Lore 6: Celebrations


There aren’t many celebrations in the Voitheia simply because it would be a waste of already limited resources but there is definitely one occasion where there are celebrations.

“We have dedicated the 22nd of December to commemorate the designer of the Voitheia, Charles Williams. One this day, we remember the man who helped mankind live another day. Celebrations will be held in the 23rd inner dome at the Plaza, with Spector as the guest-of-honor”

As part of the Outskirts, you are also entitled to celebrate this occasion. A total of ten people will be taken into the inner dome for the celebration. You are to decide and nominate these ten people amongst yourself but do keep in mind the following:

  1. No one under the age of 15 is allowed
  2. No one over the age of 60 is allowed either
  3. Only those who have never been for the celebration can be nominated, no repeats.
  4. The sick and disabled are not allowed in

According to those who have been to the celebration, almost everyone from the inner domes would be present. There will be a parade with pyrotechnics, something that wouldn’t be used since the entering of the dome. Pyrotechnics or fireworks are banned in the dome as it pollutes the air supply and it damages the contained environment. Exceptions were only made for this celebration, so people really look forward to this biennial event.

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