Making the Moiré Screens and Animations

Seeing as to how animation would be the constant in all the designs, I needed to carry out some experimentations into how the moiré animation technique really worked. I have previous experience in digital and stop-motion animation and I found that this was useful in understanding the technique better and working faster.

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Conceptualizing the Final Works

I spent some time thinking about the multidisciplinary pairings for my final four postcards and come up with the following. I will also cover the possible processes that I might be taking to complete each of the post cards. All the cards will share a starting point of moiré (slit) animation. Continue reading “Conceptualizing the Final Works”

Interpreting ‘Multi-Disciplinary’

Now that I had my direction and descriptor, I had to decide in what ways I am going to push the brief and the series. I had already decided that all the postcards will share the same descriptor. As such, I had to figure out four unique ways to demonstrate various aspects of multidisciplinary. While digging further into the crossroads between interactivity and op art, I got reminded of moire animations. In particular, I really love the works of Rufus Butler Seder. He has been working with optical illusions and animation for quite sometime and has a few patented techniques such as Scanimation and Live Tiles.

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Pursuing Optical Art

After making up my mind to create the design in the style of Optical Art, I carried out some research to look at artists that have come before me. I was paying attention to the black & white, figure-ground relationship in the compositions and looking at how I may incorporate typography into them. Here are some of the works that I found inspiring or interesting.

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Beginning Work

Upon looking at the brief, I was rather lost at the beginning. I am usually not the kind of person to create a series of works based on just myself. I usually like creating pieces that involve my views and interactions with a particular subject matter. So when the brief called for the limelight to be placed on me, I must say, I panicked a little. As such, I decided to get as far away from the problem of ‘me’ and took a little time to think about the direction that my works will take.

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