Unconventional Techniques

  • Cassette Tapes


Erika iri5 is an artist best known for her works created using cassette tapes.

The reflective element from the cassette tapes create a shiny, sleek and modern look to the art. Other reflective things i could use for my art can be cd and sweet wrappers.


  • Pencil Shavings


Meghan Maconochie created impressive artworks using pencil shavings.

I love the texture of the pencil shavings! It reminded me of chocolate shavings on a cake and make me feel like eating it. I would probably keep touching this art piece if i get a chance. It give a spiky wild look to the words. I think this material can be explore for my fashion designer job.


Another work by Meghan Maconochie.


  • Staples


Baptiste Debombourg is a French artist who uses a very common office supply item to create some of his works of art: staples.

I never expect staples to be used in such a creative manner. I normally associate staples as organized, orderly and rigid but this art prove that staple can be versatile too.


  • Food


Hong Yi is known for using unconventional materials to create wonderful art. Some of her most famous pieces include a portrait of Adele made from 1500 melted tea lights and a hanging structure of Jackie Chan using chopsticks. She is also known for her adorable food creations.

Food has its own striking colours. Using food to create a story through arrangement and colours is just like Japanese character bento! The visual aesthetics brighten up my mood and make me feel like eating more even if the ingredient is something i dislike.


  • Petals


A petal series done by Hong Yi. The smooth texture of the petals are suitable to create elegant, whimsical fonts.







These 3D illusion typography are done by Lex Wilson.  I love his “love hate” typography. As the flip side of love is hate. The love side is bold and smooth while hate has many flights of stairs very jagged and full of up and downs. Having a negative emotions is always emotionally exhausting to ourselves like the flights of stairs we have to go through, making our life very unstable.





Eiko ojala has a distinct style of creating a digital paper cut effect for all his works. Im going to try out this technique for my astronaut job to create a different world outlook and yet have a childlike touch to it. As astronaut is my first job that i ever dream to become.



Another typography suitable for my astronaut job. I like the black background giving it a mysterious vibe. There are many different fonts making everything look so chaotic. Something i want to avoid in my composition. One thing i notice is the big bubbly “PHD” is placed beside the pink balloon with the sans serif font. The juxtaposition of formal traditional font with the big confident cheerful font make it look amusing. However i dislike swirly font below. Till now i can’t figure out what it say. Imgial seje?


cgi-logos-type-design-3D-typography-of-the-word-space-Nico Castr

The metal wires held the words so they can protrude from the wall giving it depth and space. They are important factor to consider for my 3D installation job. Wires are tools often seen in installation to suspend art.




I like the wooden typeface. It look very cute like giftbox containing different present in it.  Another way of emphasize my installation job is to include a corner of the room so audience will know the setting.






This font is so elegant and sophisticated. The petals of the flower resemble the frilly skirt. It is very suitable typeface for fashion designer as it look trendy, exotic and unique. This really blew my mind away. If this is a dress, i will definitely buy it. Well suited for my fashion designer typography.




By placing a bright rectangle in the middle, it “levitate” the middle section creating depth. Our attention is naturally drawn to the middle section because of the contrast.  This can be an idea for my photographer job.




Stéphane Massa-Bida alias Retrofuturs reveals with his series “space relationship” and “elements” his talent for mixing old photographs with typographical inlays which look great. The result is just beautiful and it plunges the viewer into a retro-futuristic world.

Another idea for the photographer job. Using double exposure for the typeface and having a photograph as the background further emphasize my job. As im quite an experimental photographer and like to combine my photos together to create a very unique perspective, this approach will express my experimental side. For the font i will choose one which express playful and quirky.




I am inspire to do this layering effect for my photographer job. The act of looking through the camera to take a photo is just like having a layer of filter between the landscape and me. I had the idea of getting two different colour photo  and each will only be visible under a colour filter just like the below image. However the result i imagined is different from the actual thing. If i were to do that to my photo, the landscape through the filter will look dark and ominous, not the world i envision through my camera.

Hence i decided to stick to simple layering of transparency like the above to get the cheerful, unique look i wanted.