Finding Motivation

In my previous post, I discussed how simply pursuing a particular aesthetic and execution style was not  helping me come up with any compelling compositions, ideas or directions to push this brief towards. I also mentioned earlier that I usually have difficulties creating works that were introspective in nature. At this point, I started looking around at what kind of directions my fellow classmates seemed to be gravitating towards. I noticed that most of them were using each post-card design to describe one particular aspect or facet of them. In a bid to both be different, and to also really narrow down and focus on my direction, I decided to pick on particular aspect of me to expand into.

I recall during the 2nd week of class while sharing about our previous Hello project, I described myself as someone who got easily bored. While this may have certain degrees of negative connotations, the result of my boredom usually involves me exploring a new skill or field of art & design. I decided to channel my postcard series towards these explorations. I also asked my close friends about how they would describe my artistic pursuits in a single word. The word that seemed to come up most frequently was centered around the idea of multi-disciplinary execution.

I took this time to re-evaluate the brief again. The series had to show a particular aspect of me, include my name or nickname, and conceptually communicate this to the audience. The last part especially struck me the most — conceptual.

As such, I finally came up with my descriptor:

“My Name is Kapilan… and I am a Multidisciplinary Artist”

I chose to use my first name in full, Kapilan, even though most of the time I go by ‘Kapi’. I have a habit of introducing myself as such to people that I meet for the first time. Seeing as to how the postcard would likely be in the hands of strangers, I decided to use Kapilan.

Author: Kapi

Kapilan Naidu is a multimedia artist, designer, data-junkie, sometimes DJ and bedroom producer.

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