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Double Vision Trip?


Did i obtain a double vision from this trip or was i actually knocked out and seeing double visions?


To be honest, this trip was too experimental for me to understand most of the films.

The first film i watch was “Where’s Francis?” 2 men are buried under the ground, showing only the head conversing with each other. It reminded me of this ridiculously funny scene in Shanghai noon.


I can see in this film that the the two men are actors still waiting for the director to yell cut after thirty years. The whole concept was so absurd and ridiculously entertaining. After reading the brochure, i realised Francis is the man that directed Apocalypse Now (set in Vietnam but shot in Philippines). This film is to tell us how war victims are often forgotten. I find the concept brilliantly executed. I like how everything look so lighthearted like a comedy but it reveal a deeper intention and tell the situation that war victims faced.

The variety of shots used is pretty limited. Wipe pan is used when they are conversing. Close up and medium shots were used to show one or both of them talking. I learn that with a strong content and dialogues, the audience can also feel the emotions in the film.



The next film that i watched was “Nailed”. In the beginning, my classmates were making a bunch of noise when they were watching this film and when i looked over i saw a religious scene of a lady having her feet stabbed by nail. Ruyi was telling my classmates who were horrified the reason behind it. Apparently the Catholic devotees is nailed as a re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday. I was appalled. At the same time i was intrigued by the scenes so i decided to watch it from the start.

The narration were muffled and i didn’t manage to stay through. However i do noticed the artists like to juxtaposes human with animal. There are two shots: the pig is being tortured to death is juxtaposed with a baby. I thought of the pig is like a baby because it can only scream and cry and you have no idea what it is saying, but it is suffering. Reincarnation was also brought to my mind. As there is this phrase, ” a life for a life”. Hence i thought the pig being slaughtered for religious purpose gained a new life as a baby because it died for a good course. It is very far-fetched but yeah that’s what i thought. Another shots being juxtaposed are the ox (or was it water buffalo) working hard stamping on the field and a man waking up from the soil and stamp the ground. As this is a film about religious, maybe the artist’s intention is to convey that humans are no different from animals until they experienced the pain that Jesus felt. It is shown at the later part where devotees got crucified which i didn’t stay through to watch.


I went to research about the crucifixion in Philippines and found that the highest record of a person being crucified is around 27 times and he was given the role of Christ. undecided




Class 2: Perspective




It play with our eyes. 1 point perspective directs our attention to the vanishing point. 2 point is normally use for the corner of a building. It make them look bigger. 3 point play with the angles of the shot to make the building/ objects more interesting with a dramatic feel.  More than 3 point is too hard for our eyes to handle. We get confused.



Lesson 1: Semiotics


Today we learn about visual literacy.

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols as elements of communicative behavior. Elements include signifier and signified.

Siginifier is the sign: colour, sign or image.

Signifier is the meaning associates with the sign refer to. Different culture have different interpretation to a sign. Knowing your audience is important to get the message across.

Different types of signs: Here is a simple representation of the icon, index and symbol. Here, the icon physically represents male and female, the index has a direct correlation to male and female, and the symbol has an arbitrarily represents male and female.:

Today lesson remind me of conceptual photography. It is photograph that illustrate idea using signs. Here’s an example (below).


Take a guess on what is this about 😉