Putting it Together (Part 5)

4. Other Art Assets

There were two sections in the Zine that needed decorative art work to fill the space in the spreads. Seeing as to how all the work that I created during this semester were being used as Featured material in this Zine, I decided to create a few more simple works to finish up the zine. The first of this design was for the spread introducing Generative Art.

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Putting it Together (Part 3)

2. Data Visualization

For this section, I wanted to create visualizations about something chaotic, presented in an orderly manner. I decided to use facts and data about wars to create this visualization. Firstly, it fit the theme of what I wanted to do, and secondly, the data was widely available.

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Putting it Together (Part 2)

1. Cover

Designing the cover was a slight challenge for me. I was adamant about creating one that was unique and representative of the zine. At this point, I still had not picked a name for the zine and decided it would be best to leave it to the end. After looking at all the proposed content for the zine, I decided that I wanted the cover to be generative pattern.

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