Making a Zine

Upon reading the brief, my first instinct was to try and create a publication based on all the works I had done this semester. However, I ran into some problems with trying to go this direction. The biggest of these problems was reconciling all the different works. This was an issue as the two big assignments, Points of View and Typographic Portrait, were rather different in nature. One was introspective, while the other addressed an external issue. The way I complete both these briefs were also very different.

As such, I decided that I should pick only one of these assignments as a starting point and go on from there. I decided to work with my Point of View compositions. I was still fresh from having completed that assignment, and I also felt that it would be fun to explore and develop my skills with Generative Art.

This also helped me narrow my focus on what I wanted the Zine to express. Delving further into Generative Art, I wanted a topic that would be able to include this art form, but also be open enough to address other topics. I wanted my zine to be a bit more of a magazine and have various sections. After playing around with the concept, I eventually decided on the theme of Order & Chaos. I wanted my Zine to be a collection of ideas that had a common ground tying them back to the theme.

Seeing as to how I was working with a mainly technological form or art, I decided that the zine should look clean and minimal and be mainly monochromatic. I felt this look would also help to better communicate the idea of duality between order and chaos. This minimal look will also help draw attention to the works that I would be featuring in the zine, drawing a clear contrast between the layout and the contents of the zine. I am a firm believer of deference; I see the layout as a container, deferring to the content it holds.

That being said, I also wanted to be able to experiment with materials. I felt that tracing paper and transparencies would be interesting additions to the regular layout of the zine. These would help to break the monotony.

With all these ideas in mind, I went shopping for some ideas online. I built a visual mood board to consolidate my various thoughts.

Author: Kapi

Kapilan Naidu is a multimedia artist, designer, data-junkie, sometimes DJ and bedroom producer.

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