Lore 5: Law

 Laws for the Outskirts

  1. No leaving of the Voitheia
  2. No entering of the inner domes
  3. Possession and use of firearms is strictly forbidden
  4. Breakfast and dinner timings are set at 0630 and 1900hrs
  5. Roll call will be done every forth day of the week. You are to be in line at designated area at 0800hrs sharp.
  6. Assault and slander of guards, officials and those of the inner domes will not be tolerated.
  7. Every law and rule passed by Spector is to be followed, compliance is necessary.
  8. Patrolling guards have the final say and you are to follow all their instructions.
  9. No vandalism or alteration is to be done to the Voitheia.
  10. All deaths are to be reported to guards immediately
  11. No entering of dormitories of the opposite sex.
  12. Curfew is at 2100hrs. All to be in dormitories.
  13. All food that is given must be consumed.
  14. No second servings are allowed.
  15. No disposing of food.
  16. No rowdy behavior

Those found to be breaking the law will be taken into custody to await their sentence

Should you suspect anyone is guilty of breaking these laws, you are to report it to the guards immediately. Failure to do so will make you an accomplice and you will be dealt with in the same manner of severity as the accused.

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