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Holiday Movie Analysis

Silence of the lamb

When Ruyi first showed us this clip, I was deeply entranced by the great acting skill of Hannibal and the dynamic interaction between both characters

So, Yi Ling, Clara and me watched the whole movie together! Yeah!

This is my analysis on the film.


Themes of the Silence of the Lamb
You have to courteous to others in order to gain courtesy

Agent starling has treated Hannibal like a normal human with respect and courteous. Hence Hannibal has done so back to him, constantly helping her unlike what he did to the psychiatrist and the lady government person.


Gender prejudice
Agent starling works in a male dominated environment. When they found the body, her boss originally wanted to exclude her from the conversation thinking she can’t handle it. The police officers also were reluctant to accept her order to leave the room only when she asked nicely then they left.


Human rights
Just because we are seen “normal” compared to those who have mental illness, does it give us more rights than them? The doctor treat Hannibal as an experiment and not a person. He wired into their conversation and confiscated his treasured things.


This film is loaded with manipulative scenes like in the start from how Starling’s boss manipulated her to take on the mission. The doctor strike a deal with Hannibal and Hannibal manipulated the guy that shoot white liquid on Starling to kill himself.


Overarching theme: Dun judge a book by its cover.

Hannibal doesn’t seem like what he seem in the start. In the start, he was portrayed as a very terrifying person kept at the edge of the cell with special windows to keep him out of harm. However, at the end, he seem like a nice person as he help starling. Bill was also another one. Even his partner didn’t know the truth about him before he died. Starling’s boss may seem like a nice person but is he really like that? Him manipulating Starling and some clues hinted that he may not be what he seem to be.


Cinematic prop

Lamb is seen in Starling’s nightmare with association to people who commit crime.

Her dad died in the burglars’ hand. Afterward when she couldn’t save the lambs in her uncle’s farm from being slaughtered, she started dreaming of them. Subconsciously, i feel that the lamb represent her dad so she had strong determination to save them. But she wasn’t capable at that time. Thus if she solve the crimes, her nightmare will stop.

Butterfly = change. Its a symbol for bill desire to become a woman. As he got rejected to become transsexual, he seek other methods to become a woman. Butterfly go through metamorphosis to become a better self. Bill desire to become women so now he’s in a cocoon state but once he gather enough women skin and wear the “women suit”, he would become a beautiful butterfly.

Another example is the butterfly chime spins with two butterfly image originally then it became one after buffalo bill got killed. This is to show one “butterfly” is down.



Blade runner



Themes of Blade Runner



I feel that the term skinjob, used to refer to robot with human skin, sounds so racist. They are given emotions so to call them such superficial term i find it very degrading. It is a common quote name used by the police to classify these group of people.


Identity Crisis

Rachel is faced with the truth that her memory are fake and that she is a replicant.


Over-arching theme: who is the human and who is the replicants.
Human are coldhearted and has no empathy as compared to the replicants. When Derek killed the replicant on the street, the humans weren’t even shock. Robots repetitively demonstrated kindness and compassion in the film. Hence the line between human and robots are hard to distinguish apart from their body structure.


Cinematic prop

Boiling eggs represent the manufacturers of the replicant. It shows that they are in deep water. There are 3 eggs. One egg was dropped in Sebastian ‘s kitchen after the eyes maker died. The remaining two represent Sebastian and the boss.



Train to Busan

Although this wasn’t recommended by Ruyi, i happened to watch this film so i’m going talk about it.

This film talks about family ties and explore the humanity behavior when they are at their worst situation.
These are the 4 type of people that i observed.
1.selfless- help people out in trouble even though they are in precarious situation eg. The burly man.
2. Selfish- try their best to survive at all means even to the extend of sacrificing other people live eg. the antagonist
3. Leecher-follow the most powerful/informative person and survive through the help of people eg. the beggar man
4.blind followers- blindly follow the order of other people because they are in fear and in need of someone to lead them eg. passengers on the same train


Themes of Train to Busan 


Self-sacrifices for a greater good 

The beggar man and the burly man sacrifice themselves to save the women and child.


Value the importance of spending family quality time before you regret.

What’s the point of being so busy when you will regret spending so little time with your family. That’s why Gong Yoo cried as he regretted not being with his child, watching her grow up before he committed suicide.



Selfishness will get you to nowhere. Everyone would die if they didn’t help each other.


Over-arching theme: Moral values and kindness must be upheld at all times.


Cinematic prop


The train of morality (dissected in various cabinet)
The protagonist undergo change from a selfish person who only care for his and his daughter benefits into a selfless man. This is seen especially when he said sorry to the burly man when he had no other choice but to leave him to save the man’s wife and his child.

The friends’ cabinet. When they reach his baseball friends’ cabinet, the baseball dude faced a tough situation. It is to hit his friends and save his and his current comrades’ life or not and die. If the train didn’t enter the tunnel, I have a feeling that the baseball dude will choose to die judging from his later action when he choose to become infected like his girlfriend.

The selfish crews. Not only did they lock the survives out but they also chase them away when they came into the cabinet 15. Its funny how they decided to secure the doors to prevent the survivors from entering instead of  locking the opposite door and keep themselves safe from the zombies. That’s why they died.

The evil man takes the longest time to convert into zombie. Zombie has the meaning of losing one will and only has the instinct to eat regardless of what happen to u or the people around u. Thus i feel that he’s already half zombie. He only has the raw instinct to survive like zombie, no heart and soul for people around him.






4D II: Curry Murder Process & Outcomes

Reality (Presentation Day)



Expectation (Post-Presentation Day)



I was initially very excited for this project on the possibilities of creating my own sounds as Ruyi showed us a video on how to create folley sounds. I was very enthusiastic and went around with zoombox recording various sounds. However i ended up didn’t use any of it. It turned out to be my most stressful project as i tend to overthink everything and felt very lost for what to do for the sound. After Yi Ling, my teammate, presented her video. I realised that i should start small and hence a new version with folley sounds film is created!!

Although its too late for submission, i had fun creating my own sounds and this film is close to how i envision the end product to be so here is it!

I will talk a bit about my original film as i missed out some points on the presentation day before talking about my new film.


First of all this is a class activity which has been blown into a full-scale project. Surprise, surprise! We grouped up into fours. My team consist of Yi Ling, Hui Min and Yu Qing. We were inspired by the well-used of non-chronological narrative from Memento.


Then we were going on the line of having a psychological horror film and all agreed on the curry murder idea. We proceed to shoot!


The panning of the house was actually the toughest. We tried out different method before reaching this method which give the most stabilized panning due to lack of budget haha!


Hui Min as the stabilizer to secure the camera so it will be steady and give less “seasick” panning.


Solo Action

After sieving out the good and bad takes and shared among each other, we are all on solo mode now. Editing and creating sound are the main components for assignment 2.



The plot revolves around a couple’s argument that went wrong.That drove the husband crazy and killed the wife. Then the husband decided to COOK her bodies and serve her as curry “chicken”.



I decided to add my own take on this and give more reasons for why the husband killed her. In my story, the wife is more sophisticated and more educated as compared to the husband. She cheated on him yet acted so mighty and attacked on his weak point. He had an inferior complex on his lack of education so he really lost it when she cheated and called him “stupid”.



Character Profiling

To separate between educated and less educated, i decided to give them different voice. I wanted an accent for the English speaking wife but i can’t find anyone who could do that so i decided to have a go at it and failed. Hence i differentiate them by one speaking in English and the husband speak in Chinese and Hokkien. I visualised the wife as a superwoman who is capable outside and inside. That’s why the husband is so clumsy at house chores like cooking and the first meal he cooked is his wife. So ironic.

I was inspired by Last Year at Marienbad where there’s lot of repetition in the narrative. Hence in my film, I focused on giving the husband more power and having his stream of conscious repeating things that matters to him which are family and his education. I made the word “stupid” the loudest and have a constant audio gain because this word is what really trigger him so it’s “nearer”, more personal and constantly ring at the back of his head. Hence his thoughts are louder than what he said in real life.




  1. tension of husband -> boiling water
  2. trigger point of husband -> snipping off the tip of the plastic bag that contain carrot
  3. feeling the breath of death wife -> tasting the curry with finger

There are many more so watch my film and have a guess wink


These are the additional portions i added into my new film.

For the speech, i wanted to play with the irony of this whole situation with the values of the husband. He’s the one who care about his family yet he commit this act. Hence i placed the dialogue like “how could you do this” on the wife murdered face. The phrase “you have a family” slowly evolve into eat family. The chinese word “Jia” for family can also mean eat in Hokkien.


BGM: Jigglypuff by PPOMO ASMR

She’s my favourite Asmr artist so if you like asmr be sure to check her out!!

I wanted some echoy music to express the flow of thoughts. Then i encountered this music and thought why not this? It a familiar song that can evoke people who watched pokemon to be amused and have a nostalgic feel. Yet when play against this, it distort their childhood song into a whole new meaning. Jigglypuff sings to put people to sleep like how the husband put his wife to “sleep” too.


Folley sounds

Here to the most exciting part in my new film- the folley sounds!

  • Wife narration– my voice. It was really fun to roleplay and i even did her suffocated sound.
  • Husband narration– my dad voice. My dad is a peaceful guy so it was hard to make him angry. I tried to record my own voice and change the pitch but it sounded unnatural. Hence i stayed with his narration.

The rest of the sound i did it in 2D lab. It was a spontaneous thing when i recorded all these sounds with my phone. The brackets are the starting time of the sounds.

  • Feet kicking(0:57) made with beating my wallet on a table.
  • Stab wife (1:28) used the tofu skin im eating and stabing it with my food. I overlay the juiciness sound with the metallic sound from the spatula gliding on cloth.

  • Chop wife (1:32) done using the brush that was long coated with paint so it produced the squishy sound and matched it with the spatula rubbing against a wet cloth.

  • Chop chicken (1:37) used the brush and move against the glass window. It surprising create a very realistic sound even with bone cracking effect too.

  • Chop potato (1:03& 1:43) used the brush again and played with the sides and frequency.


Final orderly editing sequence for better viewing



I’m done with this assignment yeah!!!

I shall leave with grace off to the final assignment!



Last Year at Marienbad (1961) Narrative Analysis

For this class assignment, i partner with Yi Ling to watch this film!



Chronological order of the movie: Very inconsistent and irregular.


Q: Do you think the way this film is told works best for your story? How would you retell the story?

Yit Ling –  Flashbacks of the relationship between Emily and Alexy can be incorporated. Whereby Emily constantly shows affection to Alexy, would help in the story line of my film to build the history between them, so that the viewers can be more engaged in their relationship.

Yi Ling –  Flashbacks of the relationship between my grandmother and I can be added into the film as we reminisce about my childhood. I think the characters in my film in this case ought to be realistic with the age when it comes to flashback. Like when the flashback scene comes on, a child version of me and a younger version of my grandmother ought to be there.


Q: What makes this narrative (Last Year at Marienbad) work?

– The story centrals around Frank’s point of view about the female protagonist. Hence, it entwines the past, present and future of their relationship together.

– Metaphorical interpretations of their hallucinations/ potential conscience brings about depth of the characters and their inner struggles.


Q: Does this non-linear narrative work for other films

-Sci-fi, Fantasy and Thriller films would go very well with this form of narrative, such as The Time Traveller’s wife,





and Alice in Wonderland



What we like about this film?

– The cinematography is amazing. Everything seems aligned perfectly.



 Line of symmetry


-We liked how they connect one of the hallucination/past memory with the present scene with the same dialogue, but different scenario. For instance when Frank was counting in the room with the female protagonist as he try to incur memory out from her in the past, the scene changed into the ball room scene where the female protagonist’s husband was counting the cards.

-Flashing of the 1 second scene whereby the female protagonist is holding her shoe, when she is in fact in the bar tells us that she might have remembered something about the past she cant recall.

– The multiple reflections of the female protagonist in the mirror can be interpreted as her different selves in the past, present and future.



– The triangle arrangement of her own reflection can symbolize loss and confusion of her current situation, as well as the past she don’t recall.



Doubts about this film:

– We do not understand the purpose of having the freeze moments, whereby only one person moves. The movements are focus and exaggerated.

– We do not understand why they kept repeating the dialogue over and over again in different scenes.

– Frank always used past tense to talk to the female protagonist, so we had this illusion that Frank can travel through time. However , if it is really the truth, why would Frank lose to the female protagonist’s husband in the gambling game? Is he a psychopath who is trying to enforce certain ideas onto the female protagonist, or is he trying to mold her into the memory he believes in??