Pursuing Optical Art

After making up my mind to create the design in the style of Optical Art, I carried out some research to look at artists that have come before me. I was paying attention to the black & white, figure-ground relationship in the compositions and looking at how I may incorporate typography into them. Here are some of the works that I found inspiring or interesting.

Victor Vasarely

Zebra Couple by Victor Vasarely
Riu-Kiu-C by Victor Vasarely

Bridget Riley

Movement in Squares by Bridget riley

Josef Albers

Bauhaus Experiment by Josef Albers

Op Art and Typography 

I also looked online and found a series of images for Op Art influenced typography. The original location of the image may be accessed by clicking on the image. Most of these dealt heavily in the figure-ground relationship to create shape and discernible forms.


I will use these images as a starting point to begin my experimentation. I will create some draft ideas and see how they work out.

Author: Kapi

Kapilan Naidu is a multimedia artist, designer, data-junkie, sometimes DJ and bedroom producer.

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