Lore 3- Authority

The Man in Charge


The Voitheia was designed according to the plans of a man named Charles Williams who had the aim of providing a new home for all living matter with a habitable environment. William naturally would have been the man to take charge of governing the Voitheia, because he owned it. However the poor soul never did live to see the completion of his work. On the day he passed, a man by the name of Spector became his successor. Little is known about Spector, except that he worked closely with Williams on the Voitheia project. Spector was supposedly William’s protégé.

On the 22nd of January 2083, the Voitheia opened its doors to the people. At that time only those who could afford the hefty entry fee could enter so needless to say, only the rich and affluent had access. Before entering the Voitheia, it is necessary for one to declare the following: Their name, gender, age, height and blood type. A blood sample is also drawn for analysis.

In that year, the Earth was close to approaching its death but the environment was still bearable for the majority of people, so most just carried on with their daily lives as per usual, making small changes to accommodate the drop in temperature and change in climate. But of course, a time came when it became too cold and suffocating to remain out in the open and people began considering the importance and necessity of the new building. However, not everyone could afford to enter. People without money were denied entry; they became desperate, frantic and afraid of their impending doom. Things became increasingly chaotic. On the 3rd of March of that same year, the doors of the Voitheia were to be closed and sealed for good, it was the last chance for anyone to enter. There was a stampede and an influx of people who forced their way in. This very group of people now form The Outskirts.

None of the residents in The Outskirts have ever seen Spector. The people living in The Outskirts were seen as the scum of the Voitheia, most wanted to have nothing to do with them and strongly believed they did not deserve to be inside. Spector was thought to be no different from the rest with regard to this matter. He wanted to have nothing to do with this particular group of people. He never once stepped into The Outskirts, there was no reason for him to do so anyway.

There are rules that govern the area. Rules that were made by Spector to maintain, as his guards would say, ‘order’, ‘to keep people in their place’. Spector ruled with an iron fist, compliance goes without saying. Going against his wishes would be suicide. There have been stories about people who once went against him and they were taken away and have not been seen since.

Thursdays were termed as ‘stock-taking’ days by those living in The Outskirts. Every man, woman and child was to be accounted for and the total number recorded by a guard. They had to ensure population numbers were in check. Everyone’s health status was noted as well. The sick and old would be removed from the area, no one knows where to, but the term ‘removed’ may be taken more seriously than expected.

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