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3D II : Installation: WIP 02

Installation theme

Our installation will be held in the dark. The overall theme is mostly white with a speck of colours to give off a light playful feel underwater.




Robots Experiments


First, The motor is stuck to the foam base and wired up to the battery and switch. All these are covered by a cup. A white led protruded into the balloon and everything is taped together before testing out.


It quite therapeutic for me to stare at this spinning continuously. Its like a solo waltz.


This is how it moves without the cup and foam. Its a lot lighter so it wiggly randomly like a sea anemone.




After figuring out the way to make it move like a sea anemone, we moved on to package it prettily by covering exposed wires with white tape and batteries with paper. We used a party stem to tie the balloon to it and inserted it between the batteries. Natasya thought of a way to connect the white led to the bottom of the battery. She extended the battery wire by connecting it with longer wire then she tied the balloon’s end with rubber band. The whole thing is inserted the conical stem. It worked well.





We also tried using a smaller conical bowl n see how the robot moved. Its very unpredictable. It rotated on the spot, sometimes wobbles away. It achieved our main goal of making the robot move away when touches just like how sea anemone escape from starfish. I added the feather elements on the robot as we are inspired by feather starfish. It tickles people feet as they pass by hehe. The tail at the end is fibre optic. We realised that it give a dimmer light, which is more suitable than the harsh white light. Hence we replaced the white light. The dimmer light produce beautiful sparkles in the dark and it look like the tiny robots are dancing underwater.




We planned to make 5 robots with varying balloons size and feathers for each robot. As we tested out the more weight the robot has, the less it move. Hence having variation create interesting interaction like some active, one drunk and one lazily spinning on the spot. We even planned to name the robots we make as they are really cute and act differently hahaha!


One big family~


Scents cups

For the scents, we joined everything together in this manner. This is a draft version.

This is how our final looks like. I painted the cups in glow in the dark orange paint in spots to make it look like nemo. I tried charging it in the sun for days but it didn’t work. Hence we decided to use black light and shine on it. It glows instantly! Black light is so magically <3


These luminous cups represent the light-detecting eyes which glows as the environment become darker. It also serves as an attraction to trick preys into thinking our avatar as a fish. There’s a tiny stinging bub at the end to stimulate how anemone sting and stun prey to capture them.


Our avatar’s chemoreceptors are able to detect the faintest scent from prey. The sea contains various scents that pass by our avatar. Only the most distinct scent from its prey will attract it among the other creatures in the sea that appear to have a fainter smell.

Our SO is the middle lemony citrus smell. Amelia made this by combining scent oil with corn starch powder to create the powder. The D smell is the baby powder and the SD is cinnamon.


Feather walls


Natasya came up with the feather wall idea. Motor, batteries and more feathers are used in this. Amelia cut the wood and drilled hole  for the feathers to be slot in. As we used one thin and thick wood, we explored which one we should give more power. In the end we decided to have the thicker stick have 4 batteries to make it move faster like the thin stick.


It feels good being tickled by this :3

We installed the feather fan in different heights so the sensory feel contact different part of the user’s body.


A sneak peek into our installation~


3D II : Installation: WIP 01

Hi! It has finally boiled down to our final assignment which will be an installation involving senses of our fused animal called Grenas. It is a combinations of different elements from starfish, nemo and sea anemone.

3D_003_Avatar: Grenas (Amelia, Natasya, Yit Ling)

Done by Natasya.


I researched on possible experiments that expressed the mechanism of starfish like how its tube feets repelled water to propelled and move the limbs.


I tested it out and the process is quite slow. I thought the ice cube sink down and won’t come up. However after a while it goes back up. I thought this is like an automated short-lived Cartesian diver.


The next experiment i tried is the first experiment in this video. The mechanism is quite like how the starfish’s tube feet operate. When i showed Cheryl my experiments, she mentioned that it moved just like how the anemone blooping about trying to escape from the starfish. I feel so too. Hence i find this experiment has more potential to advance.


Initially i used a bottle cap like how the tutorial video does but the whole thing barely moved. Hence i used a smaller and lighter cap and blowed up the balloon to a very large size then it moved for a long time. This is the longest the balloon lasted.




Next i explored with an even lighter base: paper. It was released in the midair so it could fly!




Base is gone for this. U could see how crazy it moved around my house.


I tried a different approach and result is quite similar to the previous experiment.


We showed the experiments to Cheryl.

U can see our teacher, Cheryl, inside. The most passionate teacher i ever seen. She is always filming our class experiments that she always run out of memory in her phone haha!


We tried out with different surfaces and it still doesn’t move as lively as my house experiments.



I searched for other alternatives to make our balloon last longer and encountered this wobble robot. Hence i thought why not use this as the way its wobble is very anemone-like.


In the meantime, Amelia explored the smell sense for our installation. She thought of making the scent fly out like party popper. She modified a bit and make it like this.

With this, it can be reused a lot of time.


Kinaesthetic Workshop

Yesterday we did kinaesthetic workshop in the dance room. The class performed movements like how our research animals would move. I came late so i missed out on it. So, this is me acting like a sea star in my room.


Since sea star move very slowly and there’s no food nearby, i will just suntan in my room.


The brown slightly wiggly line is how starfish moves. With their eyes and touch receptors, they can sense if a prey is nearby. In this case, it’s a sea anemone. They will get closer by “crawling” using their tube feet. As they move really slow, i drew short wiggly lines to express the small movement they make.



This is my sea star paper sculpture. There’s a little narrative going on in this piece. Firstly, there’s one limb on the starfish that is the most prominent. Its the limb with the eye. I made it very pointy so its like the eye directing the starfish, saying “I found sea anemone over there! Hurry, move closer and eat it up!” There’s how the rest of the legs are made to move in the direction of the eye. My starfish has lost a limb. Can you tell which leg is it? wink





2D Experiment

Further explorations at school and home.

Home experiments; bring out the scientist in me!


P_20160831_205442 Express Hurt/Sadness using alcohol wipes, tissue and cotton wool .

P_20160831_203642Putting another newsprint on top and rolling over it using wall paint roller!

IMG-20160911-WA0027[1]Turn out to be a complete fail because i use acrylic paint as the base so it dry up fast. Only the alcohol wraps is shown. i reused the blank space at the bottom and try out other mediums like sponge.



Used a spinning top. The sharp line strokes that fly out in a circular manner reminded me of sparkler. I associated this to amazement.


Rolling my toy car over the paper. Noticed the line is vivid in the start and slowly fade out with grid mark across.



It is done using dish wire scrub to create a swirl. The lines created some are very thin and some are thick with a bit of wobbly. Confusion is seen here as the unsteadiness of the mind.



LOTS OF GLUE- the mixture of tears and mucus. First line ink is spread using toothpick, second uses wire dish scrub, third uses cotton ball. Exploring Sadness.


Dried appearance of glue. Like how its translucent sometime and create textured surface on the paper. I brought this piece to show Miss Joy during group consultation and she suggested i look into the properties of paper. So did I in my later stages of experiment!


Throwing of materials- Anger/ Rage


Result turn out disappointing because i wanted to see splatter brought out by throwing things.

Brought this up on group consultation and decided to reduce the amount of water and use more ink to get a bolder mark. (Suggested by Alyssa )


Got the result i wanted! It definitely look angry to me now! Tried out rolling the balls on the paper too.

Preparing to cultivate mould on paper for Disgust


Top 4 strips uses mascarpone cheese with different paper material and amount of water added to it. Lastly is overripe banana peel.

Forgotten to take photo of the end result after a few days. Basically the cheese didn’t rot after a few days which was against my expectation because it has the most moulds spotted compared to the other food in the youtube video.  Self-experiment is really important. The banana peels on the bleedproof paper rot fast, turning complete black and leave lots brownish tiny spots on where it was. The inner side of the peels were still a bit moist. Cartridge paper did not have quite a good result as the banana peels have dried off making it hard to remove from the paper. It didn’t rot as fast as the one on bleeding paper too.


Bread moulds result was stunning, exactly how i wanted it to be in a short frame of 3 days.




First try with cooking oil and water. Viscosity and diffusion applied. Like the effect of how ink particles doesn’t spread in oil while water does the exact opposite. Such an interesting result on one piece of paper.


Trying out of different ink colour. White will fade as it break down into light grey in diffusion from oil to water.


Like the glow of cooking oil against the light. Thought of using it for attraction


Love the tiny vibrations on the thin line.

Wish i could replicate out the line. However after several trials of controlling the amount of oil with water and also where to put the oil so the big blop of water can “accidentally” interact with it. It was all futile attempts…










Flowers on monoprint


Feel like longing to me. The gentle gradient background and the jarring white blank petal have such strong contrast. The image keep calling out to me to put the flowers back to its own spot.


Failed piece. Look dull and flat.


Did monoprint for many leaves to do collage.


white vinegar and oil create such interesting texture to the paper! The combination of them break up the ink molecules and freeze them leaving clusters of short frenzy lines. At some point it even look like scumbling with gradient. Definitely worth exploring more!

Saw an elephant! The body of the “elephant” remind me of brain and the frenzy line linked me up to Fear! Afterall fear is all in the state of mind!


White vinegar and soda fuzzy and produce lots of bubbles. Really feel like a science experiment now 😀 However the result leave little to desire only grainy and slight smoky effect being noticed.


Glue is coated before adding paint through syringe. Love the gentle flowing line and bubbles.


Doesn’t this look like jellyfish?! <3 The bubbles made by the syringe are too thin so it cant last long before bursting. If it work, i would definitely go for AWE!



White vinegar with oil. The result is not that striking as compared to black ink on white paper.


Experimenting on the introverts’ emotion using white ink on black paper.


Exploring on love, affection for extroverts


Lastly ending with slippers print to conclude my end of experiments for now! Hahaha! jkjk! It on rejection- getting one emotion trampled by others.


This ends my length post of images.

Monoprinting 1

First lesson on monoprinting.

Doesnt know what to expect, so i brought lots of things that could not be used in machine press.

Things that i brought: chocolate bar ( the sides have jagged pattern), wire ball dish scrub, spinning top, mini toy car, sponge, feather and leaves and twigs that i got on the way to school.

Rolling on the linomat to get an even coating. Reminded of wall painting



First try! So curious how its gonna look!


Thought i did something wrong only to know i have to do reverse mono-print


Not bad for 1st time. Like the small burst of light at the bottom that look like sparkler. Amazed at how the sandy twigs that i picked up create such an unexpected surprise




Leaf imprint


Achieved with the brown string in the lab

Here are two of my favorite pieces. Both have the gradient effect and were done through machine press.


Wires that drop out from dish scrub look like moving microorganism in the print.

Using plastic wrap and leftover string imprint from previous monoprint, the focus is at the plastic print leading to the slight visible trail of the strings.

This made me think that i can control the emphasis and tone i want on the subject by playing with the amount of imprint i get from it.

Other important things to note are the control of pressure and the choice of medium to get the imprint.