Hi, this version is a bit different from what i had submitted. I have made some amendments to the numbers, some minor details and changed the paper quality. I will explain more below.




Beside this, i fixed the minor errors that i found out later when i reprint it. I changed my paper material too. I really like how this paper have slight texture and make my images have the slight shiny appearance that i wanted. I deeply feel the sentence, ” paper make a different”.


Here’s the video to my edited and reprinted zine.






This was a really tedious project and i really gave my all. Certainly, some images can be better. Nevertheless, im really proud of myself. I think my eye power for details leveled up a lot. I find myself always working to achieve the impossible for 2D. Like how i challenged myself in taking up illustrator to achieve a complex astronaut typeface and now with photo manipulation of many faces. I had the most steep learning curve in 2D because of the high difficulties medium i chose to work with despite my low technical skills haha!   It maybe tiring but i’m proud of my achievement. School is the best time to push yourself the hardest. The deep eye bags are my battle scars!