Assignment 2: Conceptualising the idea

Video coming soon.

I had quite a bit of difficulty coming up with a good feasible concept for this assignment. The ideas I had for this project ranged from covering the then ongoing general elections to documenting the journey and lives of construction workers in Singapore.

The reason why my very first idea did not work was because of time constraints. There were too many events (e.g. rallies) happening concurrently within a short period of time thus making it difficult to take sufficiently good photographs.

My second idea also posed a challenge, as I knew some of the photos I wanted to take would be close to impossible; one example would be that I would not be able to document the foreign workers’ dormitories, as I would not have had access to them. The photographs that I could have taken would have been very limited. I also found out after the lesson on week 5 that this topic had already been explored in more depth than I could ever have done by my professor, so I decided to change my idea to something that was hopefully fresh and exciting.

There was some mention about being ‘scientific’ in week 5 and I decided to explore the scientific realm but I still did not know what photos to take or how to link science with the topic of ‘Journey’. While walking home one day, I decided to explore the multi-storey car park. Low and behold, I managed to find some interesting areas and items in the carpark (I also managed to somehow get lost). That was how I decided that I would base the project on the multi-storey carpark, a facility that seems to be highly underappreciated despite being used often by many.

Currently I’m thinking of making the story similar to an animal documentary except that the animals are automobiles ‘resting’ in their natural habitat. That would be my attempt to merge science with the project. I suppose there would be some sort of humour and cynicism to my project. But that’s just one story idea, another idea would probably be the exploration of a familiar yet unfamiliar place and trying to escape, I’ll have a clearer idea as I put my project together.



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  1. This is a really cool idea Kaysie! I’m imagining this sarcastic voice-over describing the cars resting in their ‘beds’ before driving off in clouds of exhaust! Can’t wait to see the video!

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