A Journey through the carpark (Preview)

A Surveillance. Draft of all drafts

This video is just a preview, it really is the draft of all drafts. It does not include any audio, I’m still working on that. I have yet to edit the photos too in terms of brightness and saturation etc. I also realised some of the photos aren’t that good so I might have to change them.

With regard to my previous post, this preview strays a little bit away from my initial idea of a ‘documentary’. (I’m still trying to work it out.) This video covers a different aspect, one that involves the issue of privacy. It is really quite experimental. I was trying out After Effects, trying to mimic surveillance camera footage and decided to try it out in my video.

The issue I had with the documentary idea is that I am completely terrified of using voiceover, to me it seems like a make or break thing. Finding a suitable voice would also be a problem.  I find that in some occasions, the voiceover could overpower the visuals and I don’t want that. I’d much rather have the photos speak for themselves, though I know I run the risk of nobody knowing what’s going on in the video. I guess that’s for me to figure out. I might try to incorporate the ‘surveillance’ footage and my photos with captions instead of voice overs.

Password: MSCP

Link to video draft: https://vimeo.com/140383897



2 thoughts on “A Journey through the carpark (Preview)”

  1. Did you make those effects yourself? They’re pretty rad! You’re right in that your choice of audio will change the feel of the project. It would be very important to what you’re going to decide to do or else right now, it’s got decent visuals but like you said, it would be hard to understand. Instead of voiceover, perhaps try to manipulate the mood with ambience sounds or a bit of music? Depending on what feel you’re going for that is– good luck and do discuss with us if you’d like any of our feedback on your experimentation! Keep going cuz right now you’ve got quite an interesting idea to work with!

  2. ooooo I really like the CCTV feeling! kind of eerie since the carpark’s empty. I know how you feel about voiceovers also haha I’m struggling with it too. Maybe you could use static or some electrical buzzing noise for yours.

    Will the journey be that of a surveillance camera? Maybe you could capture cars moving and people just being themselves in the surrounding space. But overall, yeah it’s really an interesting idea as what Priya has said (:

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