Lore 2- Wildlife

The Animals of the Voitheia

The Voitheia was made for all living matter, not just humans. This was to ensure that the ecosystem would not be thrown off balance from the sudden removal of animal species. Animals were brought into the building but due to space constrains and finite resources, only a limited number of each species were brought in. Bringing in additional living things into the Voitheia means sharing of resources such as food, water and air or you could also see it as extra competition, less resources for yourself. A large number of animals could bring about a significant decrease in oxygen levels in the area as well as increasing chances of disease, all of which would decrease the success of survival of the Voitheia.

The animals were brought into the two of the many inner domes (4th and 5th layer from the outer) and were out of sight from The Outskirts. It is said that within one dome, there contained every single species one would find in that continent. The dome created for the animals (wildlife) is further subdivided into different areas that mimicked the original habitat of a particular group of animals. For example, (in the North American Voitheia) a forest habitat was created to house black bears, snowshoe hares and blackpoll warblers just to name a few.

This dome also served as the zoo or safari for the Voitheia and all from the inner domes have full access to this zoo. The people in The Outskirts had no share in this. It was a place of attraction. Places of attraction and other facilities were included in the building in the hopes of adding normalcy into the whole idea of the building. A sense of familiarity was needed in the dome and was done so by incorporating these features that used to be present in society before Earth began to die out.

As for livestock, they were kept in another dome. Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens were some of the few livestock found in this dome and were kept for the sole purpose of providing food. The dome for livestock is a lot less elaborate for the main purpose was to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for the animals. Calculations were constantly done to ensure that more resources (produce) would be gained rather than lost through the rearing of the animals. Should there come a time when livestock numbers grew too large and more resources were being used up, the numbers would have to be cut and slaughtering would commence. Resources here are finite and priority will always be given to mankind instead of the animals.

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