Lore 1- The Voitheia

The Voitheia


It is the year 2098. Earth has become the new Mars. Earth has become a desert. It is no longer able to sustain life. Mankind was not able to find another habitable planet in time before Earth lost almost all of its atmosphere, water and everything else that made it suitable for life to flourish. In order to survive on Earth, the very first Voitheia was built. There are seven other identical buildings that were constructed around the world, two in Asia and one each in Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australia.

They were built as a form of refuge for mankind as Earth entered its dying days. Each Voitheia was dome shaped and encases its very own ecosystem where all life forms are able to survive and sustain themselves without ever needing to leave the dome. The first Voitheia built, which is situated in North America is currently led by a man by the man of Spector. No one knows what he looks like, they have never seen him before, only felt the effects of his decisions and his power. As with any society, there is a hierarchy that has to be established, and Spector, he is on the top of the hierarchy. The strong, rich and powerful are ranked below him while the weak and poor are naturally pushed to the bottom. A caste system would be another way of looking it.

The dome was built much like a matryoshka doll (more commonly known as the Russian doll). Within the large dome of the Voitheia lies several other layers, one within another. Each caste is allocated a layer. A person with a higher social standing would be situated on the inner domes while those with the lowest social standing are banished to the outermost dome termed ‘The Outskirts’. No one from a lower standing can enter into the inner domes. All entrances are locked and guarded.

Recently a number of children from The Outskirts have gone missing causing quite a disturbance in the outer dome. However, an uproar or riot was not an option here since a lack of order would prompt the guards to restrain and punish anyone who was seen to be acting unruly. A unanimous decision was made on the quiet by all in that dome to search for these children. The search party that was created included two individuals who grew up outside the Voitheia but joined the dome when it was no longer safe to remain out in the open. Both had been part of Voitheia for as long as it existed which was approximately fifteen years.


Characters (the two individuals)

Name: (A full name is not required, you may choose to give a nickname instead if you wish)


Age: (26< Age< 50)






+Leaving the Voitheia is not an option, it will lead to immediate death.

+Once you decide to leave the current (outer) dome into the inner dome, you are not allowed to return to the outer dome until your goal is completed.

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