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3D II : Installation: WIP 02

Installation theme

Our installation will be held in the dark. The overall theme is mostly white with a speck of colours to give off a light playful feel underwater.




Robots Experiments


First, The motor is stuck to the foam base and wired up to the battery and switch. All these are covered by a cup. A white led protruded into the balloon and everything is taped together before testing out.


It quite therapeutic for me to stare at this spinning continuously. Its like a solo waltz.


This is how it moves without the cup and foam. Its a lot lighter so it wiggly randomly like a sea anemone.




After figuring out the way to make it move like a sea anemone, we moved on to package it prettily by covering exposed wires with white tape and batteries with paper. We used a party stem to tie the balloon to it and inserted it between the batteries. Natasya thought of a way to connect the white led to the bottom of the battery. She extended the battery wire by connecting it with longer wire then she tied the balloon’s end with rubber band. The whole thing is inserted the conical stem. It worked well.





We also tried using a smaller conical bowl n see how the robot moved. Its very unpredictable. It rotated on the spot, sometimes wobbles away. It achieved our main goal of making the robot move away when touches just like how sea anemone escape from starfish. I added the feather elements on the robot as we are inspired by feather starfish. It tickles people feet as they pass by hehe. The tail at the end is fibre optic. We realised that it give a dimmer light, which is more suitable than the harsh white light. Hence we replaced the white light. The dimmer light produce beautiful sparkles in the dark and it look like the tiny robots are dancing underwater.




We planned to make 5 robots with varying balloons size and feathers for each robot. As we tested out the more weight the robot has, the less it move. Hence having variation create interesting interaction like some active, one drunk and one lazily spinning on the spot. We even planned to name the robots we make as they are really cute and act differently hahaha!


One big family~


Scents cups

For the scents, we joined everything together in this manner. This is a draft version.

This is how our final looks like. I painted the cups in glow in the dark orange paint in spots to make it look like nemo. I tried charging it in the sun for days but it didn’t work. Hence we decided to use black light and shine on it. It glows instantly! Black light is so magically <3


These luminous cups represent the light-detecting eyes which glows as the environment become darker. It also serves as an attraction to trick preys into thinking our avatar as a fish. There’s a tiny stinging bub at the end to stimulate how anemone sting and stun prey to capture them.


Our avatar’s chemoreceptors are able to detect the faintest scent from prey. The sea contains various scents that pass by our avatar. Only the most distinct scent from its prey will attract it among the other creatures in the sea that appear to have a fainter smell.

Our SO is the middle lemony citrus smell. Amelia made this by combining scent oil with corn starch powder to create the powder. The D smell is the baby powder and the SD is cinnamon.


Feather walls


Natasya came up with the feather wall idea. Motor, batteries and more feathers are used in this. Amelia cut the wood and drilled hole  for the feathers to be slot in. As we used one thin and thick wood, we explored which one we should give more power. In the end we decided to have the thicker stick have 4 batteries to make it move faster like the thin stick.


It feels good being tickled by this :3

We installed the feather fan in different heights so the sensory feel contact different part of the user’s body.


A sneak peek into our installation~


Yiruto PDF

Good morning! I have finally finished up the pdf of Yiruto!

My video and sound files are all here.

Sound Texturizer : YIRUTO



Sound Texturizer : YIRUTO

This assignment we are tasked to make a product that produce 3 sound qualities.

I just knew this is my chance to explore magnets. I don’t know how i’m gonna make sound with it but magnets will be my main medium.


This is my initial draft sketch before exploring online.

Upon researching, i found this really cool video and that’s where my source of inspiration come about.


I tried making it but failed. I couldn’t make the CD spin continuously and have that “free energy” flowing through it. Mine is like a spoiled old car that spin only a bit then pause. Spin, pause, spin pause. Even when i increased the amount of magnets, it still the same. Probably spin just a bit more only haha.


I explored a lighter material using plastic container lid and bottom. Using the middle one in the photo give a better result. As the container bottom is lighter and has a smooth protruded center, it aids in the spinning, making it turn longer. Although there is still pauses in between, this is the best i could go for.




I had various ideas to make use of the spinning motion. I could make it like a swing ride, have something attached to the base, so when they collide, they would produce sound in a way like wind chime. I also thought of adding bristles along the side of the rotating disc, the bristles will brush along the edge of the container and produce sound. Basically there will be layers of different sounds.



When i went to art friend, i saw this interesting globe ball that can be separated into half. I thought it would be fun to test it out like a roly poly toy. With this new toy, i thought of various ideas like having a slide circulating the globe. Thus, when the rotating disc hit at certain point, there will be a mechanism that release a ball and it would slide down the slide, producing an echo and Doppler effect. However i feel that this is too time-consuming when i had other assignments to do too. Hence i decided to create different layers of sound instead.


I explored with different materials and textures to see which give the result i wanted.


I wanted sounds that goes well with each other and create a sci-fi music like at 6:48-7:00.



This is my first prototype which i presented in class.


Lots of layers inside.


Now let’s hear the sound individually in each layers.


First up is the capsule that contains a bead and a decorative piece.


Secondly is the capsule rolling around on very crumpled aluminium foil.

I made the shadow of “Ben” Grimm’s face! So cool!



Thirdly is a smoother surface of aluminium foil.



Lastly, is the beads circulating in the slightly rubbery lid.



This is what the capsule sound like without any foils.



Comments from Mrs Cherly: The sounds are very delicate. Maybe can try to extrude out the lid using wire mesh, so the sounds can project out.


Personally, i like soft low pitch sounds. However i feel that my sounds doesn’t have a clear distinct separation with each other because they are all trapped under the thick cardboard lid, a poor conductor of sound. After seeing the class presentation, i realized i should make my sounds louder. Hence off to the next prototype.



Following Mrs Cherly’s advice, i changed the material of lid to a thinner cardboard and extrude it out. I feel that changing into a thinner layer of material has the same effect as protruding out the lid. Hence i decided to go with a thinner layer instead. Ultimately, i choose a pvc sheet so that the inner layers could be seen as well.


Besides playing around with different textures of foil, i also tried experimenting with different beads.

They look so pretty together! It look like i’m doing jewelry photography. 



With this i created a new planet, Yiruto! The tiniest, noisiest planet the mankind ever discover on this universe!


Rolling the bell on foil.


Rolling the bell on foil in bowl container.


Beads and decorative “stars” on top of a rubber lid in a bowl container. Occasionally the metallic beads will bounce up and come in contact with the container and circulate on top of the lid. The friction between the container with the bead produce a unique vibrating high pitch sound.




Witness Yiruto’s Revolving Moments!




After a final consultation with Mrs Cherly, She advised me to lift up the foil a bit so there’s room for the bead to circulate.





How a metallic bead sound make a difference.



Upgrade Version of Yiruto in Action






Special video!


When testing out different bells, i realized some bells are conductor of magnets. This is the strongest among all the bells i tested. There’s a whole new approach of making sound in this video.



Personally, i like the sound of the first version of Yiruto. The chiming bell sound is louder and create a beautiful sound with some occasionally vibrating beads. Then again, the second version fit my sci-fi theme better. Although i feel that the echoy sound could be better improve to fit my theme.




Kinaesthetic Workshop

Yesterday we did kinaesthetic workshop in the dance room. The class performed movements like how our research animals would move. I came late so i missed out on it. So, this is me acting like a sea star in my room.


Since sea star move very slowly and there’s no food nearby, i will just suntan in my room.


The brown slightly wiggly line is how starfish moves. With their eyes and touch receptors, they can sense if a prey is nearby. In this case, it’s a sea anemone. They will get closer by “crawling” using their tube feet. As they move really slow, i drew short wiggly lines to express the small movement they make.



This is my sea star paper sculpture. There’s a little narrative going on in this piece. Firstly, there’s one limb on the starfish that is the most prominent. Its the limb with the eye. I made it very pointy so its like the eye directing the starfish, saying “I found sea anemone over there! Hurry, move closer and eat it up!” There’s how the rest of the legs are made to move in the direction of the eye. My starfish has lost a limb. Can you tell which leg is it? wink





Soundscapes + Video







slide4 slide5




slide8 slide9


slide6 slide7






Once Upon a Scent

Darkness, space…. then an aroma strike you and bring you on a journey——->Scents

Chocolate Analysis + Research


Who would expect we get to eat in our first lesson of class? It was an awesome way to start the class! The chocolates I had satisfied my hungry stomach lifting my mood for an early morning. Our task is to use our senses to taste and smell the chocolate we were given and link it to our memory. Before the mini class activity start, the lights were off so our senses will be more acute since our eyesight were blinded. After each chocolate tasting, we were given a small piece of bread to eliminate the remaining chocolate taste before we begin a new piece of chocolate.

Here’s my analysis on the three chocolates I had tasted. I had slight sore throat and blocked nose. I hope my analysis won’t be that far off from the rest. ]


Chocolate A

Feel: Smooth. This seemed like a typical chocolate that can be found in supermarket.

Smell: Slightly bitter and smelled like dark chocolate.

Taste: Hard and slowly break down. Bitter to slightly spicy. The more chocolate I bit, the spicier the finishing taste was. I guessed the spicy come from cayenne pepper.

Memory: As the taste reminded me of cayenne pepper, I remembered my horrible cooking in the past. I added too much of this into my noodle soup and the whole bowl tasted so spicy and not even savory. I had to finish the whole thing because wasting food is bad. This just made my nose leaked the whole time.


Chocolate B

Feel: Textured surface in round shape. It felt like a luxurious chocolate.

Smell: Slightly bitter like dark chocolate.

Taste: The taste was smoother than the previous chocolate. There’s a sour taste. It seemed like alcohol is added in. Unlike the spicy flavor that slowly kicked in and lingered in chocolate A, this sour taste came strong in the beginning and faded quick. At the end after eating, I felt disgusted somehow, my heart had the sicky feeling, not sure why.

Memory: I recalled myself drinking low alcohol percent of red wine. Pretty meh.



Chocolate C (The crowned winner!)

Feel: There are small humps and rougher texture on one side.

Smell: Slight salty savory smell.

Taste: Crunchy. It tasted like hollow air biscuit. The biscuit is light and airy so it gets crushed easily when bite. Initially there wasn’t much of a taste at the start then the sweet and savory slowly appear at the end.

Memory: I was horrified when I touched the chocolate because the humps reminded me of fake spider legs. I was on the verge of throwing the chocolate on the floor. My logical side stopped and calmed me down by telling me, “The last one can’t be some weird shit. It felt like it… but nope it can’t be. She won’t feed us spider chocolate.” Pinning my hope on it as Ms. Cheryl can’t be a psycho. The smell made a 180⁰ change on my perspective. The slight salty savory smell reminded me of a Malay snacks served in a cone paper during my primary school days. My school held some Malay festival so there are booths that sell Malay snacks. I had a lot of fun with my friend trying out things we usually don’t get in our canteen. This made me curious, wanting to taste it because it’s so rare to have my feelings changed so fast from nightmare to first love.





This diagram show different parts of our tongue is responsible for different basic taste. To be honest, when I was tasting the chocolates I feel that every part of my tongue seems to taste the various tastes. Hence, I researched and discovered the tongue map is a myth. The research of Edwin Boring and Virginia Collings revealed that all tastes can be detected anywhere there are taste receptors which is all around our tongue. Only that the degree of sensitivity varies at some areas of our tongues leading scientists to assumed areas with low sensitivity were areas of no sensitivity.

Tongue Myth Debunked

Does our nose works the same way as the tongue?

Air travels pass the millions of olfactory receptors on the roof of nasal cavity. Odor molecules stimulate the receptors that sent signal through the olfactory nerve to the bulb. Signal from the bulb spark memory in the brain. 80% of the flavors we tasted come from what we smell. That’s a lot from our nose.

Fun fact: Humans can recognize 10000 different odors but no two people sense the same things.

Nose Anatomy


21 Smells 90’s Girls Will Never Forget

I saw this article on BuzzFeed. This seem to be an interesting topic to work with in Singapore Context like toys we play at Mama shop when we were young. That will be so nostalgic and fun to go back to those days.



A unique tear drop exhibition on smell and memory but i think its hard to pull off. Each person has their individual interpretation on a same object like wood smell can be interpreted as burnt wood, wood after a raining day, etc. I think they probably get the most distinct smell that everyone can recognize to evoke the memory of the place or object.

Tear Drop Exhibition



A creative installation that explore Singapore through scent. I wonder how Yishun smell like? Will there even be a distinct smell that make me recognize it?

Scent Map Singapore


Make your own Smell memory amulet! It records smell like camera. So advanced and simple to create. I want a floral light refreshing scent to calm my nerves at all times.

Smell Amulet Kit


As I was researching, I reminded of the Poke-Senses box game I created for my portfolio to enter ADM. The rules are simple. There are nine holes containing different things to feel. Some are nasty and some feel good. Basically, poke your finger into the hole at the start line and try to navigate your way out. At the end, there will be two path; one good and another will chopped off your finger just kidding but it will hurt.