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Installations Fieldtrip

Yess!!! We went to artscience musuem for our fieldtrip! This is the coolest fieldtrip as i really enjoyed here and *cough the tickets are expensive cough cough*.


I’m armed with my camera and head to the first pit.


NASA- A human adventure

I’m crazy for space exploration so you can tell how excited i’m right now.

When i first stepped into the exhibitions, i was greeted by portraits of famous figures like Leonardo Da Vinci. Honestly, i can’t really tell their significant in the role of space exploration. I know a bit of Leonardo Da Vinci dreamed of flying and so his diary had illustrations of flying mechanism. So, i went to do deeper research, The portraits actually belong to famous writers and artists that dreamed about going into space. Indeed, without the “foolish dream”, all these won’t become a reality.

And of course, this exhibition is filled with lots of spaceship components like engines and more. The sets are pretty huge.




They split the rocket and displayed it in pieces. Here’s a reason why they can’t display the real thing.


An interesting article on the first creature that went to space. Apparently they sent rats up too. I was quite shocked to know this. They were sent to their doom. There were debates about animal cruelty going on behind this article. It certainly contributed a lot to space history. At the same time, I kinda want to volunteer for this mission when i’m old and can’t afford a ticket to sit on spaceship. Just sent people like me up and there won’t be this issue.



I always had this bad impression that astronauts had a horrible palate. That’s the only thing i worry if i get to fly up on space. I can’t eat pasta, ramen, fish. Goodbyes to hot food and rice. But, I WAS WRONG! Their menu list is long!! They also catered to different countries’ preferences. Good job there! The visual maybe lacking but damn i want to try their food. One serving over here, please~ :3


The big boy is here now! Those game for a space experience can hop on this ride. That’s what Yi Ling and me did!

Warning: No visual here. Only response to the thrilling experience. The response are really loud, so please NEVER put on your earpieces. The response are mostly given by Yi Ling. I find it quite funny so i putting it up here. HEHE!

I dropped my phone in the middle of the ride so please play the clip in the background VERY softly as you read my post 🙂

(There’s some scenes from 1:00 onwards)


For a $6 ride to experience the short thrill of leaving earth accompanied with sounds of american voice narrating, i think it was okay. The only down side is the visual. The video is so near my face and its so pixelated. My mind would be so gone if i were to stare at the video throughout the whole ride. I think i would come out puking.


My favorite piece of all. The interactive revolving globe. As it spin, you can control which planet you want to see up here as well as its speed.


The Nasa exhibition is mostly about the history of space; how it came to reality and what went into building the equipments. I feel that its a very informative enriching journey. However, it lacks the “wow” factor. I think i would be seeing more about the space discovery rather than the history behind it. Nevertheless, its interesting to know about the history of space travel.


Future World

It is about the future park that the artist envisioned.

The first time i stepped in and this is what i see.

SO BRIGHT! SO COLOURFUL! All of us are instantly hyped up.



The installation is so interactive and immersive. The sound is so dreamy, playful and inviting. The song “lalang lalang” is so catchy and easy to sing too haha! So, here my photo take. The third photo looks like a yellow turtle hehe.



My coloured jellyfish “escaped” to the HD underwater world.

This installation is so inspiring and fun. After going for both, i realized that a successful installation really let the audience forget their existence and be immerse in the environment that they are in now. That’s the charm of installation to communicate to the public in a new world. One important factor that really engage audiences is the interactivity which is why the future world exhibition appealed to me more. Apart from it connects to my love for colours, the innocent and fun factor really feel like a paradise for kids and beyond. I mean who can not have fun here?


Last pit stop of the day: Jendela.


This installation is pretty cool. The video is projected on the floor in a circle, so you have to go near and look down like you are examining it. It started with the focus on human then slowly panning out to the city, earth surface, planets and ending with the cosmic universe. This work suggest that the Buddhist cosmology is a fitting framework in order to understand the different segments of contemporary Thai society and the cyclical nature of its politics. I think the medium is quite fitting to portray the artist idea. Buddhism holds an important role in the Thailand culture. It prevail in people’s daily life, so the circle, which represent infinite, also show how Buddhism being perceived by them too. so The slow panning of the whole video create a timeless illusion as it moves from people to universe.


Finally, i would like to thank Ruyi for choosing such an awesome place for our field trip. I really enjoyed everything.



Dialogue in the Dark

We went to Dialogue in the Dark for our class outing. It was my first time going there. I thought it was dine in the dark concept, so i was really looking forward to eating but turned out it was different from what i expected. Haha! Still it was a fun experience.


First off, we begin our journey by getting our walking stick and being briefed upon. We feel our way in the dark, touching the wall as we go. It got dark pretty soon until i can’t even see what’s in front of me. I got a bit scared and feeling my way through the many edges of the long corridor wasn’t helpful at all. Then i began to hear birds singing and water flowing sound. It slowly calm me down. However i wished the audio is better and the birds sound more real. Moving on, i stepped on some rocky path with small pebbles and touched the pandan leaves. It smelled quite good. Then we all sat on the bench listening to the tour guide talking. It was quite squeezed at that time. Then one of my favourite part is the bridge because it swayed randomly. I’m suspecting my teammate for shaking the bridge but that’s all add to the fun bits.

We came across Sir Stamford Raffles which im sorry to say it’s the most unmemorable part in the whole trip that i forgotten to add it in my sculpture. We have to feel the protruded letters on the wall and pieced them up and it formed “Sir Stamford” i think. Now it’s the popular destination: the boat ride! We all got packed in the boat and it starts to move. I can feel the strong wind blowing and water splashes as we passed by many different spots like the Clark Quay, under tunnel, etc. The tour guide narration was helpful for us to visualized better as the soundscape changes.

Leaving the boat, here comes my favourite spot; crossing the traffic junction. I stood nearest to the post so i get to pressed the button. Somehow its felt so strange. Something i been doing all my life yet i felt excited like a little kid when i had a chance to press the button in the dark. We waited for the traffic light to turn red and heard all the cars stopped then we felt the tactile floor and crossed from one to another. That’s was my most exciting moment; without the tour guide telling us what to do and i get to roam free and explore on my own. Then we tried to feel our way around bicycle and car. I got trapped near the bicycle for a while before freeing myself.

Moving on, we touched cold metal shuttle and i felt a telephone and played with the buttons. We came into the market and there’s carts of fruits and spices so i felt the texture and smelled it. However i couldn’t smell anything. Well well, at least i got most of the fruit and spices correct. Hehe. Before stepping into the cafe, there’s bells ring as if signalling our arrival. It brought me to Paris with that bell chimes. It felt like some “atas” cafe. It has some peppery, spicy smell wafting in the air.The space got so big in to cafe as compared to the previous locations. I ordered and paid for my green tea. It took me a while to find and poke the straw into the hole of my packet drink. Then we sat at the sofa and chitchatted with the tour guide. As we leave, the light from the outside seem to pierced my eyes as it got adjusted to the dark.




We are told to construct a sculpture based on the spaces at different areas we experienced.



I curled the entrance because we are briefed in an enclosed area. As we passed through the narrow alley, with lots of turns and edges, i felt a bit trapped because i still have not gotten used to the dark. For the park, i decided to focus on the bridge and pandan leaves, so there are overhanging curls for the leaves. The bridge is a bit swaying sometimes so i made irregular crease to show the swaying motion coming from the sides of the bridge and the straight narrow path is the bridge itself. On the boat ride we all sat close to each other, i used the strips and crumpled it a bit here and there. We passed through different soundscapes on the boat, so there are different space like it felt smaller as we pass through the tunnel and bigger in Clark Quay. The holes represent the wind blowing. For the road, i used small slits to show me trapped in the bicycle. For the market, i crumpled that line because whenever i go to market, it will always be crowded and all my senses are focused on figuring out the fruits. As i got to the cafe, i realized there’s not much space to show the spaciousness in it. If i had more paper, i would still leave it untouched to show huge void of space i felt in the room. I felt small as i leave so i cut jaggedly to show the light piercing into my eyes, making me want to hide.




That’s all for now!



Double Vision Trip?


Did i obtain a double vision from this trip or was i actually knocked out and seeing double visions?


To be honest, this trip was too experimental for me to understand most of the films.

The first film i watch was “Where’s Francis?” 2 men are buried under the ground, showing only the head conversing with each other. It reminded me of this ridiculously funny scene in Shanghai noon.


I can see in this film that the the two men are actors still waiting for the director to yell cut after thirty years. The whole concept was so absurd and ridiculously entertaining. After reading the brochure, i realised Francis is the man that directed Apocalypse Now (set in Vietnam but shot in Philippines). This film is to tell us how war victims are often forgotten. I find the concept brilliantly executed. I like how everything look so lighthearted like a comedy but it reveal a deeper intention and tell the situation that war victims faced.

The variety of shots used is pretty limited. Wipe pan is used when they are conversing. Close up and medium shots were used to show one or both of them talking. I learn that with a strong content and dialogues, the audience can also feel the emotions in the film.



The next film that i watched was “Nailed”. In the beginning, my classmates were making a bunch of noise when they were watching this film and when i looked over i saw a religious scene of a lady having her feet stabbed by nail. Ruyi was telling my classmates who were horrified the reason behind it. Apparently the Catholic devotees is nailed as a re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday. I was appalled. At the same time i was intrigued by the scenes so i decided to watch it from the start.

The narration were muffled and i didn’t manage to stay through. However i do noticed the artists like to juxtaposes human with animal. There are two shots: the pig is being tortured to death is juxtaposed with a baby. I thought of the pig is like a baby because it can only scream and cry and you have no idea what it is saying, but it is suffering. Reincarnation was also brought to my mind. As there is this phrase, ” a life for a life”. Hence i thought the pig being slaughtered for religious purpose gained a new life as a baby because it died for a good course. It is very far-fetched but yeah that’s what i thought. Another shots being juxtaposed are the ox (or was it water buffalo) working hard stamping on the field and a man waking up from the soil and stamp the ground. As this is a film about religious, maybe the artist’s intention is to convey that humans are no different from animals until they experienced the pain that Jesus felt. It is shown at the later part where devotees got crucified which i didn’t stay through to watch.


I went to research about the crucifixion in Philippines and found that the highest record of a person being crucified is around 27 times and he was given the role of Christ. undecided