, so as to make it more spooky.

Background music and audio – Music were used to build up the anticipation and gives the audience the emotion they ought to be feeling a specific sections of the trailer. For instance, mellow piano music at the start to give a soothing feeling, and high pitched fast paced music at the climax when main character was being chased down.

  Parallel Universe – At the scene (0:45) where the main character exit onto the parking lot, the composition has a mirror image  reflection on the extreme left of the shot, to enhance the parallel universe feeling.
 Staircase scene shows main character running up the stairs away from the Ghost, but she remains on the same level as the stairway    in the other dimension is an infinite loop (0:58 – 1:09) .

Shots Established


Still Shot was used at the start of the trailer, where a serene feeling is given of the school environment. (0:09)

Fast Pan + POV at the scene where main character looks around perplexed at the new dimension she entered (0:49) .

Dolly In and Out scenes are present at the scene to show the ominous door (0:30) and the scene where zooming in on her expression to show that  she is perplexed after opening the door to another location (0:48).

Mid-shot was used at the scene where main character is pleading the classmates to let her out. (0:40)

Handheld shot when the main character is running up the stairs. (1:01)

Low Angle Shot at the scene where 3 Classmates (Dawin, Jon, JiaQi – Thanks guys!) were gossiping about the main character. (0:22)

Trucking Shot was used when classmates (Thanks Queenie and Debbie!)were pushing the main character inside the haunted room. (0:35)

Close-up Shot was used when main character was wrenching at the door handle when she is locked in (0:41). And the part where the main character’s phone is ringing (1:25).

Canted angle shot are present when phone is dropped amidst the struggle when pushing the main character inside the haunted room (0:37), and the scene where the ghost is wrenching the door to be opened (1:14). This is to create drama and suspense.

 Slow Pan is used at the transition scene where the main character looks into the mirror and the reflection looks back at her (1:39- 1:42).

Challenges Faced


  • We tend to forget that the trailer is 2 mins and thus, eventually worry that our trailer does not convey our plot properly; but at the same time we don’t want our trailer to be a 2 min summary of the movie (given that it is a MOVIE trailer).
  • Finding an appropriate location which conveyed the intended feeling was not easy. Our main character’s setting is in a school environment and hence the school was used. But for the horror aspect we had to find narrow and dark areas within campus and that was difficult. Given that we even trespassed ongoing construction sites in school.
  • Suitable. background. music. was. really. hard. to. find.
  • Miss Ruyi mentioned that our logo and lobby music was not very appropriate for our Horror trailer, but our group felt that the logo was a good representation of our efforts as a group and the elevator music gave it a merry feeling. This will create the drop of emotions when the horror aspects of our trailer is revealed. 🙂


Feedbacks and Critiques
  • Bar chart results obtained from Ms Ruyi’s Google survey for our group were more towards the positive end of the spectrum.  (thank you!)
  • Sound effect can be toned down to hear narration of the alter ego better in the end.
  • The starting music doesn’t match with the rest of the trailer , perhaps a non jazzy music that foreshadows the story?
  • Show that the alter ego and the main character are two compelling personalities/ people by including more interactive scenes between the 2. Perhaps by voice over of dialogue between 2 person or a struggle between the 2.
  • Yi Ling can act! (Yi Ling says thank you >~< )
  • There were different shots to show the mood of the character.



In this project, i touched on most of the roles except for editing. I enjoyed being the cameraman the most. Trying out different camera angle, using different methods to achieve that effect, i felt that i got connected with the werid goofy side of me. There is only me and the camera. I like to capture things i like with my camera and keep it as a memory. I can openly take videos of my teammates and classmates without letting them know about my feelings. This movie trailer will be my treasured memory for this class.

Also how big is the chances for the title of my first movie trailer to be a combination from Yi Ling and my name? I find it so cool! I can brag to my friends that i have made a movie trailer about myself and show them that. They would be tricked with the opening and then after they watch finish, i can’t imagine their faces hahahaha! Earpieces is a must to enhance the horror experience.laughing

If u guys have any constructive criticism or comments that we’ve missed out, do leave a feedback down below! WE APPRECIATE IT

The Life of A Charred Bread

The video is finally complied!


Been so suay this week…

My video got lost and im been trying to make a new one but lots of issues…


So ya, i will talk about the techniques and filming process before trying to post up again later.


I have always been keen to do a project on object and to explore their emotions. I used white bread as my subject because i like the soft and fluffiness of bread. A bit shortsighted on my part that’s why i faced a lot of difficulties to craft out the ending. However, i still did it!


Theme: Embrace yourself for who you are

Genre: Drama/Adventure


Story: Plain white bread lives together with his family in the bag. They are very excited when their owner grabbed them. This is what they have been waiting for all their life, to be eaten and satisfy one’s stomach. They flew into the pan one after another and be whipped up into delicious egg bread.

Just then a call came. Time flew fast as the owner chitchat over the phone for a long time. Without knowing, the bread soon turned black. She realized that she overcooked it and tossed it away. The hurt charred bread refused to be thrown away and escape.

Having lost its purpose in life, how would it find ways to regain its identity and meaning?





Rules of Thirds

In the beginning of the film, i focused strongly on using the rules of thirds to show the owner’s love for bread and all she could see is them.

13-putbread 4-triangle-bread

Breaking the Rules of Thirds

Another reason is to show the contrast once it got abandoned by its owner.

By familiarizing the audiences’ eyes with the bread being in the center and suddenly out of frame, the bread will look like it is placed in a odd position. That was how the charred bread felt; being left out from its family, abandoned by its owner and doesn’t have a place of its own.

23atbasin 25-breadescapeedit 30-muffinrejected

From Out of Frame back to Rules of Thirds

With the appearance of the birds appreciating the bread’s beauty, it was slowly brought back into the rules of thirds. The mission of the charred bread to be eaten is completed.

 37bird6 38bird1




The owner was framed at the opening of the door. The wall and the lines on the door draw the attention to the center where the owner was.


A shot that i like a lot and it was really difficult to shoot. The bread was being lead to the pan. On the reflection of the stove, the owner face is framed, smiling as she anticipate to eat them. Our eyes goes from the white bread to black pan and the owner in a triangle pattern.


When the bread was abandoned, the edge of the basin acted as the separation between it and the owner. It also guided our eyes from the plastic bag to the owner at the end of the edge.



Colour as visual metaphor adapted from American Beauty.

Red– Passionate to eat (Owner & Birds)

Passionate to be eaten (Breads)

Desire to be cooked (Bread)




Blue – sadness from being abandoned (Charred Bread)

30-muffinrejected 23atbasin

Special scenes

Overflowed with Red

One interesting thing i realized was the bird’s feet are red! Initially, i intended to use red pillars to express the desire to eat the charred bread. After i found out about their feet, i included this shot.


Sweet Ending: The charred bread became very popular among the birds, who are eager to eat every single bits of it, even CRUMBS. Say No to wasting food!

Combination of Red & Blue

Blue- Left alone (Single bread)




Cross was to represent the bad omen about to happen to the bread as it’s going to be break into pieces.


I tried to personify the charred bread by making it move in a slated manner to show it slouching and have no confidence.



Canted Angle 

It was used to exaggerated the disgust felt by the owner as she looked at the charred bread.

20-verydisgusted 21-disgust

Lines & Lighting

Diagonal lines and lines going in different directions created the tension as the bread get trapped among the humans. As the scenes intensify, chiaroscuro lighting revealing parts of the bread enhanced the bread’s desperation to escape.

32-breadslippershadow 33breadshadow1

After the bread was thrown away, i used a darker tone on the subsequent scenes to show the sad feeling of the bread. The world no longer look bright and cheerful to it but became a cold and isolated place as it tried to find its goal in living.


Inspired by La Jetee’s use of time frame to add mood to different situation, I varied the short and long speed for different situations.

Long speed scenes


Yearning to be cooked and join its family to be eaten


Call scenes to show the owner talk non-stop


It had no aim in life, so subsequents scenes were slow



Short speed scenes


Danger scenes are used to give a rushed feeling


Other elements i used: Depth and Contrast. 

Depth is used to create an implied line from the bread’s perspective to what it desire to make it look like it has its own thoughts.

When the bread was white, it was easy to see it because the pan i used is black. They have a strong contrast, making the white stand out. Same for when it turned black, it easily stand out from the lighter environment.


” It so far… i want jump into the pan!” (Bread’s thoughts)


Can u find where is the charred bread?


Conclusion: I like filming object and giving character and emotions to it. It make me feel like a magician who can give life to non-living things. Filming the birds was so unpredictable. They were so active that the bread move around anywhere and they chase after it, pecking it. It was so fun. I can just stay in one spot and the whole dynamics happen in front of me!  Things to improve on is to give more perspective shot on the bread. After looking at my classmates’ works, i felt that my film has no strong flow like how a stop-motion film provide so i was not able to build up the intensity leading to the crisis. I should add more action by action images at the time when the owner taking on the phone and back to the bread.


That’s all~~~

Will be trying to put up the movie again ~.~

















4D-assignment 1

Task 1: Object and representation of self

Object: Totoro!

WELCOME TO TOTORO WORLD! I like watching Totoro movie. The fantasy aspect in daily life drawed me to watching it. The innocence in it brought me back to my childhood when i believed my teddy bear came alive at night because it would always be under my bed next morning.  I like Totoro when he is excited!




I reenacted that scene where Totoro ride on his catbus. This time round it’s me riding a ladybug bringing it on an adventure. I tried to fly it around. Miss Ruyi’s advice on this photograph is to remove the stoneseat at the back because its distracting and reduce the amount of blue space.  This would place focus more on me, ladybug, totoro and the message i want to carry across.



Totoro and i are out on an adventure investigating a new plant life that had dropped down on earth :O Its big eyes show a curious look eager to learn new things like me. I like the implied line going from me, magnifying glass, totoro and the plant. The closeness from me to the object being scrutinized show my eagerness to study it. The background are too urbanized as Miss Ruyi pointed out doesn’t show fantasy. I feel the same too and tried to play around other spot with huge bush behind to take the same pose with perspective.  However i could not get it the same as this so i choose this instead.



A flower from me to Totoro. An act of love. It is a gift from my ex and he almost met with a crisis to get me it. Thus this shoot i wanted to express love and devotion. Proposing to it represent the commitment and the love he went through.




The absence of my ex make me misses him. I choose silhouette against slightly dark cloudy skies to show the absence of both of us and sadness.

 Task 2: My World


The place where i cleanse myself, relax my soul and become intimate with myself physically and mentally. I have also thought of lots of idea in there. It is where my creative juices flow.


The feeling i want to give to this photo is peaceful. I applied flat lighting. By narrowing the tonal value, it have a tranquil feel. I also include the other basin to have a sense of space and balance.



Lotus represent enlightenment and purity. There’s how i feel with i’m in the toilet. I have lots of ideas as i bath. The eureka moment feel like i on the path of enlightenment obtaining a new piece of knowledge each time.


Imagination fly in the the toilet. I played with the colour symbolism. Pink-sweet & playful.

Blue- depth, stability

Purple- imagination

The thing i realised how to make an origami fish look alive is to work around with perspective and angle. I also like how the fishes seem to be looking at the same vanishing point. As if they came out from toilet and move with a mission probably going to the next toilet bowl. The slight blurry look created a surreal look to the photo.




Into a porter of unknown. Mysterious feel with a welcoming glow that draws people in from the mundane gloomy reality.



Take away from today’s sharing

I like how some classmates like Shiau Yu have a constant colour composition throughout the series of task 1. There is a link and make it look like there a lots of thought process behind the photo. She came across as a confident photographer and storyteller with the use of minimalism to convey her message. I would try to explore more on the surounding lighting and keep things simple next time:)

My favourite photo is the fish jump out of toilet bowl. I want to play with more filter to get various dreamy effect 😀

Class 2: Perspective




It play with our eyes. 1 point perspective directs our attention to the vanishing point. 2 point is normally use for the corner of a building. It make them look bigger. 3 point play with the angles of the shot to make the building/ objects more interesting with a dramatic feel.  More than 3 point is too hard for our eyes to handle. We get confused.



Movie Poster: Think TWICE



Genre: Romantic Comedy, Adventure


Synopsis: Living in a world of daydreams and confuse about reality. She struggles to keep up with the fast paced of society. Feeling overwhelm with everything and wishing to stay in her bed forever. The girl with clouds in her head meet Orlando, the Ta-Q-Bin delivery man with the worst luck in the world. Every day of his life is a crisis yet he faces it with a bright smile. As she try to escape from reality, she unknowingly get embroil into the chaos brought by him…


Release date: undefine




Lesson 1: Semiotics


Today we learn about visual literacy.

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols as elements of communicative behavior. Elements include signifier and signified.

Siginifier is the sign: colour, sign or image.

Signifier is the meaning associates with the sign refer to. Different culture have different interpretation to a sign. Knowing your audience is important to get the message across.

Different types of signs: Here is a simple representation of the icon, index and symbol. Here, the icon physically represents male and female, the index has a direct correlation to male and female, and the symbol has an arbitrarily represents male and female.:

Today lesson remind me of conceptual photography. It is photograph that illustrate idea using signs. Here’s an example (below).


Take a guess on what is this about 😉