Sorry for the really bad lighting and quality of the film.


The overarching theme of Pink Turmoils is social taboo on sexuality.

Other theme is adolescent into adulthood and struggles between prejudice and morals.


Based on the Character Profiling on Yuno and Katniss, i have created Emily and Alexey for my story.

Emily is based on Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki and Katniss is of course Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games.


Emily suffered abuses from her mother and became a psychopath. After her family died, she was very lonely. Alexey is kind to her and is her only pillar of support so she fell in love with her. Although she is very understanding, sweet and feminine to Alexey, she  can get pushy and impatient sometimes when she fail to gain her love. She is also very protective of her to the extend that she will resort to brutal violent if someone harm Alexey or badmouth her.


Alexey is a fearless, strong-headed, hot-tempered women who let her emotions rule over her. However she is slow at detecting other people’s feelings because she is busy earning money to support her family that she didn’t have much interaction with people. She is kind to people who helped her. She want to live a peaceful happy life with her family but will come out to fight if needed.


Both of my characters generally possess the characteristics of the original characters they were based of but with a change in sexuality. I decided to cast that way because i can relate better. I had went through that phase before but ultimately i still like guys!


Many thanks for my cast Yi Ling and Queenie as this was a really hard film to act out. (*^3^*)