Hello My Name is…

“Hello My Name is Kaysie”

  1. Typography

Medium: Pen (0.5, Black)

I approached this first name tag with the aim of representing my introverted nature. As with any other introvert, I find myself most comfortable when I’m alone, with that being said, on the occasions where I do have to interact with people, what I share about myself is limited. With that in mind, I decided to take the minimalistic route.


Minimalistic typography in a way embodies how I would represent myself and how little people actually know about me. I decided to omit certain details of the letters and kept only the essential portions and lines therefore allowing one to still make out the letters. For example, with the letter ‘A’, if the crossbar is removed, one would still be able to identify it as an ‘A’ since no other letter resembles an inverted ‘V’. If I were to instead remove the diagonal stroke of the ‘A’, the result would be a little more ambiguous, it could be an incomplete italicized ‘F’ or an ‘A’. Only the necessary and basic information are given in this typography work much like how I would only share basic information about myself to others.


  1. Abstract Solution

Medium: Pen (0.1-0.7, Black)


The abstract solution for this exercise was the easiest for me to think of and draw out. The design that I created has always been my form of doodling, some people draw flowers, animals and imaginary creatures when they are bored or daydreaming, I draw this instead. It is admittedly quite difficult for me to talk about how I came up with the design itself because it is almost second nature to me and find that I do not think about the process like where to place the next line. It is almost as though the conscious part of my mind shuts down and another part takes over. However, I can say that I usually start with the general shape of a leaf and then start to break down and divide the shape, adding lines where I feel is appropriate in order to create consistent density throughout in this case (equal amounts of negative space).


I usually prefer to use a pen with a finer nib because I like to add in as much detail as I can. I would like to think that I have a keen eye for detail and details matter to me and I feel this work best represents that. At a glance, this piece is significantly different from the minimalistic typography piece. One is void of extra details while the other is filled to the brim with details.


  1. Conceptual

Medium: Digital


This tag represents my sarcastic nature. I decided to keep the design fairly simple; I would admit that this piece is stronger at bringing across a message rather than being an aesthetic piece. Comic Sans, the most controversial font there is. I do not ever recall using it for anything but I decided to use it this time round. I wanted to ‘embrace’ the font and put it in the spotlight. I do have to say that I actually do not hate the font. The fact is I just never found the use for it and found it too informal for my needs (it is not my go-to font). Needless to say, it certainly is not the font I would use for something such as a nametag where it is one of the first few things that people see on one. A first impression made by this font would probably lead to people not taking you seriously, in my opinion anyway. Hence with all these thoughts about Comic Sans, I decided to use it.

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