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Dialogue in the Dark

We went to Dialogue in the Dark for our class outing. It was my first time going there. I thought it was dine in the dark concept, so i was really looking forward to eating but turned out it was different from what i expected. Haha! Still it was a fun experience.


First off, we begin our journey by getting our walking stick and being briefed upon. We feel our way in the dark, touching the wall as we go. It got dark pretty soon until i can’t even see what’s in front of me. I got a bit scared and feeling my way through the many edges of the long corridor wasn’t helpful at all. Then i began to hear birds singing and water flowing sound. It slowly calm me down. However i wished the audio is better and the birds sound more real. Moving on, i stepped on some rocky path with small pebbles and touched the pandan leaves. It smelled quite good. Then we all sat on the bench listening to the tour guide talking. It was quite squeezed at that time. Then one of my favourite part is the bridge because it swayed randomly. I’m suspecting my teammate for shaking the bridge but that’s all add to the fun bits.

We came across Sir Stamford Raffles which im sorry to say it’s the most unmemorable part in the whole trip that i forgotten to add it in my sculpture. We have to feel the protruded letters on the wall and pieced them up and it formed “Sir Stamford” i think. Now it’s the popular destination: the boat ride! We all got packed in the boat and it starts to move. I can feel the strong wind blowing and water splashes as we passed by many different spots like the Clark Quay, under tunnel, etc. The tour guide narration was helpful for us to visualized better as the soundscape changes.

Leaving the boat, here comes my favourite spot; crossing the traffic junction. I stood nearest to the post so i get to pressed the button. Somehow its felt so strange. Something i been doing all my life yet i felt excited like a little kid when i had a chance to press the button in the dark. We waited for the traffic light to turn red and heard all the cars stopped then we felt the tactile floor and crossed from one to another. That’s was my most exciting moment; without the tour guide telling us what to do and i get to roam free and explore on my own. Then we tried to feel our way around bicycle and car. I got trapped near the bicycle for a while before freeing myself.

Moving on, we touched cold metal shuttle and i felt a telephone and played with the buttons. We came into the market and there’s carts of fruits and spices so i felt the texture and smelled it. However i couldn’t smell anything. Well well, at least i got most of the fruit and spices correct. Hehe. Before stepping into the cafe, there’s bells ring as if signalling our arrival. It brought me to Paris with that bell chimes. It felt like some “atas” cafe. It has some peppery, spicy smell wafting in the air.The space got so big in to cafe as compared to the previous locations. I ordered and paid for my green tea. It took me a while to find and poke the straw into the hole of my packet drink. Then we sat at the sofa and chitchatted with the tour guide. As we leave, the light from the outside seem to pierced my eyes as it got adjusted to the dark.




We are told to construct a sculpture based on the spaces at different areas we experienced.



I curled the entrance because we are briefed in an enclosed area. As we passed through the narrow alley, with lots of turns and edges, i felt a bit trapped because i still have not gotten used to the dark. For the park, i decided to focus on the bridge and pandan leaves, so there are overhanging curls for the leaves. The bridge is a bit swaying sometimes so i made irregular crease to show the swaying motion coming from the sides of the bridge and the straight narrow path is the bridge itself. On the boat ride we all sat close to each other, i used the strips and crumpled it a bit here and there. We passed through different soundscapes on the boat, so there are different space like it felt smaller as we pass through the tunnel and bigger in Clark Quay. The holes represent the wind blowing. For the road, i used small slits to show me trapped in the bicycle. For the market, i crumpled that line because whenever i go to market, it will always be crowded and all my senses are focused on figuring out the fruits. As i got to the cafe, i realized there’s not much space to show the spaciousness in it. If i had more paper, i would still leave it untouched to show huge void of space i felt in the room. I felt small as i leave so i cut jaggedly to show the light piercing into my eyes, making me want to hide.




That’s all for now!



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  1. Haha… Lunch in the Dark would have cost us more… & harder to convince for subsidy yitling…  & yes I agree the reemerging into light is quite harsh despite efforts to make it more gradual.

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